Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Simple Concept

A simple concept can have profound implications on your life. If you believe the concept, then it means something very specific in your life. If you don't believe in the concept, then your experience will be something completely different. There are many such simple concepts which have a profound influence on your behaviours as you proceed throughout your journey. The concept/question in focus today is this - "Are you a body with a soul, or a soul with a body?"

If you are a body with a soul, then I would argue that you are among the masses of the world, who on some level believe that they may be spiritual in nature, however because they cannot prove it definitively, it is dismissed. People with this mentality have a much easier time buying into the idea of being separate and apart from the human, cat, dog, tree, air or universe around them. They see it all as separate and apart, instead of understanding the truth from a very scientific, and also spiritual sense that we are all one. People that are able to dismiss their spiritual side seem to have an easier time with stuff like... oh... back stabbing, jealousy, anger, causing pain, finding pleasure in the pain of others... etc. Now it doesn't mean that they are prone to these behaviours, but they have a much easier time rationalizing them if they need to. Why? Because they lack the awareness and ability to see their connection to all of life, to all of existence. They fail to perceive that they are no more powerful than another person, yet they struggle to experience this power over others, never realizing that their efforts are merely an illusion.

These people who have bought into the idea that they are merely a body, that may or may not have a soul are very mechanical in nature. They believe the body, as their temple, is simply a machine with no function other than to maintain the beats of their heart, and once that stops... it's all done. I have met many individuals such as this, and they believe as a result that after death, their body simply rots in the ground... and life as they know it is complete. Their consciousness ceases to exist. Game over.

Those who have bought into the idea that "they are a soul with a body" have a completely different experience in life. You would not be able to differentiate the two types of people in a lineup, but you would most certainly see it in the way they live their lives. Someone who believes they are a soul with a body believe that they are spiritual beings, and are having a human experience. The implications of this are huge. That means that they automatically believe in things like reincarnation, where their soul lives on and experiences other bodies and other lives... it can also mean that they believe that they are now having a human experience, but are open to the idea of having a dolphin experience in their next life. They have no imposed limitations on themselves in that sense, because they are not attached to their body per se. The bodies are simply viewed as vehicles to expand their consciousness in this life, and thus are treated with the respect they deserve as well respected vessels.

As a grand and all powerful SOUL having a human experience by way of manifestation within a human bodily form, all of a sudden new abilities are open to you, new ways of discerning, new thoughts, new ideas, new perspectives are all open to you. New ways to view others will be available, as you see your cousin or brothers also having a human experience. Compassion opens up, and the seeds of unconditional love have been planted. A life time of this perspective will yield a soul who has healed the world.