Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas everyone! From my heart to yours and your family, have a safe and happy holiday. I'm here in Mexico enjoying my first Christmas and New Years by the beach. I never thought I'd be here, but then again, I couldn't have anticipated most of my life for that matter. I'm fortunate to be where I am, and it's at moments like these that we really appreciate family and the time we're able to spend with each other - and the very blessing that is life.

I am here working diligently on Book II of the series, with some extremely interesting avenues that have presented themselves for the story. I'm taking note, and integrating them. As with the first book, the creative process was always the most exciting and ground breaking that any other - and it is here that I do my most learning as the story itself unfolds.

Have a great holiday, and enjoy!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sylvia Browne & The Other Side

Having read two of Sylvia Browne's books on the afterlife, and listened to some of her audio tapes in the past, as well as viewing many of her appearances on Montel, I have to say I'm impressed. She herself doesn't claim 100% accuracy, but well over 70%. My initial impression was that her the accuracy of her material, and sometimes live demonstrations are around 70-80%. Quite amazing, and very skilled.

On the other hand, she has received a great deal of criticism over the years, as she's been in the "Psychic Industry" since the 70's, and therefore enough time has passed to test many of her futuristic predictions. Some she's hit, many she hasn't. But that isn't necessarily an indication of her accuracy. For example, consciousness is an amazing thing... when you give new ideas to consciousness, thought patterns immediately change. Therefore, the actions that a particular consciousness would perform with one level of knowledge is far different, than the same conscionsess with new information. To incapsulate that idea... one of Oprah's favourite authors Maya Angelousaid "When you know better, you do better." Well that's consciousness in a nutshell. Well if someone who is actually psychic looks into the future, and sees what might happen to the world given the sensing of the energy at that time, then bringing that knowledge back with them, and sharing it with the populace has a signifigant affect on the world. So I wouldn't necessarily discount her "inaccuracies" as quickly as some skeptics might.

Through my own experiences, and my own research into the structure and the layout of the other side, I tended to agree with many of the claims made by her material. While I disagreed firmly with others. Some things in her texts were either avoided, or not mentioned at all out of convenience. It's curious, as I would have thought the more obvious points such as this would have been mentioned, however certain things don't add up.

The overall structure of "The Other Side" seems plausible, yet somehow you get the sense of limitation - which is something I strongly feel the other side does not have. For example, her description of suicides seem to mention or state that they are treated differently than others, by somehow breaking some sacred rule or covenant with God. And the "punishment" of this is to somehow be subjected to a different fate than those who were able to stick it out here on earth and make it through. The purgatory or nonsensical reality that they find themselves in seems to be a holding area for those who have broken his promise to God, and therefore must wait around for some form of external salvation. I find this hard to accept, as quite frankly if you are to believe that there is an Omnipotent entity out there which is all knowing and all seeing, and has therefore created the conditions of reality itself, I find it extremely difficult to logically accept that this entity can have something done to him/her/it against its will or knowing. So if God knew you were going to commit suicide, then why let you embody in the first place? Why would you even exist to begin with if you were one of these "failed" entities that couldn't take the hardships of life on earth... wouldn't God know? Also this overall seems to allude to the concept that things are happening beyond our control, which is counter to Taoist philosophy, and also modern day psychologies. Also this is contrary to my own beliefs, and also concepts presented in ACIM, and CWG.

From a purely "Fun Factor" point of view, none of her material cites experiences of flying while on the otherside, where I would have thought that the obvious difference in physics between worlds would have been mentioned. Also she seems to believe that "We are not Perfect" and that the bodies we inhabit on the other side are reflections of this. For example, there are souls walking around with chipped teeth, or skin rashes or discolourations. As in her belief system, perfection is only reserved for GOD. Well, in a pantheistic belief system, we are all One, and God is all things, including the bodies we inhabit, so how would she address this quandary?

My answer to this is that yes, there most likely is a "level" of reality where those who BELIEVE that perfection is only reserved for God... experience their reality as such, and therefore out of some sadistic or poor me type of mentality, unconsciously manifest some level of imperfection to reflect their belief. Unbeknownced to them, there are other levels of reality where people/souls simply do not have these beliefs, and hence do not show these imperfections in their manifested forms. Perhaps this level of imperfect reality is "reserved" for those who like plastic surgery on earth... where nothing ever seems to be perfect for them anyway.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Choice for Peace

Often in my travels I have come across those whose difficulties seem insurmountable. Those whose struggle with conflict seems to take on a myriad of forms within their various relationships. Often the root of the matter eludes them, even though it is the same cause for all of their various effects. Either it's in the form of "I'm battling with my boyfriend" or "I'm in a difficult way with my mother" ... or some other form of conflict.

Because we live in a world with ego, we cannot help but battle between ourselves. Especially as the ego clings to "rightness" and at the same time stomps out any chance for reconciliation or peace of mind. When you are right, someone else has to be wrong, and no one is happy. The mind fights to be right, while the heart chooses peace. The heart looks for unity and joining together, while the mind attempts to separate based on beliefs and previously learned ideas or misinterpreted principles. It is here that we find a conflict, not only between each other, but within ourselves. One the one hand, we want peace, we want serenity, we want a struggle free life, yet in the other the mind wants to be right and fights against all odds to do so. The form of the conflict is not important, as we have examples of this in our everyday lives, of which there are too many to even mention. Conflict is everywhere, at the macro level of our societal conflicts, or the micro level of our relationships... and even deeper still within ourselves.

We judge ourselves, from some misguided belief that judgement yields something of value... perhaps a discussion point as you make someone else the object of your judgements, or as tool in dismantling your own self-esteem. Nothing good can come of judging someone elses behaviours, but much can be learned from simple observation - without an egotistical need to compare them with yourself or others. It can be difficult, because we live in a world of judgement... but we also live in a world of conflict. With wars ever present, no one has bother to give peace a chance. Give the heart its due... and make the choice for peace.

If you make the choice for peace, you can "let" the other person be right... in whatever situation you find yourself in. They can be right... for what do you care if they think whatever they do? The end result is the conflict stops. The peace begins, and the heart is restful and undisturbed.

Would you rather be in some deep rooted painful state, as your mind knows you're "right" as you've just trampled the hell out of your opponent? You've judged them and made them "wrong" and by doing so, you've made no one happy... save the momentary ego delight you might revel in. It's not worth it... because it only perpetuates more conflict. The other person will only be "wrong" for so long before they judge you right back and seek to make you wrong as you've done to them. So let it go... be the noble man/woman and seek peace in your relationships and in your life. Make the choice for peace, and cause another to feel happy, and thus making yourself happy. And perhaps through this... you'll discover you're more alike than you realize... perhaps you'll judge a little less... and observe yourself a little more. A worthy choice indeed.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Announcing - A Partnership with "Ignite Your Essence"

I'm proud to announce a partnership between The Inner Process, and Ignite Your Essence! as announced in this months "Ignite Your Essence" News Letter.

This strategic, and synergistic partnership will bring a broader reader base to both of our channels, allowing for even more inspirational and motivational works to come forth. This partnership with Justin Popovic, Life Success Coach, is born out of providence, as most successful ventures are. With the success and talent achieved through the diligent and hard work put forth by both of us, we will be able to reach a much wider audience, and help bring many more lives into focus.

A focused life allows for many positive experiences, meaningful exchanges, and increased capacity for miraculous events. As more lives reach the pinnacle of their potential, the global affect will be tremendously fortuitous for all the lives touched by those individuals. And as these experiences grow, the more lives will be touched... the more people will question the structure of their own lives, and the world we've created, preparing our global reality for change. These events are no small feat, as we move forward in these incredible times of change, the right thoughts, the right motivations, and the right partnerships are crucial to ensure the peace of mind within ourselves, and then of course... the world.

"Ignite Your Essence!" has done some monumental work in this regard, and it is with great pleasure that I welcome them, and their reader base, and hope that you'll find my motivational and inspirational commentary touches you and ignites YOUR Inner Process and Essence.

I also encourage you whole heatedly to purchase a copy of the First Installment of my series
"The 7th Journey - Book I" now in a Collectors Edition - Hard Cover, and Paper Back.

Also - stay tuned for the launch of an exclusive site dedicated to The 7th Journey works, and concepts... more details to come.

Thanks for reading!

Robert J. R. Graham

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bashar - An Interview with Alan Steinfeld

Bashar - another interesting phenomenon in what we could call, the evolving consciousness movement. Similar in concept as the channel Esther Hicks, who communicates with the entities known as Abraham, as mentioned in previous posts. Bashar is a particularly interesting case study, and again this is for those who choose to explore such possibilities (there are those who do not), this is one that merits some particular attention.

I will not get into the vast details of what, or who Bashar is, as the video will speak to this briefly, as I only will attempt to introduce the concept of channeling to my reader base. This is because, in actuality, this "channeling" phenomenon, is a running theme throughout my Series, The 7th Journey. If you accept the premise as true, Bashar is an entity that is from a distant, futuristic reality, in a universe which vibrates at a higher frequency than our current dense matter world. It is from here, that he communicates with us, and brings us extremely interesting and detailed accounts of what may, and probably will happen as our world goes through the upcoming transition of consciousness. From this distant and futuristic reality, Bashar brings us concepts which are foundational to how these distant worlds evolved far beyond the conflict oriented reality we seem to find ourselves in. He offers interesting perspectives on the makeup of reality, and how our behaviours, perspective, and actions are foundational to creating our experience. Perhaps not new information to some of my readers, however - keep in mind that 100 years ago, this would have been considered heresy as the perspective at the time was very grounded in fundamental faith based belief systems. A hundred years before that, and we were offering fresh harvest surplus to our Gods as offerings. So... yes... we've come a long way. So with that in mind, imagine where we would be 300 years in the future?

Well Bashar seems to offer some clarity as to what that particular reality might look like, if we decide to evolve in that direction. I have researched, and seen many documentaries and lectures with Bashar, and I can only say that it is very... intriguing. Watching his behaviours, the speed and clarity of the information, and the foresight definitely would not lend to a pre-rehearsed set of rhetoric. I am very skeptical when it comes to the teachings of modern times, yet when the speaker only mentions progression, returns power to the people, and does not impose on free will... then I give them the benefit of the doubt. I am open to all information, but I am careful about which concepts I adopt.

This particular video is a very brief introduction to who or what Bashar is, and for those who are interested, I implore you to research further for yourself. I may also reference more of his work in the coming months, so stay tuned!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Reflections with Dan Millman

Dan Millman is the well known author of the Peaceful Warrior series, and someone whom I greatly admire. After spending years reading several other authors in the realm of evolution, mystisicm, metaphysics, psychology, etc, I rarely came across one that was able to encapsulate the power and profound responsibility that a weilder of knowledge must hold. Yet Dan Millman brought this all together by promoting the concept of a Peaceful Warrior, one that is fully aware, fully conscious, fully present and able to perform feats of impressive skill, by simply being completely engaged in the activity.

A martial artist like myself, and a very accomplished gymnast and coach, Dan has inspired millions through his many works, all starting with his original series based on the interactions between him and his unconventional teacher... Socrates. These stories are eye opening, and were inspirational for me throughout my life and writing career. The below message from Dan speaks about taking responsibility for who you are, and for being at peace without being victimized. A message for all of us, thank you Dan.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

The 7th Journey - Book II Update

I'm getting ready to head down south for a month, for a vacation from work, but a chance to work on the series. I expect to get a great deal of progress accomplished on Book II. The story is coming together quite nicely, and a clear vision exists for the story. The next chapter of the story will be extremely interesting, bringing the series deeper into the exploration of its' characters, and their motives. I'm very excited to get to writing this block of the story, as now that a foundation has been established, I'm able to freely write and explore various new concepts that I'm sure you the reader will really enjoy. This chapter of the series will explore cutting edge ideas and new realms of thought and our purpose and what's possible for our species. As I've said, this is the really fun part, and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it, and I'm sure you will too.

Book I continues to progress. I've taken the Synopsis back to the drawing board, as I am now going to write it with a new format and perspective which reflects more of the structure of Book I itself. I want this synopsis to be the best it possibly can be, so ultimately it cannot be rushed, and will be done as soon as it can be. The Query letter is already complete, so now this final piece is all that remains, and is truly the final barrier between me and the front window display at Chapters / Indigo. Keep positive, and watch for The 7th Journey in stores near you!

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Follow Your Bliss

I sit here, moments before the viewing of my beloved Zia Vicki (my Aunt) must take place. A myriad of emotions are stirring within me, as memories pass through my mind, caressing my heart and causing momentary outbursts of tears. I wrote previously that tears have yet to overtake me regarding her passing, but now the time has come. The tears are for many things, the blessed friends and family that have come together in support of me and the loss of our beautiful Aunt. The life I have lived, and the trials and tribulations that all of us have taken on this time around. The tears come for the love and support that I feel from the universe, the source of all things which helps move worlds... also moves mountains within me.

They come in waves, the tears, the rage pours out on the pages as I write how I feel. The strength within me musters and brews as I stand for those who are weaker, those who need support. I once told a friend that the only way to possess strength is to give it away... and that is what I must do, for all of us. But I have no more to offer those around me than I have to offer myself, which is the power to stand tall, on a firm footing of concepts that guide me through life. An understanding of what life is about, and what times like this are truly for.

Her passing on Thanksgiving day was a symbol, and a message to those she left behind. Spend the remaining years as a family, and bring yourselves closer together for what comes may be tiring and exhausting, and we will only have each other to lean on. Every year, we will remember her now, as she passed on a day of giving thanks for what we have, and who we have to share it with... and that is what we will do.

She is home now, with the rest of her family, friends, and the source of it all. She is at peace now, and I only ask that she help those who are still behind... be with us, guide us towards a better version of ourselves. Let us find our happiness, our bliss, our peace - an accomplishment few find while here on earth. Be with us in each moment, and remind us where our happiness lies, and what me must choose to experience it, as we move forth through this journey of contrast and misconception.

Joseph Campbell - the great mythologist, author, and teacher told us to "Follow your bliss" which is possibly the greatest advice ever spoken to mankind in an effort to free us from ourselves and our minds. The greatest experience of life and love is the experience of Bliss and ultra happiness. It is here, that we will know our true selves, the true feeling of our natural state of being... it is here that we'll fully realize the fabric of our essence, and the material of the creator. So I pray that through all the "hussle and bussle" of everyday life, that we can keep this one thought in mind... in every moment, find your bliss. If you are not doing it, choose it, choose your bliss to ensure that every moment is spent being and doing that which you really are - love, happiness and peace.

Thank you Zia Vicki for giving us a shining example of family, and may you be at peace, and not cling to the world, but only come to help guide us through our turmoils and daily tasks with the love and helpfulness you've shown us in life. Go... be with him now. We will be fine, and one day... we too will be home with you. We love you.


Monday, October 06, 2008

On Death and Dying

Death. In a modern world, we overlook it, we mask it, deny it, gloss over it... with a sound byte attitude of "oh that's unfortunate" as we move onto the next part of our day. Until it strikes us close to home, until a loved one falls ill, and of course then it becomes tragic. The world around us loses on average 40,000 people a day from starvation, with thousands more dying from war, or accidents. We lose friends, loved ones, women, men, children and parents. The people around us are taken for granted, and only when they're gone, or on their way to the other side, do we begin to regret the lack of time we've spent with them, or perhaps cherish the fond memories.

My family is now undergoing such a transition, as our Aunt has fallen ill with terminal cancer. She lies there in her bed, barely functional... moving her body just a few degrees to her side is a struggle. Frail, and a shell of her once strong and independent former self. She lies there with a machine pumping air into her now collapsed lungs, as those around her stare awkwardly... silently with saddened eyes. "She did this to herself" or "We knew she was sick... we just didn't know how bad it was" are the comments that are exchanged. It's here that we sit and wait for something to happen... perhaps a doctor... or nurse will arrive with some positive news, something to lift her spirit, and ours. But they do not come, as it's terminal, and the treatment she's receiving now is purely for show, and comfort, as the hospital does what it can to make the transition easier.

Why is it now, only now, in these times of pain and loss that we see our brothers and sisters for who they really are? The jealousy is gone, the egos are lessened, and the thoughts are only of remorse, sadness and regret for the one who lies before us. We do little to see our brothers for who they are unless and until their very existence is threatened. It is in these times that life itself is pondered... where does she go from here? What do we do now when there's no Zia Vicki (Aunt Vicki) to talk to? The woman, despite her faults has always been there when we needed her. Whether we needed her or not, she'd drop everything to help. She'd offer advice, provide you with support, and connect you with the right people at the right time. She is loved, and will be missed in her current form.

I often ponder this, especially now as I see my mother gripping and massaging her sister's hands with a loving caress, providing what little comfort she can... just to be able to touch her. I often ponder how will I be in this situation, as I see others around me crying, and I've yet to shed a tear. My beliefs in the universe and what life itself is about are contrary to the illusion that I see before me. Others see a dying woman, and I see a transition about to occur. Some regret that they haven't spent time with her, and I recall the beauty and love that we shared. Some ponder their own mortality in the face of age and disease, and I see the cycle of life unfold, as we approach the end of our dream.

When we awake from our sleep, and our dreams come to an end... do we mourn them? As real as they are as we experience them, do we mourn the loss of those we see in our sleep state, or do we merely reflect on the experience, and move on. My belief is that this life too... is a dream. And when we awake from this dream, to our true reality as fully functional beings with full lives on the other side, we regret nothing. We ponder our experience, and move on. Perhaps we decide to come back, and perhaps we don't. Perhaps we come back to help those who still do not remember that they are in fact dreaming, so we can be apart of their remembrance, and strengthen our own. So too will my Zia Vicki awaken from her dream as she transitions to the other side, and waiting there will be her husband who has prepared a home for them both, with their beloved animals, other friends and loved ones awaiting her return. Her life here has been difficult, and her clinging to her own past has produced much guilt, and so she has brought upon the cancer which now ravages her form. This too, the dreamer can heal, but only if the belief is strong enough to support the change. I hope she has that strength, but realistically she seems more ready to move on from this tired form, and awaken to the truth that lies beyond this world.

She is loved... very deeply loved by us all, and we will miss her form as Vicki, but I rejoice in the knowing that she will now reassemble and once again recall who she really is, and finally be that... after a life time of experiencing what she is not. Will she regret? I believe she will not, for what regret can exist in a world of pure love? She chose this experience for a reason, and that reason is known to her higher self alone, so what right do we have to judge her or speculate either way?

This is why I do not shed a tear right now, because the truth is freeing. The truth is there for those who choose to see it... she is eternal, as are we all. This brief interlude as personalities here on earth are but a drop of water into an ocean of experience, and we will be as detached from our own passing, as we are with the 50,000 others who move on per day. But of course, we never truly mourn for the person, but for ourselves, and the loss we experience in their absence... so this is why we truly cry... not for them, but for us.

So when the time comes for me to move on, I pray that my transition is quick, and celebrated. That my favourite music is playing, and those who have witnessed my life are there to rejoice in how we've made such beautiful music together. And for those whom I am honoured to befriend, always know that you are loved, and I will always be with you through all the days of your life, until you too have come home.

In honour of you, Zia Vicki. May your home always bloom with Orchids, and your heart fill with the peace of God. We love you now, and always will.

Your honoured nephew,


Saturday, October 04, 2008

Abraham Hicks - Appreciation vs. Gratitude

Very few channels have been able to bring true peace to my heart throughout my extensive research over many years. Concepts and methodologies, psychological strategies and philosophical rhetoric will only get you so far. Sure, it will help you understand your process that much more, which of course is of great value. But what is this all about anyway?

To me... Enlightenment is Salvation. Salvation is Peace. Peace is a quiet mind. A mind that no longer questions your actions, doubts your abilities, imposes guilt upon your decisions, and takes you away from the blessed moment of now. To me, one who is able to actualize that concept, and realize what we are really here to do in context with peace, is someone worth listening to.

Abraham Hicks - as channeled by Esther Hicks... is a phenomenon all unto itself. Whether you believe in such things as meditation, life beyond this physical form, or the ability to contact beings outside of this realm, is entirely up to you. This is the mechanism of "the channel", and the foundational belief that allows such entities to come in contact with the vessel. It is with this in mind, Esther is able to "step aside" and let the consciousness known as Abraham come forth, and provide us with illuminating concepts, and peaceful words, that speak directly to the soul. An ability only possible to those who're connected to something much greater, purer, than our everyday ego.

Abraham has brought us many concepts, such as "The Law of Attraction" and has been featured in many documentaries, such as the wildly popular "Secret." And whether or not you believe HOW the information is coming through, all that anyone would ask of you is to CONSIDER the content, and let the truth speak for itself. If it is true for you, then listen and consider adoption. If it doesn't ring true for you, then it is time to seek another avenue in your search for personal development. Either way, she's touched millions with her peaceful words, and kind spirit. Here is a sample of that work, as she clarifies the power of Gratitude vs. Appreciation.


Friday, October 03, 2008

Strength Through Gratitude

The concept of strength when applied to life, can be thought of as will, or power. The ability to perform, or create. The determination, the support or the process which unfolds when you are desiring a particular outcome. The secret, the power, the knowledge, the access to something more than what you are, or simply the strength to accomplish your goals sometimes alludes us. Sometimes we struggle in the face of adversity, sometimes we become sick... exhausted. Tired... lazy, but not from lack of trying, just from the perception that life is an uphill battle, and the ends justify the means, sacrificing the now. Sometimes we wonder why others excel in life while we flounder, or perhaps question ourselves or abilities, or pose questions to GOD with fists shaking towards the heavens screaming why!! Why indeed.

Psychological healers refer to the concept of locus of control. Internal or external locus refers to whether your world view/belief system dictates that external factors determine your life experience vs. internal factors. Depending on which side of the fence you're on, you'll have an incredibly powerful, or powerless experience. I'll let you decide which is which. That being said, there are several factors which determine our personalities, and our belief systems, many of us picking up baggage from years of abuse, either externally or self inflicted. Relationships broken, people hurt, abused, drugs taken, people murdered, destruction and chaos... with the fragile human psyche and its sanity hanging in the balance. Yes with years of baggage, we tend to become jaded... and wonder who exactly is in control. When your boss is hounding you for something, and your next pay cheque in question, you may very well reconsider the choice you made above. This is because of the human EGO.

The ego has often been referred to as the DEVIL as more modern day interpretations of the bible have suggested. And as the scriptures have written, the greatest trick the DEVIL ever pulled on us was to make us think he doesn't exist. If you question this, just ask yourself... "Am I egotistical?" If the answer is no, then it's your ego talking. And this - the greatest trick of all creation, the confusion between who we really are, and the ego. The ego is our true prison, our true bondage, and our daily crucifixion. There is no last judgment, there is only now. And if we judge ourselves, or our brother in the now, we experience judgment, and we experience the crucifixion of ourselves in the eyes of our soul.

We are all guilty of the crucifixion of the son of god, because we are all sons and daughters of god, and so it is that we crucify ourselves with our judgments, and condemn our brother as we condemn ourselves. We experience guilt as a result, and as a result we punish ourselves. Drugs, violence, rape, torture, brutality, war, chaos and destruction are what we create in a world where the EGO rules. Yes the 21st century is the century of the DEVIL, if you'd like to replace DEVIL with EGO. This is the monster lurking in the closet from which we hide under the covers, and it fools us into believing in things that aren't real. This is the hell, the continuous torment that awaits us when at the mercy of the EGO. The cycle of experience/judgment/guilt will continue, as that is the function of the ego as it fights for its survival. It will wage war on you as you attempt to awaken, cause you to be distracted from absolute truths, or fear the unknown, fear your expansion, and to fear your source.

So here we are, talking about the ego, when it is the ego reading and listening to this. By now you've either declared war on me, and my writings or think that something here might make sense. Because the ego makes it so, we fear change in our beliefs, but if you're brave enough to continue, you might be surprised at what you find. As always, I disclaim my work by saying that these are simply my opinions. I am no master of the ego, as the only true master of that has been the Christ. I simply do what I can to help point the way, hoping we all walk in one direction as we reach our goal of understanding. What this is, just is, and I take no credit, or responsibility. I speak, I write, and I hope it touches others as it touches me to write it. Where we go from here, I'll leave to you.

Psychology will tell you that the ego is damaged, and that it can be repaired. They'll say that the mind is damaged, and can be healed, but do they tell you the soul is eternal and waits for awakening? The ego cannot be "fixed", because by its very nature, it is insane. It believes in what isn't real, which by definition, is insanity. It forces you to repeat the same patterns over and over, telling you "don't worry... you'll get different results THIS TIME." Again, another definition of insanity. In truth, we are all insane, as we have forgotten what is real, and live in a world of forgetfulness and untruths. So do you want to spend time fixing something that isn't broken? The ego isn't broken, it's this way by design, our design. We've filled it with beliefs that cause disruption in our lives, we've trained ourselves to feel guilty, depressed, melancholy, or unfulfilled.

Do you want to attempt to fix yourself, or transcend your perceived self? This is what is meant by transcendence. Not that we're going to turn transparent and float into the clouds... no. We transcend the perceived... little self, and replace it with the grander, true self. The answer depends on what you'd rather experience. A quick transition into awakening, or a longer drawn out process of asking, receiving and giving, or conversely - taking from others, and being robbed of yourself. The difference between the two is a choice, and the experience of both is available to you always, and in all ways.

At this point, I'll assume that you've continued reading, and you've decided to work on transcendence of self. This can be a very... very difficult process, and can take a life time to do. Some grab glimpses of this enlightenment, like Buddha, or Lao Tzu, and attempt to point the way for others towards similar experiences, and realizations of oneness. But this experience of enlightenment, or the Tao, or holy spirit, or what have you, can be fleeting, and can be the defining moment of your life time - but as the ego moves in to assert its dominance over you, the moment passes... the gateway closes... and the wondrous, mysterious feeling and experience of enlightenment becomes the stuff of legends. Well I tell you that this can be achieved all ways, and constantly - this state of being can be a way of life, instead of a passing moment from which religions and dogmas are created. Be the master NOW, as the great teachers encourage.

But how do I start? The easiest... and quickest way to start this process, and acquire the strength which legends are made of is simple. Gratitude.

When we assume a spirit of gratitude, this is the opening of a gateway... this is the real secret of success. You might be thinking... Thank God! Get to the point! Well... the point is... thank god. That is the Root Cause, the opening of the gate, the pathway to accessing power, and removing struggle. The strength of those who persevere and set examples for those around them, the rich, the wealthy, the "successful" have one thing in common. They are thankful for what they have. This thanking is an acknowledgment, and a subconscious queue to both yourself and the universe, that you are in fact admitting / believing that a source more powerful than yourself, is responsible for what happened, this very moment. Thanking this source acknowledge on many levels the fact that you are aware... aware that the source is in everything, and is everything, for how else or why else would you thank god? Thanking this source can heal, can feed your family, can heal yourself... and your brother. Thanking opens the door to something more, a belief that will eventually crack open the foundations of your beliefs, and allow for something more to be built. The awareness of the eternal, and your relationship to it.

But in the meantime, if you simply want to experience what it's like to have, do, and be what you want... as we many of us do here in the physical world... the answer is an easy one. Thank god for all the little things, for the big things, and the the very moments you spend here in this world. Having this constant, mental principle will remove much struggle, for how could the source of all love and all things impede creation and its multi-dimensional experiences? It doesn't... thank god.

Thank you for reading.


Sunday, September 07, 2008

The 7th Journey - Book II update

The background for Book II of The 7th Journey is now being researched and notes are being taken vigorously. I will be going out of the country for 30 days over the holiday season, and will be working extensively on book II. I expect to have some major traction upon my return.

Book I is moving steadily along, with packages being sent out by the end of September. This is a significant step forward for the project, and will represent a major milestone in the progression of having this series come to fruition. It represents closure for the first book, allowing serious work on the next book to begin.

For those who are looking forward to another article on The Inner Process, stay tuned, as I intend to discuss many interesting topics in the coming months. Thanks for reading.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ken Wilber - Seeking Enlightenment in a Modern Age

Ken Wilber - a modern day evolutionary, one that speaks to millions of people through his many lectures, books, and involvement with organizations such as "What is Enlightenment?", Spiral Dynamics, and is a well known American Buddhist.

Few people in the world are actually able to achieve the acclaim and standing that Ken Wilber has with his many books, lectures, and documentaries. Many of his websites are listed under my "Personal Evolution" section, as his work has been instrumental in the movement of consciousness into the next generation. His concepts are similar to others, in that we must take personal responsibility for our actions, for our evolution, and for our experiences. Concepts that are largely becoming cliche, but are so crucial to the development of our species, that we should give these ideas more than a passing glance.

It has always been said, that give a man a cave, and all the time in the world, and he will achieve enlightenment at light speed. But give a man kids, a job, and a mortgage, and watch the time pass without a single introspective thought. At the end of the day, what is more important? The illusion of a family construct, or the nurturing of it through your own self development? If you were to develop yourself, or spend moments a day towards many of these evolutionary concepts, the light you would bring to your family, and the world would be astounding. You'll not only have more rewarding and loving relationships, you'll be able to see the cause and effect of your thoughts, words and deeds, and how that affects the people around you. The implications of this are momumental, for yourself, and for the world at large. So... without further adeu, Mr. Ken Wilber.

Eckhart Tolle - What is Enlightenment?

Eckhart Tolle - made wildly famous through his many appearances on The Oprah Winfrey show, and his in-depth expose on the Ego, and the power of NOW. I've read many of his books, "A New Earth", "The Power of Now", and the many concepts and examples were quite moving and for some around the world, earth shattering. The message of the NOW has been mentioned for thousands of years, with some of the earliest references going back to the I Ching, a Taoist text from thousands of years ago. Yet few examples come to mind of entire books which delve as deeply into the concept as Eckhart has successfully done.

For many, what is old, is new again. For those who have been outside of "the industry" of illumination, I'm sure the concepts and experiences Eckhart speaks of are earth shattering to some, as he calls us to move to a centered, ever present state of being. For others, these concepts might seem old hat.

But this should never detract from the great work he has done in helping people understand their connections to their inner world, and the connection to what he calls "The Pain Body." This is a label he uses for an aspect of the ego, which collects, and amasses all of the negativity and/or pain that one has experienced throughout their life. He highlights the consequences of being unaware of this "Pain Body" and how it affects your life and relationships on a day to day basis. The key solution to leaving this pain body behind is to stay present in the moment, as the past (the pain body), and the future (anxiety) cannot exist in a mind that is focused on the present.

Everyone has had this experience, where they are so totally consumed with the current activity (for example, walking a tight rope over the grand canyon) that nothing else exists but the movements of the body, and the next precise decision. It is here that the past cannot exist, nor does the future with its echo of anxious thoughts.

His work in this field is well known, and the acclaim he has received is well deserved. Thank you for your contributions to our global consciousness, and for your next explaination... "What is Enlightenment?"


Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Beta Site for "The Inner Process"

I am attempting to build a beta site, which may end up replacing this one if I'm pleased with the development. The beta site is now located at Your comments are appreciated. Thanks.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Oceans Depth

A sailor of noble decent wandered the world in search of the meaning of life. Alone in his boat, with only the wind, the oceans bounty, and a modest supply of books to keep him busy. Along with him, he brought a compliment of emtpy journals to document his journey, filled with mindless drivel, thoughts unravelled, and the pondering of a curious man in the face of an endless obsession to learn life's secrets.

From port to port, he wandered the seas, making friends with the moon and stars which chart his course. Searching for meaning in the experiences of the seas, the storms and lightening which tormented his nights, and brought him close to death on many occasions. On a particular night in autumn, close to the southern shores of Spain, a sailor set sail from an unfamiliar port, due south.

"The moon has settled in the sky, a full moon... a cool wind, and a wandering mind. This is what greets me as the winds push south."

"Ohoy Sailor!" A female voice stretched across the waters. In the distance I see her, a sailor much like myself gliding towards me.

"Ohoy! Where are you headed, you look lost." She continued.

"Oh, I'm headed no where in particular."

"That's a funny destination, then where do you go from here?"

"Right now, the winds are pushing me south, so I follow the wind. Like I said, no where in particular."

"Then why do you sail?"

"I sail in search of answers. I'm just a sailor, nothing special. Looking for an answer to a question that many people have... a simple question, but profound. What's the meaning of life?"

"How long have you searched?"

"I don't remember. It's been a long time."

"And what have you learned?"

"That life is generous, that life is kind. When you're alone in the middle of the ocean, with no food or water, it rains. I've fished, and found abundance. I've cried, and found the calm of the ocean. I've cursed the world, and felt the ranging storms of God crash down upon the bridge of my ship. I've learned that I'm alive due to the grace of something more than myself."

"Is that all you've learned?"

"I've learned that life is like the ocean, some may skim upon it's surface... only realizing that which exists on its surface. Never realizing its great depth... that some may dive deep at times, yet return to its surface. Others learn to work in the depths of the ocean... and find the rewards that lie within."

"All of this knowledge, and you continue to sail?"

"I have not learned the meaning of life, I have learned things of its nature, I have learned of its compassion, of its kindness, of its cruelty... but I have not yet learned its meaning."

"Is life all of these things you describe? Compassionate... kind.... cruel?"

"It is what it is. It exists within the world, but so does great kindness, and love. It all exists."

"So with all this, you continue to search when the answer is right before your eyes?"

"Why, what is the answer, what is the meaning of life?"

"The answer for you is in the depth of the oceans, the depth of thought, to fill your notebooks, to ponder your concepts, to label your surroundings, and define your experiences. But for all of us, the answer is the same. Life is a journey."

Friday, July 04, 2008

To Be Continued...

Currently, the work on the T7J project has taken a step back. The work continues on, but of course, the changes and training that I'm undergoing has taken precedence. As T7J is of course the dream, and will eventually allow me to make the transition from part-time to full-time author, but for now my current career aspirations and responsibilities are the priority.

The time has come to shift the priorities however, and move towards finally completing the synopsis, which has undergone tremendous re-writes based on research, peer review, and my own editing. Now, thanks to those closely connected to the project, I've regained momentum and focus to really drive this home. The generic synopsis is now going to be much more target specific as we proceed to connect with key literary agents in the Unitied States. This refocusing is what is needed to finally put this piece of the puzzle in place, and which will wrap up my work on T7J book 1. Once this has been completed, the dealings with the agent will begin, and we'll go from there.

This will free up time for me to get back into the creative space, the part which I truly love, and deal less with the marketing and business aspects. Those aspects of course are crutial, and are an important part of the whole, but are definitely the more tedious parts of the project. But as this project moves forward... I thank those who have offered their help, and I appreciate it far more than they may ever know. Your work has been instrumental, and vital in keeping this project moving as smoothly as it has. So I thank you... but the next chapter of this project... is to be continued.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Transformational Leadership, and the relationship to personality and job performance.

In today’s world, there is ambiguity as to why some are able to excel and reach peak performance levels, while others rarely move beyond their current capacity. Individuals that reach their maximum psychological potentials are often seldom, almost miracle like in rarity, with people such as Gandhi, Buddha, Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou, and Mother Teresa. These varying scales of achievement, personal or otherwise can be found not only in the field in philanthropy, but in the realm of business as well. But to what extent do modern theories of motivation, such as those of Bandura, or Maslow relate to performance in the workplace? They would argue that self-efficacy and need fulfillment are key factors in affecting performance in life, and on the job. H. G. Wells said – “reasonable people adapt to the world, unreasonable ones try to change it. Human progress depends on the unreasonable ones.” Within the business world, it is often easy to spot the achievers and those that simply blend into the background of everyday life. Some individuals are simply able adapt to the tides of change within the workplace to maintain the status quo, while others seek to create the tides themselves. Those individuals create the most impact within the business world, and leave lasting impressions within their organizations.

In an article entitled “Transformational leadership, self-efficacy, group cohesiveness, commitment, and performance” by Ranjnandini Pillai, and Ethlyn A. Williams, they attempt to explain the link between Transformational leadership, self-development, and performance. They “tested a model proposing that transformational leaders build committed and high performing work groups by enhancing employee self-efficacy and cohesiveness. Questionnaires were completed by 303 fire department personnel following preliminary in-depth interviews with fire rescue personnel. After accounting for missing data, 271 responses were included in our data analysis. Results indicated support for the theoretical model in comparison to three alternative models that were considered”1 (Pillai & Williams, 2004)
“Bandura has defined perceived self-efficacy as . . . beliefs in one’s capabilities to organize and execute courses of action required in managing prospective situations. Efficacy beliefs influence how people think, feel, motivate themselves, and act”2 (Pillai & Williams, 2004). These concepts help us to understand the relationship between our belief systems, and our ability to affect change in our lives and environment. This is a crucial understanding, as individuals with high self-efficacy behave and perform drastically different from those with low self-efficacy when faced with adversity and challenge. Those with higher self-efficacy tend to double their efforts when adversity occurs, while individuals with lower self-efficacy tend to become demoralized and de-motivated. In cohesive teams, the article proposes models of transformational leadership have a direct relationship correlation with performance. The trials took place by questionnaire of several fire department employees at various levels in the organizations, asking questions related to “their ability to achieve goals using a seven point scale of agree and disagree.” (Pillai & Williams, 2004)3 “In the direct model, the parameter estimates of the paths from
transformational leadership to cohesiveness, self-efficacy, commitment and
perceptions of unit performance were 0.45 ð p , 0:001Þ; 0.18 ð p , 0:01Þ; 0.27
ð p , 0:001Þ; and 0.41 ð p , 0:001Þ; respectively. “4 (Pillai & Williams, 2004) The following model taken from the article represents the general concept and results of the trials:

5 (Pillai & Williams, 2004)

In the article “A Test of Bandura’s theory: Generalized self-efficacy and the personality traits of introversion and extroversion as measures of job performance” by James G. Hadley additionally proposed the idea that introversion and extroversion also have a role to play in job performance. These results are interesting, and show that introverts are able to master the skills and talents of extroverts, and can make decisions in a more precise and timely manor, the extroverts often find it difficult to look within to answer questions, and thus are less able to adapt.
They describe the study as “addressing Albert Bandura’s theory of self-efficacy as a general construct rather than a domain-specific trait of personality, and seeks to d determine if generalized self-efficacy (GSE) are capable of predicting job performance. The personality traits of introversion and extroversion were also measured and compared to GSE to test whether or not trait theory and social learning theory could be correlated with job performance. One hundred fifty-one subjects were given the on-line version of Keirsey Temperament Sorter II (KTS II) to determine their traits of introversion and extroversion. They were also administrated a GSE scale developed by Schwarzer and Jerusalem. Subjects were assessed on their job performance using a calibrated performance feedback assessment form at the one and two-month period.”6 (Hadley, 2003) It goes on to say “zero-order correlations and indicated that GSE and extroversion accounted for no significant variance in overall job performance. Age (r=.25, p<.01), education (r-.18,p<.05), and introversion (r=-.16,p<.05), did have a significant positive correlation to job performance. Implications from this study suggest that self-efficacy has poor utility as a general construct, but may be more effective as domain specific concept as Bandura proposed. Overall, however, personality traits appear to be weak predictors of job performance. In addition, contrary to expectations, introverts showed a higher positive correlation to job performance as measured in retraining program for internet service providers. This particular finding could suggest that introverts may be more successful in positions related to information technology that require researching and investigating customer problems, or they simply may have been highly motivated than extroverts whom trait theory would have predicted would do better. Possibly, introverts can master extroverted tasks, while extroverts are just good at being extroverts but cannot adapt as easily to the introverted environment. More research is needed to answer this question. Finally, comparing trait theory to social learning theory revealed no significant difference in predicting job performance.”7 (Hadley, 2003) As a Technical Process Analyst at a major financial institution, these results are fascinating; as I currently work within an exciting, cohesive team of high performers, lead by a Transformational Leader that innately promotes self-efficacy and dedication to the success of the project. Having spent over eight years in the industry, much of my craft involving diagramming and flowcharting, I can appreciate the visual model and correlations proposed by Transformational Leadership, and can relate to many concepts experientially. I can especially those of the introverted perspective on problem solving, as that is my primary mode of functioning and processing. I absorb the content, process it, and decide my next course of action, while some extroverts are already onto the next issue. This can sometimes cause tangents and confusion in meetings, and can often result in a lack of clarity within the team. Through observation, I notice the abrupt and almost confrontational nature of some extroverts can be a hindrance in the business world, while others simply make their opinions known, fast, furious and burnout quickly. The my experience introverts are able to emulate and decisively use those skills as well as others, to bring about optimal results, and thus produce optimal performance in all aspects of life. Achieving mastery through trial and error, processing and refinement. Continuous improvement, a cycle of constant change and optimization of life, and at the work place, as we work towards higher and higher levels of professional self-actualization as proposed by visionaries such as Maslow, and his hierarchy of needs. To conclude, who we are, how we learn, and how we behave directly relate to job performance. The striving of for peak levels of mastery and performance is a process that can perhaps take many life times. Key modes of functioning such as introversion and extroversion, concepts derived from Carl Jung’s theories can also aid this process. When combined with self-efficacy, and a willing spirit of self-development, there is no end to our accomplishments. These individuals that reach peak levels of self-actualizations can change the world like Jesus or Buddha, or conversely work for a company for 25 years in the same mundane job, fading into the background, and die with their music within them. Those with high self efficacy, especially when focused on skill development in specific areas like Technology and Customer Oriented Problem Solving, as I am in my profession, are able to utilize our introverted analytical processing like a magnifying glass, focusing our energies towards individual tasks and skills, as we continue our work of mastery. End Notes
  1. Pillai, Rajnandini, Williams, Ethlyn A. (2004). Transformational leadership, self-efficacy, group cohesiveness, commitment, and performance, Journal of Organizational Change Management, 17, 144.
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  6. Hadley , James G.(2003). A Test of Bandura’s theory: Generalized self-efficacy and the personality traits of introversion and extroversion as measures of job performance, Dissertation 1, ii
  7. Hadley , James G.(2003). A Test of Bandura’s theory: Generalized self-efficacy and the personality traits of introversion and extroversion as measures of job performance, Dissertation 1, iii.

The Inner Process, New Look and Feel

The site has under gone some changes, to represent the change in several areas. New energy and motivation surrounds each and every project, and now it's only a matter of focusing to finish off the few remaining details of the The 7th Journey project, which will begin the next stage of development. The site, now more attractive, is distinctly professional, and more lively than the dark, mysterious themes of old. This symbolically represented the early, rather mysertious nature of The 7th Journey development phase, but now as we progress further towards the publishing of the final product, the site has a matured, more professional appeal.

The T7J project is still underway, although lately my time has been taxed for various other reasons. I have solicited some reader feedback with regards to the synopsis, and I'm working to incorporate the excellent feedback I've obtained. Thank you to all that have participated in this pilot project, which at times has taken a life of it's own.

Currently, I'm also undergoing several training and certification processes, mainly in the areas of Lean Six Sigma - Green belt, Certified Process Engineering Specialist (CPES), and just finishing off my course at Ryerson University - Perspectives in Psychology.

Perspectives in Psychology was an excellent course. It focused on the Learning Procedures, Operant vs. Classical conditioning, Social cognitive, and biological perspectives. Our class had some very interesting discussions around abnormal behaviour, social behaviour, and various other topics of great interest. The final paper that I submitted was around "Transformational Leadership, and it's affects on Job Performance and Self Efficacy." I may be posting the paper in the coming weeks, for those who are interested, as I believe it ties together many ideas and concepts relevant to today's world.

I will be finishing off the year by working towards my VMWare Certified Professional (VCP) certifications, along with ITIL v3 Foundations and Expert: Continual Service Improvement certifications. Going forward I will work towards picking up further accreditation and certifications as I work towards my Information Technology Management degree. As I feel that these markers of achievements set the stage for a broad career in the Information Technology management/consulting field, with a specialization in Process Optimization and Virtualization/Consolidation through VMWare skill sets.

As this continues, I will also be opening my doors for students who are interested in learning of the system of Unarmed Combat which I train, called "The White Lotus System" ( As I will be working with a fellow instructor, to run a series of classes which span across 2 - 4 days per month, with optional classes in between. For those who are interested, you may contact me via email.

Thanks very much.



Thursday, May 29, 2008

We've broke 900!

The Inner Process Blog has reached 900 views on Site Meter, meaning this website has been viewed 900 times! This blog has been in existence since 2005, and has been a place for me to write about my thoughts, and topics that I think are pertinent to concentrating on the Inner Process of my life, and concepts related to removing struggle. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the people that view this site, and acknowledge your participation in The 7th Journey Project, and taking interest in my perspectives, thoughts, and ideas. Each and everyone of you that have viewed the site, are members of the Inner Process, and are somehow being touched by some or all of the concepts portrayed on this site. So I thank you for your participation, your patronage, and your time.

It is important to take the time to acknowledge where you've come from, what has been accomplished, and where you're going, in order to properly honour your efforts and commitment. It is only in this honouring, that positive forward movement can take place - otherwise we tend to gloss over our accomplishments and wonder if we've ever done anything at all. Well we have, and we continue to do so. Honour yourself, your achievements, your family, your loved ones and friends, and move on. Attach not to the fruits of your efforts, but honour them when appropriate, and move forward to take on the next adventure.

So again, I thank you for taking this journey with me, this grand adventure into thought, and enlightenment, and I hope this has made a difference in your lives. I wish you well.

Robert Graham

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

T7J Update

The long awaited Synopsis is now complete. After a long, and I mean long - painstaking process of shrinking down a 120,000 word manuscript into a 7 page summary is now finished. This took a great deal of effort on my part, and the part of my colleagues who assisted me through the process, as this is often the most difficult part for writers. How do you encapsulate the depth and impact that the manuscript contains, into a 7 page sales pitch? Well, that is where the real test of your writing abilities come into play.

After spending months researching the proper APA standards, and Chicago book of style formats, I've completed the synopsis - which is now in the proper format to be reviewed by my first target agent. Park Literary Group. Initially, I will be sending my package to them, with 3 other agents in queue. I will send these packages off with as much positive energy as I can muster, knowing fully that I've done all I can do in preparation.

This will allow me to fully immerse myself, guilt free, into Book II. Visions and images of the book have been coming to me, and now it's finally time to channel it fully and bring it all together. I couldn't begin real work on Book II until I've done the work needed for Book I to be accepted by agents and publishers. As this is how my dreams will fully materialize. Now... the path is clear for me to continue the creative process.

As a result, you'll be seeing more frequent updates to the blog site, as I describe some of the concepts involved in the trilogy, as they present themselves. The toughest part is over, and now the fun begins again.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Notes On A Deliberate Life

A life lived deliberately, is a life lived. Deliberate intent is a powerful thing... this has created worlds, and oceans... galaxies and stars, so why would it not create all that you desire? We forget this sometimes... how powerful we are. We get caught up in the day to day maintenance of our lifestyles, and the persona's our work and life creates. We slowly lose touch with what is real. Well lets make this a bit easier for us... what is real?

Real is that which we choose to include in our sphere of thought, that which is born of our perspective. The sphere of thoughts is the boundaries (as defined by you) with which you're allowing thought to enter your mind, based upon that which you are focusing on. As a man thinkth, as is done unto him. What you're thinking about manifests, what you're thinking about is included into your vibration, what you're thinking about is created, experienced, and is real... to you. And that is all that real is... and the further you drive out a clear understanding of what thoughts you include within your vibration, the more precise of a creator you are.

What do you define as a creator? Because you're not able to manifest a horse or an elephant immediately in-front of you, as you think of it... do you think you are lacking power? Lacking the power to manifest even these things? Because believe me, the time delay between what we are thinking about, and what manifests physically is a very huge grace... a gift to us ignorant, often clumsy, and unconscious creators. How many times have you wished something horrible on someone or something in your life? Even in childhood, are you the one that never thought a bad thought about a person, parent, or what have you? Doubtful... we've all experienced that. And what a sad world we would live in, if those things came true instantly. But believe me, think long enough on anything... and you will get your elephant.

Become deliberate. Deliberately refine your vibration, deliberately create your life, and understand the causality of your decisions, on you and on everyone around you. Refine your decisions to only include those thoughts that cause positive, happy, delicious, powerful, humble, open, enthusiastic, joyful, accepting, real thoughts and feelings. Why listen to me? I don't ask you to, because how can I possibly describe the vast difference between those living deliberately, and those who aren't. All I can ask is that you trust your gut, because if these words cause you to think or feel lighter... than this was the message for you. If these words seem difficult or 'boring' (a wall to contain/restrain conscious growth), then move on. You will find what you need elsewhere, I have no doubt. All I offer is the thoughts which are born of my perspective, and I ask for nothing in return, including your agreement.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Transitions and Change

Transitions and change seem to come in cycles, waves of cosmic change affecting the masses of people through the world, and throughout the universe. But why is it that we all experience similar, yet unique aspects of this change at the same time? This should lead some skeptics to the obvious fact that we are all much more connected than we realize, that we are of one mind, which seeks change after a stretch of stagnation.

I witness this change all around me. Within the group which I am leaving, I notice change everywhere. Within the organization with which I am affiliated, I notice grand structural change. Within the friends that associate with me, I notice drastic changes within all aspects of their lives, and on a large scale. And in the cyles of you, the reader, I imagine that if you look closely, you'd find the change within everyone you know, everyone you've met, the places at which you work, and the relationships with which you've established.

The cycle has come, and we are ready for change. Two years have passed since the last major change, and now, once again, we are here. Think back to where you were two years ago. Were you not in a similar situation with change all around you?

Of course, there is the obvious answer to that, which is yes, change is always around us in every aspect of the word. As all things are impermanent, on a molecular level, a macroscopic level, and a cosmic level, there is always movement, always change. Change being the only constant... but my point is that large, grandiose changes actually occur in large scale cycles, affecting all of us at once. Waves and waves of change, bombarding us with positive change, or negative change, depending on which side of polarity you currently affiliate with.

An understanding of these cycles, specifically as it relates to your own life is key. Because now, you will be able to trust and predict large scale structural changes within your life, and then prepare for them, and ensure that you, yourself are on the optimal polarity affiliation (positive or negative), so that these large, structural changes affect you in the most beneficial of ways.

I personally, because I am aware, aware of these cycles and of many core concepts of living a struggle free life, I was able to ensure the most positive reaction occured during this time of immense change. As such, The 7th Journey project received a large boost forward, my 9-5 career received the most optimal shift, my personal relationships deepened, and my understanding of core concepts, and the actualization of them (adoption) was realized. This has jetisoned me forward in all aspects of life, deepening my awareness, bringing me into the moment of NOW. My progress has greatly accelerated due to this awareness, and this is why I share it with you, my curious readers.

I have noticed however, that not all people have experienced the benefits of these cycles in the most optimal of ways. Before the shift began, perhaps 3 - 6 months ago, people were given a choice in terms of how they'd like to live the rest of their lives going forward. Each choice differed for every person, but each of them revolved around structural changes, large in scale, and relevant to their own experience. Of those that I am aware of, some actually chose to affiliate, and work with the negative polarities, and thus have experienced immense suffering, attachment, and pain as a result. The struggle of life ensued, thus they have lost their way.

Life continually brings you to "The Way", the path of enlightenment, the path without struggle, the path without suffering. The Buddha's simplest definition of enlightenment is this "The absense of suffering.", thus giving us "The Way." When people have "Lost their way", they have become lost in the unending struggle of life, have lost their way to peace, and have on top of this, become unreceptive to concepts, and information that lead back to "The Way." This is unfortunate, because many of those folks will definitely require another journey back to Earth in their next life - as they are too far gone to be "saved" or pointed back to "The Way", the end of suffering, the way to peace, and the path of enlightenment.

For those people, we can only pray they catch a glimpse of the way, and hit rock bottom, and become receptive to the concept that their current decision making process is greatly flawed, and leads to unending struggle in life. Their perspective and belief system now corrupt, and the way to peace seems like some far off goal. This is unfortunate, but that is their process. The universe does not create pointless creations, they too will find the way. But perhaps... not this life.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Switch to Technology

After a series of events, both professional and personal, I've come to a decision that I am best suited to explore my options within the Technical field. Process work has been a fantastic stepping stone in my development, on many levels, as it has helped me truly get grounded in reality in many ways. It has given me a series of valuable experiences, models, methodologies, and views of the world that are lacking in many fields. I will continue to evolve this mindset as I continue forward in my development, as my new role also requires process knowledge, from a design, and continuous improvement point of view. I will continue to achieve further certifications within the Business Analysis and Process Consulting field, as I want to keep myself sharp in both industries which will yield more options for me in the future.

It is important to have skillsets which are marketable in a variety of situations, such as Business problem solving, via methodologies such as DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control), organizing businesses into People, Process, and Technology, and improving efficiency. These skills are invaluable in my profession, and are portable to almost any scenario and industry. I value the learnings I've obtained through 'Lean Processing', and Process Improvement, however now that my skills are at a Senior level, it is time to ensure that my other skillsets are kept up to date.

I have moved into a role as a Technical Analyst, as opposed to my previous role as a Process Analyst (Senior Consultant), for a variety of reasons. Many of which I've mentioned in previous posts. Technology interests me, working with people interests me, and creating new environments, and optimizing for efficiency brings me great joy. This - above all, is the reason for my shift.

Future aspirations, perhaps in a couple years, or more. I will move to Project Management, to fully round out my skillsets. At which point, I will have the Process Mindset, the Technical Skills, and then I will obtain a track record of On time Service or Project Delivery via Project Management. This will round out my skills, and along with my academic background, and allow me to move to a more contract / consulting role that will allow me to travel to virtually anywhere in the world with my family.

The books which I continue to write, will always be apart of me, and always be my primary creative outlet, and perhaps one day - I will be fortunate to move to that career as a fulltime profession. Enjoying sunsets, moving through consciousness, evolving, training kung fu, and playing guitar on the beach for a small group of my friends and loved ones. This, is now - a step in the right direction.

Heaven is here, the time is now.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Process Update

The last few months, I have experienced many things. A slow down in the development or completion of my proposal packages for one, yet I have also experienced many advancements in research. I have experienced many slow downs at work, only to reveal a slingshot effect into a new and entirely different aspect of my development. The changes I experienced awakened in me, the truth of who I am.

At times, the content of life, and the attachment of the ego to that content stirs within you many experiences, emotions, projection, and a willingness to expand awareness beyond the limitation of the current situations. In my recent attachments to my career, and the role in which I play, I realized many things about myself - mainly that I may be able and quite capable in doing the work, however the lack of joy I experienced was a massive reminder as to who I truly am.

Who I truly am is not a function of my role, the role of uncle, brother, son... friend, colleague, martial artist... writer... none of these roles truly represent who I am. Who I am is evolving consciousness, and that consciousness, without attachment to roles, seeks joy. Without Joy, without this high quality experience of life, there is suffering. Happiness is, and can be very fleeting. Happiness is not within things, we are within happiness, if we choose to be. Happiness is a state of being, and is not a function of having or doing. Without this realization, happiness will always be fleeting... a glimpse of hope, in a world full of attachments to ego, to opinion, to form (physicality, or physical stuff), yet with each high, there is an equal opposite low. This will be the constant state of life without a realization that happiness is ultimately a choice.

My main realization, through the events which have transpired as of late, have brought me to a state of being in which I truly realize the doing in which brings me strength, which brings me power, and happiness... in the midst of those doings that made me depleted, and left me in very low states of energy.

Who I am within the world of form, of physicality, is an amass-ment of what doings I decide bring me the most happiness, and allow me to be in a state of pure beingness - as opposed to being in a state of attachment to a role. The things that I do which bring me presence in my being, that which allows me to concentrate soley on the current moment, and those things which bring me absolute peace of mind (meaning an absence of thought), are writing, kung fu, and work with technology, and to a lesser degree (only because I am still in a great learning curve which requires mental activity) guitar.

Those activities bring me presence in my being, and remove me from the world of thought. It brings me to a state of peace, to a state of love, to a state of being who I truly am. Pure consciousness... the awareness beyond thought.

Many activities can bring you to this place of pure absence of thought. Extreme physical activities that require concentration, meditation, deep breathing exercises... music... etc. There are infinite paths to peace of mind, but you must realize the difference between who you truly are, and the role you so happen to be playing.

I am a strong believer in the concept that whatever I am meant to learn will be presented to me under any and all conditions, so for example, if I was not a "Senior Process Consultant", I would be some other title or role, and the conditions would still be presented to me which would promote my best and greatest development of consciousness. But if you are trapped within a role, and are unaware of it, you will end up learning through negative aspects of yourself. If you choose to do something which brings you joy, you will be presented with the experiences which develop your consciousness through positive aspects of yourself. It is this recognition of your own being, and your best mode of functioning which brings you closer to who you truly are.

So... now... where does this leave me in context with the project of "The 7th Journey?" Now... the project will receive an incredible boost of energy. An incredible jolt of power, and an incredible jetison forward... just as I have on a personal level. This is because I will no longer be depleted, no longer experience limitation, and no longer seek to "reset my mind" in order to work on the project. Now, all actions through my life will work towards the same end. Happiness... presence... oneness with life. There will no longer be contention within... there will only be expression of joy without. This... is the 11th gate that I have been waiting for. The slingshot forward.. and now... the project is ready to move forward.

The packages will be sent to the agents with the right energies... as opposed to the packages being sent out in a state of conflict. This is what "The 7th Journey" has been waiting for... this is what I've been waiting for. So now... finally... it has begun.

Thank you for reading.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Past, Future, Now!

With the new advent of spirituality being ushered in by Oprah, and Eckhart Tolle, focus has once again shifted back to the concept of NOW. What is now? Why do spiritualists continually remind the non spiritualists of this concept?

Often we are reminded of the construct of mind. The aspect of ourselves that "thinks", not to be confused with the physical brain. Science is at a loss to explain the mind in context with the brain. Are we simply a result of neurons firing in context with external stimulus? Many scientists would like to believe so.

Are we more than this? Are we the soul which priests and others profess exists? Or are we more than this? Are we less than this? The truth is, from our physical perspective, we may never have a clear understanding, or any definitive proof as to what we truly are. We can surmize and interpret, conceptualize and theorize all we'd like, but ultimately, the brain may be nothing more than a receptor for something more. A radio receiver for energies more subtle than our instruments can detect. This too is still a theory. In fact, all religions are theories, all theologies are theories. None of what our holy books profess can be proven, none of them consist of fact, none of them hold anything more than ideas, which are often misinterpreted, and misconstrued as "THE WORD OF GOD", but ultimately are nothing more than the words of egotistical men, the most influential editors and publishers of our time. Our bibles, our quran's, our torah's.... who wrote them? More importantly... who believes them?

Many do... the sad truth... many still BELIEVE Them. Belief is the true creator of our reality, regardless of what our spiritual gurus may profess. Shed your egos! Shed your beliefs! Be present in the moment, wholy and completely! Be poor in spirit (with no physical attachments!) be this, and be that! What are we other than the products of our environments... cliche after cliche, concept after concept... each with a new message, mostly derived from old texts... and old thoughts. New warriors of spirit, ushering in a new age of what? Thought? Belief?

We are human, right now. We have desires, right now. We have emotions, right now, we have needs... right now! To dismiss them is to dismiss your nature. Yes there is much to be gained by being in the moment. Being in the now. But what does that ultimately mean? Think of a computers processor. What we call a CPU (Central Processing unit), it has 100% resources or processing power to devote to one task. Think of that as being "in the moment, or in the now", when we devide that processor into segments, with parts dealing with this concept, or parts dealing with those past memories, or future events, we divide that CPU into parts. It only stands to reason that when a processing resource is divided into parts, that it will take longer to complete a particular action or process, so this is the reality. The NOW has many advantages which athletes have known for years. And of course it only stands to reason... that when being in the "Zone", you are devoting 100% of your processing power to one task. Ultimately this is how "top" performers behave... devoting 100% of their processing to their one activity, which seamingly creates even more magnificant output. Well yes.. that is the human condition.

We have the Conscious, the Subconscious, and the Unconsious. Three modes of processing. The conscious is able to hold perhaps 2000 bits of information during thw now, where the sub and unconscious can process billions of bits. Removing the conscious from the equation ultimately allows the sub and unconscious resources to perform feats of amazement, and even allows us to experience what we would call altered states of consiousness during these times. Truth is, even in the NOW moment as professed by topical spiritualists as Eckhard Tolle, we are still only actualizing our other modes of HUMAN processing. We are not accessing something "spiritual" per se, only accessing resources that are built into us for millions of years.

Do I believe we have souls? Yes of course I do, but I also think we need to be real about our human processes, our human desires, and our human condition. Only until we have totally resolved and understood the machine which is our bodies, can we possibly understand the factors in which animates it.

We are Ultimately Energy. And assume a body which is conducive to the reality in which we exist. Here... in this realm, we have EGO. Ego is a necessary function of the human mind... the human condition. Otherwise, if we are unable to identify with objects in our relative world, we would do nothing, except stare at the wall, and they'd lock us up. Ego allows us to relate to that which exists physically, and attach meaning to those objects. Without meaning, we lack language, without language we lack an ability to communicate, to advance.

In times prior to our development of verbal language, we relied heavily on body language, and intuitive respones (or telepathy), but in our present evolution we have discareded those facalties predominantely, and now rely on language. We will not Unlearn this for many hundreds of years, until psychic abilities are common place, and we eventually find language to be sluggish and obsolete... but for now, this is where we are.

Ego is necessary. Ego allows us to grow, and the very fact that we exist here... on this plane of existance means we have ego. Always will. When we progress to other states of consciousness, and move to other dimensions of reality, we may not need an ego, and in fact there are dimensions where we cannot go if we still retain our ego. But for now, it is with us. It has a thousand faces... even the face that says "i have no ego".

Be wary of spiritualists with grandious concepts that lack realism. Be wary of modes of thinking which ask you to move away from your very nature. If bliss is found in your current moment... seek to reproduce it. By whatever means necessary. Seek the bliss, seek the pleasure, seek the happiness, for that is what enhances the quality of your life.

The Mind itself may interfere with your quality of life, but belittling you... by berating you... by hindering you... because it is nothing more than a recorder of past thoughts and concepts, and brings them forth when it deams most useful. Do not let the tracktor run away with itself. Control your thought processes, and make them work for you... not against you. For happiness is the only reality worth living for... and dying for. Anything less, is not who you are.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Constant Evolution

It takes time to realize what you've accomplished. It takes time to amass your accomplishments, and even more time to OBJECTIVELY look back at what you've done. But it's an important step in the process, or one inevitably loses steam.

Luckily I have those around me who are constant reminders of the accomplishments achieved in the last few years, and those people help me stay grounded. In the seeker's journey to the next stage of being, there is a constant feeling of being unfinished. Regardless of what you've accomplished... or how far you've come... it's never over, nor can it EVER be over.

We are never finished in our work of who we are. Sometimes the work of who we really are, comes in the form of books, computer software, paintings, poems, or the various other types of creative outlets... but it's important to note that although these creations may have come from you, they too are not who you are. They are just a reflection of your present reality, and what you hold most true about who you are.

The universe is simply a mirror, a reflection of your inner most desire, your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. And only when we change ourselves on the inside, do we notice the change in our reflections. Sometimes this is a sobering thought, when you look about you in all aspects of your life, Family, Work, Creativity, Physicality, Relationships, etc, and you realize... wow, what have I become... or look at what I've created?!

A strange thing happens however, when the average person is directly confronted with this truth... and that's called Redirection, Denial, and Justification. With Redirection, the person seems to point to other factors in life, and blame those for what has occured. Denial, is typically... the "it wasn't me" attitude, and a simple rejection of all that relates to them... and Justification, is that comfortable space somewhere inside yourselves, that allows you to justify and continue your current behaviour.

Is there a remedy to this? Yes. Constant Evolution. Continue to make strides.. regardless of how small... continue to make steps forward... regardless of how little ground... but continue as much as possible, in the direction of your purest form, and you too... can one day look back at all you've created with your small, constant steps... and you too can say "It is Good."