Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Inevitable Dreams

"So many dreams at first seem impossible. And then they seem improbable. And then when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable." -- Christopher Reeve

So often in life, we've wished for things to come true. So often we've wondered how things come to be, for those who seem to get what they desire. I have often wondered this myself. I have often looked up to the sky, and wondered what it would take to get to the place that I've always longed to be.

Now I know.

It is the same for all of us... we all desire, and forever will desire to be in a better state than we currently are. Even those, who seem to be at the place, and have acquired the skills, knowledge, and experience that we've longed for... even those blessed souls, do in fact desire something more for themselves. And always will.

The contrast of our experience, in all facets of life, no matter where we are, will generate desire. For example. Take a person who is 'overweight', and contrasted against someone who is thin, this person may desire to lose weight. When we were young, and short, we desired to grow older, or to grow taller. The contrasting experience caused a desire to stir within us, that allowed us to grow up. I train martial arts, and contrasted with our Grand Master, I desire to fight like he does. All contrast in life, causes desire.

This birth of desire in our lives, gives rise to dreams. These dreams may seem impossible at first, but they are always... always achievable. No matter what you conjure up. The only contrast between those who achieve their dreams, and those who do not, is their perseverance, and will power.

The solution is simple (but not easy):

Contrast gives birth to desire. Desire gives birth to dreams. Dreams give birth to thought. Thought gives birth to belief. Belief and will power, will manifest your dreams.

Soon, the constant thought of your dream, the constant act of bringing it to you, through your natural vibration, and through the attracting power of your vibration... the universe will shift, and twist, and mold itself in away to bring you exactly what you've desired. So be careful what you wish for... and how long you wish for it... because it will surely come true.

This of course, is an example of desire / manifestation working the positive spectrum. It too can work in the negative, and does for most people who are unconsciously aware of the process. There is 'no such thing as no' in the universe. "I don't want to get sick!" gets you sick. "I don't want to get fat" gets you fat, "I don't want to be alone!" causes you to be alone. If you don't believe me... try it for yourself. But I'm sure by now, many of you have mastered manifestation in the negative. "I didn't want this in my life!!! Why is it here?!?!?" Because you wished it so.

This site, is a documentation of my own dreams, and my own path. This site shows, through my thoughts and experiences, my poems and letters, that I too have manifested something into this world. And that has been the most powerful journey of them all. And now I am ready to share it with all of you. Thanks for reading.

Robert J. Graham

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The 7th Journey - Limited Edition - On Sale until Dec 1

For those of you that wish to purchase a hard cover copy of the 7th journey, then I suggest you do it this week or next, as I will be making the product “private” come December 1st, as I will be pursuing proper representation via agents, and will de-list the product from the internet.

I will be coming out with paper back versions of the book in the New Year for distribution to Editors, Agents, Publishers, and to have it on-hand during future meetings, but that is on the back burner right now, as the Hard Cover book will do. I am also awaiting some concept art work for the book cover, before investing the time and money into various copies of the paper back. Essentially I want to ensure that the cover is as I’d like it, before purchasing multiple copies.

Creating the hard cover version was also a good opportunity for me to test the waters of those around me, and to discern interest levels, and the reactions of the general populous. The feedback has been interesting, and I’ve realized a great deal from this first release of the book. I will continue my pursuit of agents, and publishers, and book deals in the New Year.

A copy of the Limited Edition Hard Cover is available here:

Thank you for your time, and interest.


Robert J. Graham

Thursday, November 08, 2007

7th Journey - Book Release Commentary (Hard Cover Edition)

The hard cover, and the download of "The 7th Journey - Book I", is apart of my overall strategy for obtaining large scale representation. Right now, this particular move through LULU Publishing, will allow me to have a copy of the book, in hand, and available for those who ask about it, this is until the large scale, advertising campaign begins.

The Hard Cover, is a high quality book, with cream inside pages, and a dust jacket. This can be autographed upon request. This book will be a stepping stone in process of getting proper representation from an Agent, and eventually a Big Name Publisher (e.g. Penguin books). I am currently in the process of obtaining proper representation, which will eventually culminate in a multi book deal, beginning with Book 1.

For those who are truly interested, Book 1 in Hard Cover format is a limited edition, and a collector's piece for fans of the story. I am extremely proud of this release, and I hope it is enjoyable by all who purchase a copy.

I will accept questions or comments via this forum, thank you very much!

Best Regards,

Robert J. Graham

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The 7th Journey - The Auditum Trilogy - Book I

The 7th Journey - Book 1

I'm proud to announce that The 7th Journey - The Auditum Trilogy - Book I is now available in Hard Cover format. This book as taken me 3 years to produce. Many hours of research, writing, and passion came together to finish this book, and I'm pleased to release it to the public.

I will continue this site, and continue to discuss my ideas, present interesting concepts, respond to reader comments, and speak to the progression of my next project: The 7th Journey - Book II

Description of Book I:

Book 1 of The 7th Journey, sets the stage for the Auditum saga, The 7th Journey is the story of Robert whose curiosity and circumstance has landed him a position with Netex, a Canadian R&D firm. Robert is hired to discover the missing components of the Auditum technology, but discovers more than he bargains for through the death of his close friend. This sparks further investigation into the source of the technology, as its true purpose is still in question. The technology causes Robert to experience various realities, which bring his very sanity into question, as he develops several uncanny abilities, while his life unravels around him. As the experiments continue, he meets a mysterious woman from another dimension, who suggests that his true destiny is far greater than he has ever imagined. Coupled with the direction of a mysterious girl, an old wizard, and the last prodigal son of a Sufi religion, Robert gains new wisdom about himself, and the world around him, in preparation for what is to come.