Tuesday, March 31, 2009

After the 3rd day, The Paradigm Shift

The I Ching speaks of the 3 days of preparation before you can properly begin. I'm paraphrasing, however that is one interpretation. In some contexts, 3 days can mean 30 years, in my case, 3 years, and in this particular experience 3 days. The way was prepared for the greatest depth of clarity that I've experienced thus far in my training.

The concept of a paradigm shift essentially represents an entirely different perspective on a particular subject matter, and allows you to see things in a completely different light. And that happened to me today... several times as a matter of fact, which opened doors, and removed impediments and prepared the way for so much more. I have such a greater appreciation for this subject matter, and the methods utilized in teaching, such as language, structure, and the dependencies required at this level of training.

Also - simply just being here, spending time with this family, and in this environment is quite frankly such a different experience, and one that I'd like to make a regular occurrence. There is so much more to learn here than the subject matter at hand, if you're aware enough to see it. The preparation that's occuring is more than just in the subject matter at hand, it's preparation for what is to come in the next few years, and I realize that. I realize the adventure ahead, and I am working in continuous preparation for it. What I have come to realize is that there is a solemn understanding, and way to proceed in the face of danger, and as I continue to learn and grow, that method is revealing itself. And I know that all things will occur in time, regardless of what comes our way. Relax, there is nothing to fear, even if the world appears to collapse around us, it never really happened... as it is all just a dream.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Conversations with the Master

What can be said that portrays the depth, magnitude and profound understanding that I'm so privileged to experience? As with all things that have happened in my life, I am extremely fortunate and humbled by the opportunity to experience the time I've spent with a man who has created a mechanism to eradicate doubt from the human mind. A master who revealed a method which sheds systematic light upon a particular subject matter, a man who understands the difference between the Tao, and the human process and can apply and interpret the concepts pertinent to both in such a real way that it's quite frankly awe inspiring.

Understanding the nature of a subject matter, to the degree of knowing what it is, and isn't... what it's limitations are, and what it's capabilities are... is incredible. Being guided through this process is a gift, set against the backdrop of a mountain scape that cannot help but bring a somber realization of oneness to mind amounts to an unforgettable and profound experience.

The conversations I've had thus far have been nothing short of a precious gift that I've inevitably given to myself, through the experience of self revelation called life. May tomorrow be filled with as much guidance, understanding, and clarity as I've experienced thus far. Thank you.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Note from Canmore, Alberta

Day 1 of my training has begun, and although I may have been training for quite sometime, it's more apparent now than ever that in many ways... the training has only really begun. "After 3 days, the begining" Well it's been 3 years, and finally, the way has been prepared for many concepts to manifest within my consciousness.

It's a sobering thought to realize that the enthusiasm and eagerness, although at the onset was a valuable tool to keep me involved within the training, is now not the able helper that it once was. It has allowed me to get this far, however now the reality has set it - it's time to truly and completely understand the subject matter, with a deep and proper level of clarity. There is so much more than that which is evident - and now realizing what this means, the way is prepared to move forth and get on with the idea of getting the job done.

What awaits me is unknown, but that's ok. What awaits my consciousness is clarity, what is established is confidence, and what comes next is illumination. The way is prepared, and the student is receptive.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Language of E-Prime

E-Prime is the English language without the use of "is" or "being" We are trapped within Language constructs. "All that is, is metaphor." "We can't get beyond words, so we must become more cynical about our words." - RAW

"E-Prime, short for English-Prime, is a modified form of English. It uses very slightly simplified syntax and vocabulary, eliminating all forms of the verb to be: be, is, am, are, was, were, been and being (and their contractions). Sentences composed in E-Prime seldom contain the passive voice, which in turn may force the writer or speaker to think differently (compare the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis). By eliminating most uses of the passive voice, E-Prime encourages writers and speakers to make explicit the agent of a statement, possibly making the written text easier to read and understand.

E-Prime is used as a mental discipline to filter speech and translate the speech of others. For example, the sentence "the movie was good", translated into E-Prime, could become "I liked the movie". The translation communicates the speaker's subjective experience of the movie rather than the speaker's judgment of the movie. In this example, using E-Prime makes it harder for the writer or reader to confuse a statement of opinion with a statement of fact." -- Taken from Wikipedia

According to proponents of E-Prime such as Robert Anton Wilson, without using IS, or verbs such as 'to be' and re-formulating without them, you fall into the kind of expression which is considered acceptable in modern science, and also helps generate the consciousness which Zen Buddhism tries to induce, thus allowing you to understand them to a much greater depth than before. Using E-Prime, minimal use of passive voice, or past tense is encouraged, meaning present tense is utilized and would be required in our speech and thought processes more than ever before. Similar in languages such as Russian, or Arabic, where past and future tense are not utilized, this forces their modes of thinking to exist solely in the present moment.

It should add tremendously to clarity to the population, in terms of our speech and in terms of rightness or wrongness as a whole. When you think of it, we mainly quarrel in our societies over language and communication. The expression "Jesus is the son of God" is very difficult to accept by Islamic, or Judaic culture, however the phrase "Jesus maybe the son of God" or "Jesus seems like the son of God to us" would be much more accepted, as it doesn't imply that everyone else is definitely wrong. This mode of thinking in non-definitives, also allows for continual growth of concepts as a whole - always leaving room for further discussion on the topic. However, once something has been made definitive, the discussion is closed. This halts growth immediately.

Instead of thinking the "grass is green" say "the grass appears green to me". The reasoning behind this simply states that the aspect or property of an object such as GREEN, is a function of our modes of mental processing. For example, Green can only exist within our minds, as our optic nerve interprets the light reflecting off of the surface of the grass in such a way as to appear green to us. For those who are colour blind, or those who see colours differently (such as some humans, the blind, and many animals) GREEN maybe a foreign concept.

Speaking in E-Prime may also save time as R.A.W. explains, as you don't get into arguments with people over absolutes. Another example would be - "Beethoven is better than Mozart" instead say "Beethoven appears better than Mozart to me." If you take all the IS's out of all your negative statements, you may find that your expressions have much more clarity. E-Prime also states that each sentence must contain the observer or agent, as all reality is perception - all observations must state that this is your subjective experience, as opposed to a definitive, objective reality (which does not exist).

Whenever you feel you are angry or depressed or experiencing negative emotional states in general - this is an exercise you can try. Restate your expressions of depression or sadness using E-Prime, and you may find that your statements are relative to how you feel at the moment. This may remove you from the experience of saddness and allow you the clarity to understand reality as mode of processing which you can control, as opposed to an objective occurrence of which you have no control.

Now imagine that E-prime was used globally, instead of in niche scenarios, or amongst intellectuals. When you don't use IS you will have to put maybe in more of your sentences. News and Television, or News Papers in general - are all quite sure of themselves... and state things in "definitives". With those groups especially, they use only IS, void of maybe, or seems... as a result (or perhaps deliberately) they are all confident that their view is the truth. This maybe then passed along to the populace, in a very "propogandic" fashion. This is dogmatic, and locks their minds and the minds of the viewers into a fixed way of thinking.

Another interesting, and funny term used by the late Robert Anton Wilson is that of a "Cosmic SCHMUCK." This means you can't possibly be right about anything, given the vastness of the cosmos, and the understanding that our knowledge will never be complete, and that all new information assimilated day by day will change our previous definitions of everything (Our universe is interacting processing non-simultaneously apprehended - Buckminster Fuller). A Cosmic SCHMUCK is someone who definitely believes their world view is definitive, and unchangeable, which is the unfortunate state of many of the world's people. If you don't believe that your wrong, you will never change, and thus evolution of your mind and consciousness stops dead in their tracks, and you have now earned the title of Cosmic SCHMUCK. If you aren't a Cosmic SCHMUCK, you will at least think of 5 different alternative modes of thinking or explanations based on your assumption that you are most likely wrong in your subjective perception of reality. Just another reason why E-Prime should be considered as the next evolutionary step in our language symantecs.

Using e-prime, as explained by Robert Anton Wilson.

Real Reality - An Introduction to Robert Anton Wilson

Robert Anton Wilson (RAW), modern day philosopher, and author of over 35 books, and over 1,500 published articles. A man who speaks with such clarity, and directness, yet with such compassion and humour that to listen to his portrayals and descriptions of reality are enough to bring tears to your eyes.

When you think of the simplicity of which his eloquent words bring forth the solutions for our modern day dilemmas, there is a sobering awe that overtakes you. He has often said that "The wise become Confucian in good times, Buddhist in bad times and Daoist in old age." His understanding of the applications of these religions, and their importance in modern times is profound, and his ability to tie these back to Quantum mechanics, and his concept of individuated Reality Tunnels essentially form the components for our worldly understanding.

He recommends that we never fully accept another person's belief system (abbreviated as B.S.)... never fully buy into another person's B.S., and further more never fully believe your own B.S. because too much bullshit is bad for you. He remains an eternal optimist, and strives for open mindedness in all aspects of life.

"Everybody abstracts a different reality" and we "Pick up and abstract only that which interests you." When you enter a room, you're prepared to abstract only that which have previously constructed as apart of your "Reality Tunnel." We only pick out the signals in reality that fit our established belief system, and those which don't fit our belief system get ignored. This forces you to realize reality is a matter of what you Tune-In and don't Tune-In. This doesn't mean that these things which you have ignored or not Tuned-Into don't exist, they're just not tuned in.

This has tremendous implications on your experience in the world... to realize that we are simply units of "interacting processing" amongst a reality of stimulus that is Tuned-In or not Tuned-In by our interacting processing units. We process information, and interact with reality in such a way that we assimilate that which is already established within our reality tunnel or construct. To expand your reality tunnel is the real work of your life - otherwise what else is there?

This is the work of expanding your awareness, because otherwise even if new signals are apprehended by your interacting processing, you will not adopt this new reality unless values are understood and adopted. It will never seep into your reality tunnel, and thus you will ignore further signals beyond that point in time. Being open minded doesn't just mean listening to new content, it means being able to discern and realize this new content in everyday life - then the work of modifying your reality tunnel has begun.

With this understanding in mind... our perception itself is a gamble.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bashar - Abundance and Trusting What Is

In times like this, where the world is feeling a global economic crunch, it's really easy to get frightened and to start counting your pennies. It's really easy to worry about where the next pay cheque will come from, or how you'll survive next month for those in the most dyer of straights.

For others even still, they seek to profit in a global economic recession because they see opportunity. Well essentially on either end of the spectrum, whether you're dealing with the "Glass Half Empty" or the "Glass Half Full" we're speaking of abundance.

The news everyday reports that we're headed for, or in a global recession that is unlike many we have seen in the past. Is this true? Yes it is. Why? Because nothing will ever be like anything we've experienced in the past. Nothing. It is all unique, it is all different. There are different winners and losers now than there were then. There are different economic factors affecting us now, than then etc. So rationally, how does one navigate through this upside down reality where economies are collapsing, recessions are upon us, and people are in a state of fear?

The idea here that needs to be discussed, and understood is what is abundance? Is it simply money? What of those without a penny to their name in African tribes, or those who lived without any economic system of currency? What of those who existed in the barter system? Were they all "poor?" The reality is we need to globally shift our understanding of Abundance, and how to "do what you need to do, when you need to do it." Perhaps with that in mind, observing the following 6 minute video will help you move past your confined definition of wealth and abundance, and open doors that would be otherwise shut.



Sunday, March 15, 2009

A State of Neutrality

Have you ever been in a situation where you are relatively close to the event, however your particularly indifferent about the outcome - while others around you seem to be overreacting? This is the closest example I can provide about being in "A State of Neutrality."

Shakespeare said it best through Hamlet that "there is nothing either good or
bad, but thinking makes it so. To me it is a prison." In reality this is a profound truth that must be given some attention. Why? Because if thinking is what makes things good or bad, then what is to be said of Neutrality? Well in Neutrality, is where the power lies.

When neutral in any given situation, you can DECIDE how to respond to the situation, as opposed to having a knee-jerk reaction, or at the mercy of the event. Your definitions and beliefs are what decide what is good or bad, and thus produce your experience. But if you're able to maintain "A State of Neutrality" regardless of what events happen around you, then you've taken your power back. You are no longer at the mercy of an "unfair life."

There is a Zen / Taoist story of an old farmer who had worked his crops for many years. One day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit.

"Such bad luck," they said sympathetically.

"We'll see," the farmer replied.

The next morning the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses.

"How wonderful," the neighbors exclaimed.

"We'll see," replied the old man.

The following day, his son tried to ride one of the untamed horses, was thrown, and broke his leg. The neighbors again came to offer their sympathy on his misfortune.

"We'll see," answered the farmer.

The day after, military officials came to the village to draft young men into the army. Seeing that the son's leg was broken, they passed him by. The neighbors congratulated the farmer on how well things had turned out.

"We'll see" said the farmer.

Being in a state of neutrality is a state of mind, and one that - if mastered - can provide you with the power to lead a life of pure happiness, completely and utterly under your own control. If you are quick to judge, and quick to respond without question - you are in the prison of mind spoken of by Shakespeare and others like him.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If life is a lesson, be a happy learner

As the old adage goes, life is a lesson. So what does that really mean? A lesson in what? What is the course, what is the curriculum, who is the teacher, and who is the learner? We are often caught up in our day-to-day existence without spending much time or thought on our purpose for being.

What is being anyway? What is living anyway? What is death anyway? And what does it all mean to me? These questions have to be answered... must be answered... if you are to create a meaningful existence with your one precious life as this form. Do you wish to squander the time you have here, or use it to its utmost and fullest possible extent?

The questions when posed this way of course raises the obvious answer - YES we want to make our lives meaningful... memorable, useful... and full. So if that's the case, take a moment to contemplate this. What would it take to make my life meaningful? Would it be more meaningful if I spent more time with the people I loved? Spent less time with those who don't love me? Spend time mastering a skill and acquiring abilities, or should I just be satisfied with my TV, and my XBOX, and my instant microwave dinners?

Life is about ... well ... whatever it is you want it to be. But essentially, all you are doing all day long, every day, is the actualization of 1 thing. Concepts. Whether you realize it or not, all you ever do, is actualize a concept. The concept of hunger, prompts you to eat and satisfy the urge, the concept of Law makes sure you don't download songs you shouldn't be... the concept of stopping at a red light prevents you from being destroyed in a head on collision... the concept of work provides you with abundance in the form of money... which is then actualized and applied to the concept of commerce, and purchasing of goods and services. It goes on and on... this is all we do. We just decide which concepts to apply, and when. Sometimes we apply them appropriately, but most times they aren't applied at all... or in a timely manor. This is a problem.

So here we are, in a world with so much abundance... so much contrast... so many options before us that we stifle ourselves. We make up platitudes and sayings, and concepts that don't serve us, and generally cause us great pain. Even the idea that "life is a lesson" is a concept.

So if we decide that yes... in fact "Life is a lesson," then we should then contemplate who are the players, what is the curriculum, but most importantly... why did I come to THIS school? What did I come here to learn? What is my purpose and why am I here experiencing these particular set of events? The question is so much more important than the answer in this case, as the question prompts you to wonder, to think, to grow. The answer just satisfies you... for now. And if you are a lazy thinker... forever.

So as we roll about from event to event... circumstance to circumstance... with the idea in mind that "Life is a lesson," then be easy on yourself. Life is easy... learning and improving yourself is not. Life requires nothing of you... you exist. You've always existed, and always will. It demands nothing, because on a deeper level of existence, it's all be done, and there's no where to go but here. The only work worth doing is actualizing concepts to better yourself, but while you're knee deep in this process... be HAPPY about it. Be a happy learner... therefore you'll become a happy teacher, and a happy practitioner of life itself. You'll see the next event as a happy occasion from which the well springs of life presents you with your next opportunity to learn and grow. Relish in this... be happy about it... lessen the ropes and ties around your mind and your body, and stop forcing yourself through things. Instead, be happy they are being experienced... and trust yourself. If what you are experiencing is not "FUN" at all, then realize that it isn't right for you, and move on.

Look - there is 100 years roughly for your life on this planet, and in that time you are lucky if you master 1 task to a very high degree of skill. You don't have time to waste on the billions of other things that don't even interest you in the slightest... which is why there are different people, and different preferences. Follow your bliss, your love, your enjoyment. Master and bring these skills to high levels of completion, and be happy in the process, you'll thank yourself later.