Thursday, May 29, 2008

We've broke 900!

The Inner Process Blog has reached 900 views on Site Meter, meaning this website has been viewed 900 times! This blog has been in existence since 2005, and has been a place for me to write about my thoughts, and topics that I think are pertinent to concentrating on the Inner Process of my life, and concepts related to removing struggle. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the people that view this site, and acknowledge your participation in The 7th Journey Project, and taking interest in my perspectives, thoughts, and ideas. Each and everyone of you that have viewed the site, are members of the Inner Process, and are somehow being touched by some or all of the concepts portrayed on this site. So I thank you for your participation, your patronage, and your time.

It is important to take the time to acknowledge where you've come from, what has been accomplished, and where you're going, in order to properly honour your efforts and commitment. It is only in this honouring, that positive forward movement can take place - otherwise we tend to gloss over our accomplishments and wonder if we've ever done anything at all. Well we have, and we continue to do so. Honour yourself, your achievements, your family, your loved ones and friends, and move on. Attach not to the fruits of your efforts, but honour them when appropriate, and move forward to take on the next adventure.

So again, I thank you for taking this journey with me, this grand adventure into thought, and enlightenment, and I hope this has made a difference in your lives. I wish you well.

Robert Graham

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

T7J Update

The long awaited Synopsis is now complete. After a long, and I mean long - painstaking process of shrinking down a 120,000 word manuscript into a 7 page summary is now finished. This took a great deal of effort on my part, and the part of my colleagues who assisted me through the process, as this is often the most difficult part for writers. How do you encapsulate the depth and impact that the manuscript contains, into a 7 page sales pitch? Well, that is where the real test of your writing abilities come into play.

After spending months researching the proper APA standards, and Chicago book of style formats, I've completed the synopsis - which is now in the proper format to be reviewed by my first target agent. Park Literary Group. Initially, I will be sending my package to them, with 3 other agents in queue. I will send these packages off with as much positive energy as I can muster, knowing fully that I've done all I can do in preparation.

This will allow me to fully immerse myself, guilt free, into Book II. Visions and images of the book have been coming to me, and now it's finally time to channel it fully and bring it all together. I couldn't begin real work on Book II until I've done the work needed for Book I to be accepted by agents and publishers. As this is how my dreams will fully materialize. Now... the path is clear for me to continue the creative process.

As a result, you'll be seeing more frequent updates to the blog site, as I describe some of the concepts involved in the trilogy, as they present themselves. The toughest part is over, and now the fun begins again.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Notes On A Deliberate Life

A life lived deliberately, is a life lived. Deliberate intent is a powerful thing... this has created worlds, and oceans... galaxies and stars, so why would it not create all that you desire? We forget this sometimes... how powerful we are. We get caught up in the day to day maintenance of our lifestyles, and the persona's our work and life creates. We slowly lose touch with what is real. Well lets make this a bit easier for us... what is real?

Real is that which we choose to include in our sphere of thought, that which is born of our perspective. The sphere of thoughts is the boundaries (as defined by you) with which you're allowing thought to enter your mind, based upon that which you are focusing on. As a man thinkth, as is done unto him. What you're thinking about manifests, what you're thinking about is included into your vibration, what you're thinking about is created, experienced, and is real... to you. And that is all that real is... and the further you drive out a clear understanding of what thoughts you include within your vibration, the more precise of a creator you are.

What do you define as a creator? Because you're not able to manifest a horse or an elephant immediately in-front of you, as you think of it... do you think you are lacking power? Lacking the power to manifest even these things? Because believe me, the time delay between what we are thinking about, and what manifests physically is a very huge grace... a gift to us ignorant, often clumsy, and unconscious creators. How many times have you wished something horrible on someone or something in your life? Even in childhood, are you the one that never thought a bad thought about a person, parent, or what have you? Doubtful... we've all experienced that. And what a sad world we would live in, if those things came true instantly. But believe me, think long enough on anything... and you will get your elephant.

Become deliberate. Deliberately refine your vibration, deliberately create your life, and understand the causality of your decisions, on you and on everyone around you. Refine your decisions to only include those thoughts that cause positive, happy, delicious, powerful, humble, open, enthusiastic, joyful, accepting, real thoughts and feelings. Why listen to me? I don't ask you to, because how can I possibly describe the vast difference between those living deliberately, and those who aren't. All I can ask is that you trust your gut, because if these words cause you to think or feel lighter... than this was the message for you. If these words seem difficult or 'boring' (a wall to contain/restrain conscious growth), then move on. You will find what you need elsewhere, I have no doubt. All I offer is the thoughts which are born of my perspective, and I ask for nothing in return, including your agreement.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Transitions and Change

Transitions and change seem to come in cycles, waves of cosmic change affecting the masses of people through the world, and throughout the universe. But why is it that we all experience similar, yet unique aspects of this change at the same time? This should lead some skeptics to the obvious fact that we are all much more connected than we realize, that we are of one mind, which seeks change after a stretch of stagnation.

I witness this change all around me. Within the group which I am leaving, I notice change everywhere. Within the organization with which I am affiliated, I notice grand structural change. Within the friends that associate with me, I notice drastic changes within all aspects of their lives, and on a large scale. And in the cyles of you, the reader, I imagine that if you look closely, you'd find the change within everyone you know, everyone you've met, the places at which you work, and the relationships with which you've established.

The cycle has come, and we are ready for change. Two years have passed since the last major change, and now, once again, we are here. Think back to where you were two years ago. Were you not in a similar situation with change all around you?

Of course, there is the obvious answer to that, which is yes, change is always around us in every aspect of the word. As all things are impermanent, on a molecular level, a macroscopic level, and a cosmic level, there is always movement, always change. Change being the only constant... but my point is that large, grandiose changes actually occur in large scale cycles, affecting all of us at once. Waves and waves of change, bombarding us with positive change, or negative change, depending on which side of polarity you currently affiliate with.

An understanding of these cycles, specifically as it relates to your own life is key. Because now, you will be able to trust and predict large scale structural changes within your life, and then prepare for them, and ensure that you, yourself are on the optimal polarity affiliation (positive or negative), so that these large, structural changes affect you in the most beneficial of ways.

I personally, because I am aware, aware of these cycles and of many core concepts of living a struggle free life, I was able to ensure the most positive reaction occured during this time of immense change. As such, The 7th Journey project received a large boost forward, my 9-5 career received the most optimal shift, my personal relationships deepened, and my understanding of core concepts, and the actualization of them (adoption) was realized. This has jetisoned me forward in all aspects of life, deepening my awareness, bringing me into the moment of NOW. My progress has greatly accelerated due to this awareness, and this is why I share it with you, my curious readers.

I have noticed however, that not all people have experienced the benefits of these cycles in the most optimal of ways. Before the shift began, perhaps 3 - 6 months ago, people were given a choice in terms of how they'd like to live the rest of their lives going forward. Each choice differed for every person, but each of them revolved around structural changes, large in scale, and relevant to their own experience. Of those that I am aware of, some actually chose to affiliate, and work with the negative polarities, and thus have experienced immense suffering, attachment, and pain as a result. The struggle of life ensued, thus they have lost their way.

Life continually brings you to "The Way", the path of enlightenment, the path without struggle, the path without suffering. The Buddha's simplest definition of enlightenment is this "The absense of suffering.", thus giving us "The Way." When people have "Lost their way", they have become lost in the unending struggle of life, have lost their way to peace, and have on top of this, become unreceptive to concepts, and information that lead back to "The Way." This is unfortunate, because many of those folks will definitely require another journey back to Earth in their next life - as they are too far gone to be "saved" or pointed back to "The Way", the end of suffering, the way to peace, and the path of enlightenment.

For those people, we can only pray they catch a glimpse of the way, and hit rock bottom, and become receptive to the concept that their current decision making process is greatly flawed, and leads to unending struggle in life. Their perspective and belief system now corrupt, and the way to peace seems like some far off goal. This is unfortunate, but that is their process. The universe does not create pointless creations, they too will find the way. But perhaps... not this life.