Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Constant Evolution

It takes time to realize what you've accomplished. It takes time to amass your accomplishments, and even more time to OBJECTIVELY look back at what you've done. But it's an important step in the process, or one inevitably loses steam.

Luckily I have those around me who are constant reminders of the accomplishments achieved in the last few years, and those people help me stay grounded. In the seeker's journey to the next stage of being, there is a constant feeling of being unfinished. Regardless of what you've accomplished... or how far you've come... it's never over, nor can it EVER be over.

We are never finished in our work of who we are. Sometimes the work of who we really are, comes in the form of books, computer software, paintings, poems, or the various other types of creative outlets... but it's important to note that although these creations may have come from you, they too are not who you are. They are just a reflection of your present reality, and what you hold most true about who you are.

The universe is simply a mirror, a reflection of your inner most desire, your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. And only when we change ourselves on the inside, do we notice the change in our reflections. Sometimes this is a sobering thought, when you look about you in all aspects of your life, Family, Work, Creativity, Physicality, Relationships, etc, and you realize... wow, what have I become... or look at what I've created?!

A strange thing happens however, when the average person is directly confronted with this truth... and that's called Redirection, Denial, and Justification. With Redirection, the person seems to point to other factors in life, and blame those for what has occured. Denial, is typically... the "it wasn't me" attitude, and a simple rejection of all that relates to them... and Justification, is that comfortable space somewhere inside yourselves, that allows you to justify and continue your current behaviour.

Is there a remedy to this? Yes. Constant Evolution. Continue to make strides.. regardless of how small... continue to make steps forward... regardless of how little ground... but continue as much as possible, in the direction of your purest form, and you too... can one day look back at all you've created with your small, constant steps... and you too can say "It is Good."