Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Patience is a virtue

Thank you to everyone who continues to read this site, as I know it's been awhile since my last posting. January flew by quite fast, as my current role as a Process Consultant has kept me very busy, especially as I prepared for my trip to the Yucatan, Mexico. I went down to the Yucatan during the first couple weeks of February, and arrived back in Canada last Thursday (early morning). I spent the time since then, visiting with friends, recapping my experiences, and settling back into the fast paced life that we all must endure within these fine Canadian borders.

Every year, Mexico changes me in some way shape, or form. This time, I've regrown my beard, much the same way that Samson grew his hair to give him his strength, I have grown mine to remind me. Remind me that although Canada is probably the best place in the world to "be from", it is not necessarily the best place in the world to live. The culture shock I experienced was quite amazing actually. What I've noticed, is that everyone in the Yucatan is quite happy with what little they may have... more than quite happy actually... probably more happy than I've ever seen anyone here in Canada. They dance, they sing, they have fun, and they are genuinely happy with who they are, and where life has led them. They say "hola" to everyone, and they treat others with the utmost respect. The people there seem to be born without attitude for some reason, and none of them aspire to be the next American Idol... which is what I'm reminded of.. every time I walk down a populated Toronto street.

We've lost focus here in the North Americas... we've lost touch with who we are, and who we should be. Instead of peace keepers, we're now actively engaged... instead of helping our homeless, or educating our youths, or fixing our streets.... we syphon money out of our collective coffers, and it disappears into miscellaneous government slush funds that do nothing. We are no longer crying out for transparency within our government, instead - we are appeased by the lies that we are given.

It is not all that bad of course, but we are quite far from an ideal state. And it shocks me when traveling to a society that... although on the surface, they may not seem technologically advanced, they are far superior on a spiritual level. And the north views them much the same way the Europeans viewed the native Americans... as savages, that don't know any better. And so we try to bring them into the fold, with our products, and our services, and our ideals... when they've had it right all along... be kind... be loving... and want for nothing more than what you have. Where is that in our Canadian constitution?

But I'm patient either way... I know why I'm here, and I know where I'm going, but most importantly I know who I am. And if sharing my thoughts and perspective aids the lives of others... then great, if not... then I've accomplished at least one thing. I've reached a state of being where peace and love are the only things that matter. Even if others do not choose the same state of being, that is ok... as my state of being can only exist... if there are others who are not in the same zone.

The book proposal is being worked on currently, and I hope to have it complete over the next month or so. Although I didn't get as much work done in Mexico as I would have liked, I do now realize the more crucial parts of the process, and how to proceed. That is just as valuable, if not more so. And so... I'm patient, as I work towards completion of book 1 in its entirety, as that will allow me to move to a place where happiness, and family are the most important factors, and I can then live out the rest of my existance with those I care about, while I research and train the studies that interest me, which may one day help unite us all.