Thursday, October 21, 2010

White Lotus System - The Learning Process

The Learning Mechanism for the White Lotus System of Unarmed Combat. This is in my own words, a structured approach to learning content in a way which enables the same level of depth of understanding as had by the system's founder. This process of learning is very in-depth, but also very complete. People who are not exposed to the system may not understand why it would be important to have a complete level of understanding in any particular aspect of the system's course. Essentially, the idea around having a complete level of understanding is something which removes doubt about the subject matter in question, in a very real way.

Stepping away from a martial arts subject matter, and applying the same concept to any other subject yields the same question. Why would you want a complete level of understanding in your subject matter? The answer is the same, to remove any doubt you may have. This may not always dawn on people as to why this would be important, but perhaps when you apply a level of duress to your job, such as the risk of personal safety or the safety of others... the removal of doubt would be a critical component to your success.

Would you want an EMS worker stumbling over how to use the defibrillator? What about a doctor not knowing which side to cut open to get at your liver? Or how about a person who disarms bombs? I think knowing the different components, and different combination's of those components would be really important before they go ahead and cut that wire.

Well when you're life is on the line, doubts are not something you want surfacing. It is for this reason, and this reason alone that an in-depth learning mechanism was created by the White Lotus System's founder. This learning process ensures that the same mental states of certainty, and emotional security are replicated to others wanting to acquire the same level of skill. To learn more, visit the White Lotus System's learning portal.

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Robert Graham

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An update on Mastery

After the long weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving), the family has left, and life settles back down. It's now early in the morning, and I have one more day before heading back to work. It's in these wee hours that I contemplate my progress towards mastering in various ways.

I have taken it upon myself to master essentially three core ideas or subjects in this life, with minor's in other subjects if you will:


1 - Kung Fu / White Lotus System of Martial arts - the most comprehensive martial arts studies in the world. Not just a slogan, but literally a reality based truth. This system of training brings a level of discipline to the art unlike anything I've been exposed to... and I'm an avid researcher. I've personally been apart of the system, training and understanding for over five years now, and just starting to get out of the learning curve. The growth at this point is exponential, and worth the wait. Mastery of this is in sight, and a clear path has been paved by well educated and responsible instructors.

2 - Content Writer - originally I would have put author / writer of novels (The 7th Journey), however due to my frequent work on various websites such as,, or - I have decided to broaden my perspective. Although writing is the primary vehicle, it's truly the desire to communicate thought provoking concepts which really excites me. I really enjoy understanding new models, theories, and applying them in a real way. Once they work, I share them. If they don't, they are discarded. This weeding out process has helped me create a very structured and unique view of reality which works very well for me. I often think that if more people approached life in such a balanced manor... a mixture of introspective, and outward expression, that life on this planet would be a much different thing.

3 - Technology / Business - over the years, I have spent the majority of my time in this field. From a very young age, I was taking computers apart, putting them back together, and making them better. It was and continues to be a great passion of mine. I'm a builder of systems. I like to create systems, optimize them, make them efficient and well oiled... then move on. From there, I like to learn new ways of putting systems together, and creating more efficient and effective platforms for development. The business aspects of this should be obvious, as working in such a manor, combined with my communications abilities have allowed me a great opportunity to combine two talents / joys and experience a very lucrative career in Information Technology. For how much longer? I'm not sure, but for now I'm enjoying the process.


4 - Guitar/Music - if there was one thing that I wish I could have spent more time on over the years, it's this. I've often wondered why I've had such opportunity to learn guitar in my time, yet my other passions have pulled me away. I have a guitar in my living room, and a father that has been working with me to teach me guitar for years, yet I've only picked up the basics. It's a shame, as he's very talented, and although we do jam together, I feel that his skill largely trumps mine, and I continue to feel like a beginner. I have played with other people at times, and I notice I do have some more skill than they at times, but still... the passion or the drive for it doesn't seem to be there as much as other things.

5 - Graphic Arts - A passion that I also had as a youth. Similarly with many other children, I was a huge (and still am) fan of comic books, and drew identical copies of every Superman image I could get my hands on. I was pretty good at that back then, but somewhere around highschool, I made a choice that it's not going to serve me from a financial point of view and so I stopped. Perhaps this is also something I'll pick up in my winter years.

And lastly... the greatest overarching subject, which I don't believe can be mastered... is the art of Self Improvement / Self Development. Without this principle drive, none of the above list is possible. This is what has driven me to research as much as I have over the years, and what continues to fuel my ambitions above. I don't think it can be put into it's own category, because really, when are we not working to improve ourselves? It's almost like the ebb and flow of the ocean, it is always there, pulling us back, pushing us forward... forever calling for us to change. It's up to us to choose if that's a change for our betterment or not, but it's a constant call to act. This is perhaps my greatest passion, which manifests into the very specific categories above. But without it... I wouldn't be who I am today. What does your list look like?

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

I'm proud to announce the redesign of! The new website is the flagship for my research and writing. It focuses on the topics I frequently research and or news articles from around the net.

New postings of art by Ryan Lord, and news related to my new trilogy, The 7th Journey will be hosted on going forward. That site has been the most active lately, and has amazingly gained over 13,000 unique visits in a few short months! I've posted over 192 articles from around the net, and categorized for convenience. Have a look, and post a comment!