Monday, December 14, 2009

What the bleep do we know?!

What do you think is real?

A revolutionary documentary, by over 14 scientists and mystics explain the inner workings of the universe through the eyes of concrete scientific physics. Sounds boring? Well if you'll take a few minutes to realize just how interesting, and powerful this subject can be - then view the intro trailer below. If you're intrigued, learn more - if not, then you'll find your joy somewhere else.

Emoto - The Hidden Messages in Water

It never fails to amaze me how few people have heard of this earth shattering concept. Our bodies are over 90% water, so perhaps you should understand how our thoughts can effect us. Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Why I write Books

Because it is an expression of Who I Am. There is no better reason to write than because of this. Often people think that their line of work has to do something for them. As an example, being a successfully published author will get me abundance, and freedom to do what I choose.

That is actually an incorrect perception. A clearer perception would be that I write, and pursue publishing because it is what brings me happiness, joy, and excitement. It's what gets my "juices goin'" if you know what I mean. And I would write my stories if no one read them, or many people did - simply because it's what I choose to do with my time.

And I do not make my favourite activity conditional. The condition being "I will not write unless I'm successfully published." Instead I will write regardless, without condition or limitation. That is why I write.

Integral Reality

A concept where your personal energy vibration is in alignment with the energy of your particular reality construct.

Why is this an important concept? The concept that all energy is matter, in context with light, frequency, and vibration is what actually enables our realities to manifest themselves. Thus producing an energy matrix or construct by which we're able to experience the acting out of ourselves.

The concepts or ideas around "being one with the universe" is simply an experience of energy alignment. Your particular reality will have a vibration, a particular speed of light. Alignment with this enables a great many things; if there are any real concepts worth meditating on it would be these:

- Raise your energy vibration
- Align it to that of your reality

Welcome to Nirvana.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Accepting Your Limitations, The Learning Process

A hot topic for discussion seems to be the idea of accepting your limitations. One could take this to mean many things, and depending on the context, the answer to this question can vary. So for the purpose of this discussion, I will keep this general, yet grounded in reality.

The topics I would like to focus on revolve around:

1 - Your Goal
2 - Struggle
3 - Reality

Firstly, let's discuss your goal. When speaking about limitations, you can focus on many things, but in general it must be in context with your goal. Whether it's the lofty ambition of accepting the limitations of yourself, or the limitations of your abilities with a particular subject matter - the results are the same. You must understand that in order to perceive your limitations, it must be put into context. Your goal should be clearly defined, whether it be the goal of higher levels of mental, physical, or spiritual attainment, or perhaps those around the attainment knowledge or skill development. Only when you've identified exactly what you'd like to accomplish, can your limitations be brought to light.

Secondly, what are limitations? Limitations are some form of struggle that may be impeding your progress, and ultimately can be a dead stop in your development. As an example, every normally functioning human being, with all of their mental faculties in place can learn to read. However, if you have a physical limitation such as blindness, you have hit a wall and cannot proceed. This is a clear example of a physical limitation that has stopped you dead in your tracks. There are other forms of limitations, especially around the idea of perception. If you belief that something is impossible, you have now imposed a self limitation, and you will not proceed until your belief has changed. An example of this would be the belief that you personally can never learn how to drive. Someone with such a belief will not even attempt it, and will go through their entire life denying themselves the opportunity and experience of driving. If that belief is changed however, then the path has been cleared, and you may proceed with your learning and skill development. Any limitation, beyond those of the physical sort, can be overcome, as they predominantly revolve around your belief system.

Lastly, the idea of reality. What is the reality of your goal? Are your goals realistic? Do you think you can learn to fly in this life time? That goal might be a bit delusional if so. But if you're goal is to be a surgeon, and develop the knowledge and skills associated, then that's based more in reality. What one man can do, another can do. So if your goals are simply to be more enlightened, you may need to refine that to be a bit more specific. Enlightened in what exactly? If it's a particular subject matter, then get on with the practices that enable you to acquire that specific skill. If your goal is too lofty, you may never get there, because it's just too ambiguous. Be specific, be honest with the feasibility of your goal, realign your beliefs to enable you, not hinder you - and the path is clear for you to proceed.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lesson 6 of A Course In Miracles

As mentioned in previous posts, I am also working on an ACIM project with another colleague. I often post materials on that site, as pertinent to our experience of the lessons. I thought I would share this post here as well. Enjoy.



"I am upset because I see something that is not there."

This is the current objective of lesson 6, which further builds on the concepts of lesson 5, which help us to understand or to relieve ourselves of our emotional disturbances. The disturbances of the mind which all too often cause an uncomfortable emotional state, and affect the way in which we experience this illusion. It's important to realize this, because "the machine can run away with itself" as I like to refer to it, meaning the mind / body machine... when left unchecked can delve into extreme areas of negativity that can be debilitating.

I am applying the concept of this lesson to the same experience as mentioned in lesson 5. The friend whom I'm upset with due to reasons that are not quite clear to me. Before I discuss the magnitude of this lesson, I will take a step back and mention an experience I had over the weekend.

As mentioned in the popular sci-fi movie "The Matrix" the Neo character is given a choice. To continue to experience the illusion as it is, without the answers he seeks, or to experience the illusion as an illusion, therefore shifting his perspective from within the matrix, to his physical body which is outside of the matrix. This rebirth of consciousness is quite profound, and unless experienced can go unnoticed. Well my matrix moment occurred over the weekend, in the form that I perceive as a gift from the universe. I will not go into depth as to what my experience was, suffice it to say that my perspective dramatically shifted from the body/mind consciousness level - to a much higher level allowing me to see this reality as the illusion it truly is.

My choice was different than Neo however - as my decision was to accept this level of understanding, to accept the connection and the experience for that it was, but for the love of those who are still within this reality, I choose to stay and connect with them in the same manor as before. However now with the heightened awareness that this world, and all the trials and tribulations of it is just a dream, an illusion (however real it seems). This choice has massive implications, and I'm now fully educated as to the choices that I make, and the cause and affect relationships that they will incur, knowing that this world is an illusion - and my choices affect the entire game, so to speak.

I can no longer claim ignorance to this knowing, and now the only work that remains is to correct the fragile, often disturbed, pre-programmed, and misguided ego attachments that remain. The path is clear, the work is ahead, and here I am, working through it.

Of course, the test of this knowing comes shortly after in the form of an emotionally disturbed friend, and his obviously inappropriate actions. Now how do I define myself in relation to this experience? Do I resent him for his human frailties, or do I take a different perspective on it...? I choose to continue to see this reality as an illusion, as my gift has shown me the way.

Therefore - with this knowing through this gift, and this experience of my friend to test my knowing... how do I appease the mind/body (little me) consciousness? For one, realize that this is an illusion, that my thoughts are meaningless in the illusion, the physicality of the illusion is also meaningless, and so are the actions of others. "I am upset because of something that isn't there." Amen.

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Graphic Artist - 2nd Drafts Reviewed

Just met with Ryan Lord, the graphic artist I'm working with to create insert drawings for book 1 of my series, The 7th Journey. For now, we've found that perhaps 9 insert drawings, plus cover art is the way to go. The book itself is broken into 3 sections or parts, with 7 chapters in each part. Each part will have 3 drawings... so far.

I'm really excited at the artwork we've come up with as a first draft, and after having reviewed the 2nd draft today, I'm really excited for what's to come. There's a definite evolution as we progress with the artwork, and I'm really happy with it.

I'll be posting the next round of artwork on my portal site, just as I have with the first drafts. The new artwork should be up shortly. I believe the artwork adds to the project in a real way, and will definitely help move this work to the next level as I progress towards representation.


Monday, September 21, 2009

A Course In Miracles - In Depth

Along with my current work of finding representation for Book 1 of my series, and my other projects, I have begun some further personal growth work with a colleague of mine. This work focuses around "A course in Miracles" texts and the lessons and exercises associated.

Although there are 365 lessons, meant to be taken once per day - we have decided to take a deeper approach and extend the length of the lessons to 1 week each. We've calculated that the entire breadth of work would take a total of 7 years. The advantages of taking this in-depth approach is meant to help both myself and my co-writer Aaron to master the subject matter, as opposed to be a student of the material.

Please feel free to view our blog which documents our progress, thoughts, and experiences to date. Enjoy.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Announcing -

I am pleased to announce the principle completion of, a site dedicated to project content, and relevant topics. The new design of revolves primarily around the age old communications concept of "who is my audience?" The answer to that is Literary Agents, and Publishers. The site reflects on deeper aspects of The 7th Journey, downloadable content, and biographical resources and history. The intent is to answer any anticipated questions a prospective Literary Agent or Publisher may have. That is actually harder than it sounds, as structural design ideas must also come into play, in context with ensuring information is accessible and clear. Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

T7J - Testimonial from the Principle Editor

Further testimonials are pending, as people complete their reviews, however I thought I would post this for general consumption:

"The 7th Journey is indeed a fantastic journey for the reader, who not only sees adventure through the eyes of its characters, but is exposed to fascinating subjects - string theory, astral projection, quantum physics, parapsychology, religious mysticism, and government conspiracy - along the way. You'll not only want to keep turning the pages to find out what happens, you'll want to explore the theories and make discoveries for yourself." --- Michelle Allison, Principle Editor

Saturday, July 18, 2009

10 ways to get in the writing zone!

For some of us who have taken up the writing craft, they are lucky in that they can do it all the time, and it has become their main profession. They don't have to worry about an alarm clock waking them up, or a boss that's wondering where that next big budget saving idea will come from. Those fortunate artisans of the craft are able to spend the entire day devoted to what they love, and have made a living doing it.

However there are others who love the craft yet still struggle to do so part time. We toil at work and make our livings, pay our bills, and eek our way towards our ultimate goals of being full time, well paid writers. For those who do have to watch the clock, and wake up to the sounding of alarms... it's not always so easy to get into The Writing Zone. Here are 10 suggestions to get into the zone, even if you have a wife, kids, a job, or other interests which take you away from your craft.

1 - Choose specific music - this music should inspire you, and cause an emotional reaction within you, sparking new ideas, and when needed putting your mind at ease. Call this your "writing music."

2 - Make time every day or when you can - a schedule is important for those who can work with schedules. Make time at least once per week where you write something, blogs, poems, short stories, or that next chapter. If you love it, you should find time to do it every day in some capacity.

3 - Create a space to write - regardless of how frantic your life is, you should try to carve out a space to write in - somewhere in your house, or at the park if you're an outdoors person. Make it personal, have your inspirational books, pictures of your heroes, or important people near by.

4 - Be close to a window - even if you're in doors, it's helpful to have a nice view of the outdoors near by, preferably next to your desk. You'd be amazed what an occasional glance at nature's wonders will do for you.

5 - Get comfortable but be engaged - assume a posture where you can sit for a few hours and not get too cramped up. It's important for the body to be in a sort of forward leaning position, fully engaged with your computer, but comfortable enough to go the distance.

6 - Wear comfortable clothing - it is important to wear things which won't distract you too much. Focus is the name of the game, it's important for the mind in a receptive state, free from mental chatter. The less that distracts you the better.

7 - Work in a well lit area - lighting is important, without it your brain becomes less receptive, and takes in less information. You need to be exposed to natural light if possible, alert and attentive. Towards the later parts of the day, you can turn on the lights and work from there. When your mood or situation calls for it, turn off the lights and keep going.

8 - Have multiple writing stations - it's important for me in my process to have several rooms or areas where I could be writing. A small laptop is usually a good idea, because it fits into cramped spaces when you're laying on your couch, or sitting in a recliner. You can also take it outside, or to remote locations like weekend getaways. Although, having a stationary computer in your home office is important as well. Turn this into a professional atmosphere, if others will take you seriously, you must take yourself seriously first. Turn your desk into a writing station.

9 - Be real - be real and objective about this. Are you doing this for the right reasons? People who succeed do so because they are genuine, and either have a message to tell others, or a story they can't help but nurture and express.

10 - Choose your state of being - if you are a writer, be a writer. Your best work will come from a deliberately chosen state of being. Choose to be a writer, believe it, behave as a writer should, then observe the results.

New Cover Art Coming!

New cover art will be coming for Book 1 within the next couple of months, as long with a few other surprises that won't be revealed until later. I am working with a brilliant young artist by the name of Ryan Lord of U of T. A talent, and consummate professional, I am looking forward to seeing some output in the next few weeks.

We will be going through a few rounds with the art work I'm sure, with some additional effects pending, I am anticipating a truly unique and attractive piece that will be iconic. There will be much that comes out of this, in terms of work directly for the product, but also for my web presence.

Look for the latest updates to cover art, and series content on

Latest content available at

Coming soon... The 7th Journey Web Portal

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Understanding Your Limitations

The focus of my lessons tonight revolved around limitations. What are my limitations in terms of discernment? What are my limitations in terms of bringing concepts into context with each other? What are my limitations in terms of abstracting ideas, or creating ideas, or even understanding the nature of the ego?

What were my limitations in terms of understanding an exercise, or how I limit myself with regards to structure? Many questions were posed tonight, many discoveries were made as well. These are interesting times we live in, and I'm fortunate to be apart of them.

The world may be undergoing tremendous changes, as it always has, yet now more than ever, but that will never limit my ability to grow. When I began my martial training tonight, I will admit that I wasn't receptive, I actually on some level probably acted somewhat arrogant, but luckily an old friend pulled me out of it and quickly reminded me exactly how much more there is to know.

The arrogance wasn't intentional, because on some level at that moment I felt like I knew the topic of conversation, and actually went into my own internal studies in the corner of the room as the lessons continued with another student. This particular student is a bit behind others in his studies, so the review... although always warranted, and helpful, at that moment seemed a waste of time. Often my thoughts lead to progression, and when personal development can be made, I tune in immediately, but when I feel that progression is stalled due to someone not getting an idea or concept... or lagging behind, then admittedly I seem to tune out. I don't think I do so all the time, but being in a state of waiting, mixed with the frustration of someone else not getting an idea, that seems like the perfect mix for me to go off and do my own thing.

As I said, luckily an old friend brought me out of it very quickly, and the night rolled into probably some of the best lessons I've ever had. It's important to realize where our limitations are, because in some cases we can move beyond them, where in others it's just as good to recognize them in yourself, so you can also see them in others.

A particular limitation that I became aware of tonight is that of my lack of abstracting the ego delights of others. I seem to see the good in people, and overlook their faults - but this isn't exactly a very useful aspect of a teacher. I need to become more aware of the ego delights of others... the ego attachments, and the cause and effect those actions might have in order to not only develop personally, but to also assist those in their process and save time. I will write more on this in the coming days and months as I focus my attention more towards these ideas, and document my progress. Thanks for reading.


The 7th Journey - Book II update

Currently, I have been working on Book II in my series, as Book I continues to make its' way through the publishing process. However some excellent work has been done thus far on Book II.

Chapter 1 is now complete, setting the stage for subsequent events, and introducing new and interesting characters who find themselves in the far north. Far away from the events in the first story, these new characters must now find their way south towards the now decimated metropolis to attempt to uncover the truth as to why their world has been toppled. An exciting adventure awaits them, as does mythrilling experience of writing.

Chapter 2 is well underway, as much of the story has been written, and it's only now my responsibility to piece it all together, in a contiguous fashion. This book will go even deeper into the aspects discussed in Book I, bringing new concepts to bear, and new relationships formed.

I'm excited to continue as there is a renewed energy surrounding this project, with new staff additions bringing their own stylized spin on the material. I look forward to working together, and what we're able to produce.

Robert Graham

Accepting Your Limitations II

Accepting your limitations allows you to understand them, and in some cases move beyond them. In either case, it's extremely important to be able to understand that there are real things in this world that affect your ability to understand, function, and deliver results. These factors come in the form of mental processing, belief systems, physical limitations, and cultural or societal restrictions.

There comes a time in everyone's life where we understand that there is only so much time in a day. There is only so much we are willing to put up with, only so much we are willing to do. It is during these times that we decide whether or not to push forward, go around, halt, or tuck our tails and run. Each to their own, and each according to their abilities.

It is important to understand where you are in context with time limitations, and the effort you are willing to put forth. Some things might be too late, such as being an Olympic athlete as an example... many of us have missed the boat on that one. It doesn't mean we could have never achieved it, but it does mean that time, cost, and effort may be constraining factors.

Not to worry, there is no such thing as a pointless creation, and all of us have a purpose that we've decided upon. Some of us may simply be an example unto others, in a positive or negative way, while others might have a clearly defined path, and are working towards that goal on a daily basis. "The Quest" as it was so eloquently put by a friend and instructor is simply the path we have chosen, and each day is the means to that end.

Some have never considered their life's quest, while others have devoted every waking moment to it. In the end, both will get to nirvana if you'd like to call it that, but one might be of more deliberate choosing than others.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Free Speech - A Freedom Lost

The United Nations is eying the constitutional rights of all nations, in their next move towards global unification and governance. Why is this an important issue? Well the age old question of how do you boil a frog comes to mind? Here's my spin on it...

How do you boil a frog? Slowly... gradually. You place the unsuspecting frog in a pot of water... you may even tell the frog it's good for him to be there. Perhaps it's safer in there, perhaps he just saw 5000 of his closest frog friends die in a disaster of some sort. Of course the insecure... poor frog may have actually run to you... asking what to do next, as his very world... all that he knew was turned upside down because of the disaster. You then tell the frog, listen frog... the problem is you don't have enough security and governance in your swamp. Perhaps if you hand over your right to swim as you please in this swamp, and request that you swim in this pot full of water. It's for your own good.

At first, the frog might be apprehensive, but after you remind him that it's not safe in the swamp... and remind him that 5000 of his people have died in a vicious attack by other frogs from a different swamp, with different points of view of how the swamp world should work. The poor, disheartened, confused frog agrees.

Unfortunately, as the other... wiser frogs from his own swamp, or even friendly neighbouring swamps attempt to remind him that the death of his 5000 brethren didn't quite make sense... they are silenced. The rights of those frogs are taken away... their questions cannot be asked... their reason cannot be considered, their points of view will go unheard. The pot begins to bubble.

To add to this, any frog from your own swamp which questions the happenings within the pot are now considered part of the problem. The frog in the pot is told that those who question the world within the pot are also the enemy... and must be silenced for his own safety. The frog agrees, as the pot begins to boil.

The last warning that is given to the poor insecure frog is this... do not question your percieved reality, or the actions we take for your safety... or our motives for doing so... it is for your own good. The water boils.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Matters of The Heart

There are few works out there which describe the intelligence of the heart. "The Heart's Code" being one that comes to mind, however beyond that we still aren't convinced as a society that intelligence can exist outside of the mind / brain. There have been a few documentaries that I've seen in my time which describe the affects of cardiovascular transplants scenarios which actually depict the nature of this intelligence and how it can be literally implanted into the body of another.

Are desires themselves stored within the heart? Within these documentaries, certain likes and loves of the transplant donor are picked up by the recipient. Likes such as hot chili peppers, and riding motorcycles, and even roller coasters are awoken within the recipients of the heart. How can these desires and likes be given to the donor recipient if the heart does not retain some form of knowledge, memory, or intelligence?

Cellular memory has been discussed before in context with this phenomenon, meaning perhaps the desires are retained, or somehow chemically encoded within the organs themselves, yet what of intelligence? New information is coming to light which discusses actual intelligence at the cellular level, meaning the cells have the ability to reason and make certain decisions based on the scenarios at hand in order to accomplish their objectives. So what about the heart?

The heart is the main organ which actually sustains life, stores your deepest desires and tendencies, and with each beat says something about the way you live. Now what happens when the heart is in discord with the brain? When these two primary organs aren't in harmony, we may experience various forms of discomfort, from chest pains, to head aches, to palpitations... they may even appear in the form emotional distress such as depression.

When the mind wants something, and the heart knows better, you are in complete discord, and this is not healthy. I know this first hand through my own experiences with misalignment of my mind and heart. The heart says wait, the mind says hurry. The heart says rest, the mind says continue on. The heart says love, and enjoy yourself, and the mind wants accomplishments. The heart says wait, all in due time, the mind says not soon enough.

Only now with my heart in pain, do I finally listen and let things happen as they will. Do what I can, enjoy the process, and stop pushing myself towards some end point which may never occur. Listen to your heart, and not your mind... there is a reason it is in the centre of the body.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The 7th Journey - Beta Period Comes to an End

The 7th Journey - the series that is essentially my life's work, and my greatest expression of my joy and who I am - a work that revolves around the expansion of mind, the development of abilities and experiences... the likes of which the world has never seen.

This initial book was offered to the public through a Beta Program / Pre-production / Evaluation edition. This edition was largely used to collect feedback, and to assist with market research. Testimonials were obtained, and will be posted shortly to the parent site. Specifically here

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Beta program. The information was sufficient, and now it's time to move forward with the finished product and obtain the proper representation. To be clear, this work is not meant to be a "Self-Published" work, it never was. In fact, the current distribution version does not include an ISBN number for that specific reason. The Beta editions were largely available through, as they offer an on-demand printing service which served our purposes for this evaluation program.

The Beta / Eval period for the book has come to an end, and thus will be no longer availble by the end of the week. It takes a great deal of determination to break through in this industry, and a great deal of hard work. Those of you close to the project realize that, but now it's time to move forward. Thank you for your time, and for your patience.

Respectfully yours,

Robert J. R. Graham

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Inner Process by Robert Graham

Why the URL and Name change? For those who have followed this blog over the last 3 years, you'll have come to realize that this site has undergone a massive evolution. It went from being a platform for concepts regarding a struggle free life, to concepts that help individuals evolve, and finally a platform for project announcements.

Ultimately, one has to decide... where is this going? And what am I trying to accomplish? Well for one, because this site is listed on public search engines, there is no direct link from my previous site to this one. The reason being is that this site... as it stands now, will be utilized as a platform for my books going forward, and can largely be reached via my portal site (

This site will continue to be a portal for thoughts and concepts which will largely be spoken about through my series, however if I feel they are relevant to myself and my readers, I will continue to post those thoughts here. At some point, it's important to understand who you are writing for... and at this point, the reader base isn't ready for concepts of this nature by and large. Why is that?

Here are a few questions to ponder:

- How many people are willing to believe in the multi-dimensional nature of reality?
- How many people believe in life after death?
- How many people believe that there is more than one life experience?
- How many people are willing to objectively analyze their beliefs?
- How many people are willing to change beliefs once they've realized their error?

So you see, that if you've found this site... and have managed to read this far, you'll find that each of the above questions progressively limits the number of applicable people by a serious magnitude. This is of course why I have changed formats, because if I'm only really aiming for those small groups of individuals who are already on the same page... what's the purpose?

There are more hits on what "Britney Spears" did today than there are about evolution of the human experience. So perhaps that is just where the world is at right now, and as a result, I can best spend my time and energies creating media for the current state of the world, and thus work towards a brighter future state using a more gradual approach.

For those who have found this site, good for you. I celebrate your curiosity. For those who have found this site helpful in someway over the past 3 years, I'm honoured to be apart of that. For everyone else... well... you don't know what you don't know.

Thanks for reading.

Robert J.R. Graham

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

After the 3rd day, The Paradigm Shift

The I Ching speaks of the 3 days of preparation before you can properly begin. I'm paraphrasing, however that is one interpretation. In some contexts, 3 days can mean 30 years, in my case, 3 years, and in this particular experience 3 days. The way was prepared for the greatest depth of clarity that I've experienced thus far in my training.

The concept of a paradigm shift essentially represents an entirely different perspective on a particular subject matter, and allows you to see things in a completely different light. And that happened to me today... several times as a matter of fact, which opened doors, and removed impediments and prepared the way for so much more. I have such a greater appreciation for this subject matter, and the methods utilized in teaching, such as language, structure, and the dependencies required at this level of training.

Also - simply just being here, spending time with this family, and in this environment is quite frankly such a different experience, and one that I'd like to make a regular occurrence. There is so much more to learn here than the subject matter at hand, if you're aware enough to see it. The preparation that's occuring is more than just in the subject matter at hand, it's preparation for what is to come in the next few years, and I realize that. I realize the adventure ahead, and I am working in continuous preparation for it. What I have come to realize is that there is a solemn understanding, and way to proceed in the face of danger, and as I continue to learn and grow, that method is revealing itself. And I know that all things will occur in time, regardless of what comes our way. Relax, there is nothing to fear, even if the world appears to collapse around us, it never really happened... as it is all just a dream.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Conversations with the Master

What can be said that portrays the depth, magnitude and profound understanding that I'm so privileged to experience? As with all things that have happened in my life, I am extremely fortunate and humbled by the opportunity to experience the time I've spent with a man who has created a mechanism to eradicate doubt from the human mind. A master who revealed a method which sheds systematic light upon a particular subject matter, a man who understands the difference between the Tao, and the human process and can apply and interpret the concepts pertinent to both in such a real way that it's quite frankly awe inspiring.

Understanding the nature of a subject matter, to the degree of knowing what it is, and isn't... what it's limitations are, and what it's capabilities are... is incredible. Being guided through this process is a gift, set against the backdrop of a mountain scape that cannot help but bring a somber realization of oneness to mind amounts to an unforgettable and profound experience.

The conversations I've had thus far have been nothing short of a precious gift that I've inevitably given to myself, through the experience of self revelation called life. May tomorrow be filled with as much guidance, understanding, and clarity as I've experienced thus far. Thank you.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Note from Canmore, Alberta

Day 1 of my training has begun, and although I may have been training for quite sometime, it's more apparent now than ever that in many ways... the training has only really begun. "After 3 days, the begining" Well it's been 3 years, and finally, the way has been prepared for many concepts to manifest within my consciousness.

It's a sobering thought to realize that the enthusiasm and eagerness, although at the onset was a valuable tool to keep me involved within the training, is now not the able helper that it once was. It has allowed me to get this far, however now the reality has set it - it's time to truly and completely understand the subject matter, with a deep and proper level of clarity. There is so much more than that which is evident - and now realizing what this means, the way is prepared to move forth and get on with the idea of getting the job done.

What awaits me is unknown, but that's ok. What awaits my consciousness is clarity, what is established is confidence, and what comes next is illumination. The way is prepared, and the student is receptive.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Language of E-Prime

E-Prime is the English language without the use of "is" or "being" We are trapped within Language constructs. "All that is, is metaphor." "We can't get beyond words, so we must become more cynical about our words." - RAW

"E-Prime, short for English-Prime, is a modified form of English. It uses very slightly simplified syntax and vocabulary, eliminating all forms of the verb to be: be, is, am, are, was, were, been and being (and their contractions). Sentences composed in E-Prime seldom contain the passive voice, which in turn may force the writer or speaker to think differently (compare the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis). By eliminating most uses of the passive voice, E-Prime encourages writers and speakers to make explicit the agent of a statement, possibly making the written text easier to read and understand.

E-Prime is used as a mental discipline to filter speech and translate the speech of others. For example, the sentence "the movie was good", translated into E-Prime, could become "I liked the movie". The translation communicates the speaker's subjective experience of the movie rather than the speaker's judgment of the movie. In this example, using E-Prime makes it harder for the writer or reader to confuse a statement of opinion with a statement of fact." -- Taken from Wikipedia

According to proponents of E-Prime such as Robert Anton Wilson, without using IS, or verbs such as 'to be' and re-formulating without them, you fall into the kind of expression which is considered acceptable in modern science, and also helps generate the consciousness which Zen Buddhism tries to induce, thus allowing you to understand them to a much greater depth than before. Using E-Prime, minimal use of passive voice, or past tense is encouraged, meaning present tense is utilized and would be required in our speech and thought processes more than ever before. Similar in languages such as Russian, or Arabic, where past and future tense are not utilized, this forces their modes of thinking to exist solely in the present moment.

It should add tremendously to clarity to the population, in terms of our speech and in terms of rightness or wrongness as a whole. When you think of it, we mainly quarrel in our societies over language and communication. The expression "Jesus is the son of God" is very difficult to accept by Islamic, or Judaic culture, however the phrase "Jesus maybe the son of God" or "Jesus seems like the son of God to us" would be much more accepted, as it doesn't imply that everyone else is definitely wrong. This mode of thinking in non-definitives, also allows for continual growth of concepts as a whole - always leaving room for further discussion on the topic. However, once something has been made definitive, the discussion is closed. This halts growth immediately.

Instead of thinking the "grass is green" say "the grass appears green to me". The reasoning behind this simply states that the aspect or property of an object such as GREEN, is a function of our modes of mental processing. For example, Green can only exist within our minds, as our optic nerve interprets the light reflecting off of the surface of the grass in such a way as to appear green to us. For those who are colour blind, or those who see colours differently (such as some humans, the blind, and many animals) GREEN maybe a foreign concept.

Speaking in E-Prime may also save time as R.A.W. explains, as you don't get into arguments with people over absolutes. Another example would be - "Beethoven is better than Mozart" instead say "Beethoven appears better than Mozart to me." If you take all the IS's out of all your negative statements, you may find that your expressions have much more clarity. E-Prime also states that each sentence must contain the observer or agent, as all reality is perception - all observations must state that this is your subjective experience, as opposed to a definitive, objective reality (which does not exist).

Whenever you feel you are angry or depressed or experiencing negative emotional states in general - this is an exercise you can try. Restate your expressions of depression or sadness using E-Prime, and you may find that your statements are relative to how you feel at the moment. This may remove you from the experience of saddness and allow you the clarity to understand reality as mode of processing which you can control, as opposed to an objective occurrence of which you have no control.

Now imagine that E-prime was used globally, instead of in niche scenarios, or amongst intellectuals. When you don't use IS you will have to put maybe in more of your sentences. News and Television, or News Papers in general - are all quite sure of themselves... and state things in "definitives". With those groups especially, they use only IS, void of maybe, or seems... as a result (or perhaps deliberately) they are all confident that their view is the truth. This maybe then passed along to the populace, in a very "propogandic" fashion. This is dogmatic, and locks their minds and the minds of the viewers into a fixed way of thinking.

Another interesting, and funny term used by the late Robert Anton Wilson is that of a "Cosmic SCHMUCK." This means you can't possibly be right about anything, given the vastness of the cosmos, and the understanding that our knowledge will never be complete, and that all new information assimilated day by day will change our previous definitions of everything (Our universe is interacting processing non-simultaneously apprehended - Buckminster Fuller). A Cosmic SCHMUCK is someone who definitely believes their world view is definitive, and unchangeable, which is the unfortunate state of many of the world's people. If you don't believe that your wrong, you will never change, and thus evolution of your mind and consciousness stops dead in their tracks, and you have now earned the title of Cosmic SCHMUCK. If you aren't a Cosmic SCHMUCK, you will at least think of 5 different alternative modes of thinking or explanations based on your assumption that you are most likely wrong in your subjective perception of reality. Just another reason why E-Prime should be considered as the next evolutionary step in our language symantecs.

Using e-prime, as explained by Robert Anton Wilson.

Real Reality - An Introduction to Robert Anton Wilson

Robert Anton Wilson (RAW), modern day philosopher, and author of over 35 books, and over 1,500 published articles. A man who speaks with such clarity, and directness, yet with such compassion and humour that to listen to his portrayals and descriptions of reality are enough to bring tears to your eyes.

When you think of the simplicity of which his eloquent words bring forth the solutions for our modern day dilemmas, there is a sobering awe that overtakes you. He has often said that "The wise become Confucian in good times, Buddhist in bad times and Daoist in old age." His understanding of the applications of these religions, and their importance in modern times is profound, and his ability to tie these back to Quantum mechanics, and his concept of individuated Reality Tunnels essentially form the components for our worldly understanding.

He recommends that we never fully accept another person's belief system (abbreviated as B.S.)... never fully buy into another person's B.S., and further more never fully believe your own B.S. because too much bullshit is bad for you. He remains an eternal optimist, and strives for open mindedness in all aspects of life.

"Everybody abstracts a different reality" and we "Pick up and abstract only that which interests you." When you enter a room, you're prepared to abstract only that which have previously constructed as apart of your "Reality Tunnel." We only pick out the signals in reality that fit our established belief system, and those which don't fit our belief system get ignored. This forces you to realize reality is a matter of what you Tune-In and don't Tune-In. This doesn't mean that these things which you have ignored or not Tuned-Into don't exist, they're just not tuned in.

This has tremendous implications on your experience in the world... to realize that we are simply units of "interacting processing" amongst a reality of stimulus that is Tuned-In or not Tuned-In by our interacting processing units. We process information, and interact with reality in such a way that we assimilate that which is already established within our reality tunnel or construct. To expand your reality tunnel is the real work of your life - otherwise what else is there?

This is the work of expanding your awareness, because otherwise even if new signals are apprehended by your interacting processing, you will not adopt this new reality unless values are understood and adopted. It will never seep into your reality tunnel, and thus you will ignore further signals beyond that point in time. Being open minded doesn't just mean listening to new content, it means being able to discern and realize this new content in everyday life - then the work of modifying your reality tunnel has begun.

With this understanding in mind... our perception itself is a gamble.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bashar - Abundance and Trusting What Is

In times like this, where the world is feeling a global economic crunch, it's really easy to get frightened and to start counting your pennies. It's really easy to worry about where the next pay cheque will come from, or how you'll survive next month for those in the most dyer of straights.

For others even still, they seek to profit in a global economic recession because they see opportunity. Well essentially on either end of the spectrum, whether you're dealing with the "Glass Half Empty" or the "Glass Half Full" we're speaking of abundance.

The news everyday reports that we're headed for, or in a global recession that is unlike many we have seen in the past. Is this true? Yes it is. Why? Because nothing will ever be like anything we've experienced in the past. Nothing. It is all unique, it is all different. There are different winners and losers now than there were then. There are different economic factors affecting us now, than then etc. So rationally, how does one navigate through this upside down reality where economies are collapsing, recessions are upon us, and people are in a state of fear?

The idea here that needs to be discussed, and understood is what is abundance? Is it simply money? What of those without a penny to their name in African tribes, or those who lived without any economic system of currency? What of those who existed in the barter system? Were they all "poor?" The reality is we need to globally shift our understanding of Abundance, and how to "do what you need to do, when you need to do it." Perhaps with that in mind, observing the following 6 minute video will help you move past your confined definition of wealth and abundance, and open doors that would be otherwise shut.



Sunday, March 15, 2009

A State of Neutrality

Have you ever been in a situation where you are relatively close to the event, however your particularly indifferent about the outcome - while others around you seem to be overreacting? This is the closest example I can provide about being in "A State of Neutrality."

Shakespeare said it best through Hamlet that "there is nothing either good or
bad, but thinking makes it so. To me it is a prison." In reality this is a profound truth that must be given some attention. Why? Because if thinking is what makes things good or bad, then what is to be said of Neutrality? Well in Neutrality, is where the power lies.

When neutral in any given situation, you can DECIDE how to respond to the situation, as opposed to having a knee-jerk reaction, or at the mercy of the event. Your definitions and beliefs are what decide what is good or bad, and thus produce your experience. But if you're able to maintain "A State of Neutrality" regardless of what events happen around you, then you've taken your power back. You are no longer at the mercy of an "unfair life."

There is a Zen / Taoist story of an old farmer who had worked his crops for many years. One day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit.

"Such bad luck," they said sympathetically.

"We'll see," the farmer replied.

The next morning the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses.

"How wonderful," the neighbors exclaimed.

"We'll see," replied the old man.

The following day, his son tried to ride one of the untamed horses, was thrown, and broke his leg. The neighbors again came to offer their sympathy on his misfortune.

"We'll see," answered the farmer.

The day after, military officials came to the village to draft young men into the army. Seeing that the son's leg was broken, they passed him by. The neighbors congratulated the farmer on how well things had turned out.

"We'll see" said the farmer.

Being in a state of neutrality is a state of mind, and one that - if mastered - can provide you with the power to lead a life of pure happiness, completely and utterly under your own control. If you are quick to judge, and quick to respond without question - you are in the prison of mind spoken of by Shakespeare and others like him.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If life is a lesson, be a happy learner

As the old adage goes, life is a lesson. So what does that really mean? A lesson in what? What is the course, what is the curriculum, who is the teacher, and who is the learner? We are often caught up in our day-to-day existence without spending much time or thought on our purpose for being.

What is being anyway? What is living anyway? What is death anyway? And what does it all mean to me? These questions have to be answered... must be answered... if you are to create a meaningful existence with your one precious life as this form. Do you wish to squander the time you have here, or use it to its utmost and fullest possible extent?

The questions when posed this way of course raises the obvious answer - YES we want to make our lives meaningful... memorable, useful... and full. So if that's the case, take a moment to contemplate this. What would it take to make my life meaningful? Would it be more meaningful if I spent more time with the people I loved? Spent less time with those who don't love me? Spend time mastering a skill and acquiring abilities, or should I just be satisfied with my TV, and my XBOX, and my instant microwave dinners?

Life is about ... well ... whatever it is you want it to be. But essentially, all you are doing all day long, every day, is the actualization of 1 thing. Concepts. Whether you realize it or not, all you ever do, is actualize a concept. The concept of hunger, prompts you to eat and satisfy the urge, the concept of Law makes sure you don't download songs you shouldn't be... the concept of stopping at a red light prevents you from being destroyed in a head on collision... the concept of work provides you with abundance in the form of money... which is then actualized and applied to the concept of commerce, and purchasing of goods and services. It goes on and on... this is all we do. We just decide which concepts to apply, and when. Sometimes we apply them appropriately, but most times they aren't applied at all... or in a timely manor. This is a problem.

So here we are, in a world with so much abundance... so much contrast... so many options before us that we stifle ourselves. We make up platitudes and sayings, and concepts that don't serve us, and generally cause us great pain. Even the idea that "life is a lesson" is a concept.

So if we decide that yes... in fact "Life is a lesson," then we should then contemplate who are the players, what is the curriculum, but most importantly... why did I come to THIS school? What did I come here to learn? What is my purpose and why am I here experiencing these particular set of events? The question is so much more important than the answer in this case, as the question prompts you to wonder, to think, to grow. The answer just satisfies you... for now. And if you are a lazy thinker... forever.

So as we roll about from event to event... circumstance to circumstance... with the idea in mind that "Life is a lesson," then be easy on yourself. Life is easy... learning and improving yourself is not. Life requires nothing of you... you exist. You've always existed, and always will. It demands nothing, because on a deeper level of existence, it's all be done, and there's no where to go but here. The only work worth doing is actualizing concepts to better yourself, but while you're knee deep in this process... be HAPPY about it. Be a happy learner... therefore you'll become a happy teacher, and a happy practitioner of life itself. You'll see the next event as a happy occasion from which the well springs of life presents you with your next opportunity to learn and grow. Relish in this... be happy about it... lessen the ropes and ties around your mind and your body, and stop forcing yourself through things. Instead, be happy they are being experienced... and trust yourself. If what you are experiencing is not "FUN" at all, then realize that it isn't right for you, and move on.

Look - there is 100 years roughly for your life on this planet, and in that time you are lucky if you master 1 task to a very high degree of skill. You don't have time to waste on the billions of other things that don't even interest you in the slightest... which is why there are different people, and different preferences. Follow your bliss, your love, your enjoyment. Master and bring these skills to high levels of completion, and be happy in the process, you'll thank yourself later.

Saturday, January 31, 2009 - Massive Content Upgrade

Good morning! I've just spent a great deal of time updating the main domain, log on and check it out!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Book II - Update

Currently book 2 of "The 7th Journey Series" is being developed, with new and exciting plot developments unfolding everyday. New ideas and new ways of integrating wisdom and refreshing perspectives on misunderstood subject matter is the name of the game. I'm focusing heavily on a solid, plot driven story, well grounded in factual events, and connections to real world dilemmas are extremely important in this iteration of the story. As the foundation has been set in book 1 of the series, book 2 will focus more on action, sub-plots, and an interesting mix of mystery, science fiction/fact, and espionage.

Currently 26 pages have been written, which drive out the initial character plots and interactions - which takes our characters even further into mysterious realms and alternate realities. The dream life of the characters are thoroughly explored, as well as their individual motives - which all tie together in the end. I'm excited to develop this installment of the story, and I can't wait to share it with you. Thanks for your time, patience, and attention.


Robert Graham

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Robert J.R. Graham

Now announcing the launch of the Robert J. R. Graham website. This site is dedicated to me and my projects, photos, and media content that I have created. The page is under construction, but for the most part, it's up and running with new content being added all the time.

This is a precursor to the launch of a dedicated website to The 7th Journey Trilogy, with downloadable content and sample chapters to be made available. This new website is in preparation for future work, and partnerships with publishers who require a web presence by their authors.

Book II is in heavy development at this time, with new content being added daily. Stay tuned for more details, and thought provoking materials from The Inner Process.

Thanks for reading.


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Zeitgeist - The Documentary

Often in our lives we have felt that things are not quite right. We feel that perhaps the ways of constant war, torture, brutality, and totalitarian greed is not the 'right' way to do things, if advancement of our species is our ultimate goal. Well... what is our ultimate goal? Have we defined that as a race (the human race)? Have we stood and voted for our global mission statement as a collective in order to help guide us into the new world? Or are we constantly being misdirected, and distracted before we're even able to formulate an opinion?

If our ultimate goal for the human race is advancement, spiritual, societal, or peaceful progression of our species, then we're not doing a very good job. What do we want to do with our precious existence? Do we want to focus our lives on helping alleviate the world of its troubles and help move things along for future generations, or do we want to just worry about our own families, finances, and friends? Well a more advanced species would care about the collective, for without the whole, the one cannot exist. No man, or family for that matter is an island, and without global peace and security, there will be no security within the household of our kin.

So... where do we want to go? Where do we want to be? Where did we come from? What is our meaning and purpose in life? Well without us having sought the answer, we will never find it, and thus will float throughout existence like a leaf in the wind, hoping and praying that things get better. Well... sorry to tell you but hope is not a strategy.

So what is the problem then? Well we have greed, corruption, war, and more greed to contend with. On top of that, there are those at high levels with the ability to manipulate on a grand scale, without regard for the unity that is life itself. Well regardless of what you might believe, or what you might think about the world which we live in, it is obvious that we lack a collective goal.

Without a collective goal that we can all work towards, we will divide amongst ourselves and be conquered... by each other. Here is a documentary to spark your interests - it is a long one, so you should have some time on your hands before getting into it, but it's time well spent. Have a good weekend, and here's looking forward to an abundant and prosperous new year for us all.