Sunday, June 28, 2009

Free Speech - A Freedom Lost

The United Nations is eying the constitutional rights of all nations, in their next move towards global unification and governance. Why is this an important issue? Well the age old question of how do you boil a frog comes to mind? Here's my spin on it...

How do you boil a frog? Slowly... gradually. You place the unsuspecting frog in a pot of water... you may even tell the frog it's good for him to be there. Perhaps it's safer in there, perhaps he just saw 5000 of his closest frog friends die in a disaster of some sort. Of course the insecure... poor frog may have actually run to you... asking what to do next, as his very world... all that he knew was turned upside down because of the disaster. You then tell the frog, listen frog... the problem is you don't have enough security and governance in your swamp. Perhaps if you hand over your right to swim as you please in this swamp, and request that you swim in this pot full of water. It's for your own good.

At first, the frog might be apprehensive, but after you remind him that it's not safe in the swamp... and remind him that 5000 of his people have died in a vicious attack by other frogs from a different swamp, with different points of view of how the swamp world should work. The poor, disheartened, confused frog agrees.

Unfortunately, as the other... wiser frogs from his own swamp, or even friendly neighbouring swamps attempt to remind him that the death of his 5000 brethren didn't quite make sense... they are silenced. The rights of those frogs are taken away... their questions cannot be asked... their reason cannot be considered, their points of view will go unheard. The pot begins to bubble.

To add to this, any frog from your own swamp which questions the happenings within the pot are now considered part of the problem. The frog in the pot is told that those who question the world within the pot are also the enemy... and must be silenced for his own safety. The frog agrees, as the pot begins to boil.

The last warning that is given to the poor insecure frog is this... do not question your percieved reality, or the actions we take for your safety... or our motives for doing so... it is for your own good. The water boils.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Matters of The Heart

There are few works out there which describe the intelligence of the heart. "The Heart's Code" being one that comes to mind, however beyond that we still aren't convinced as a society that intelligence can exist outside of the mind / brain. There have been a few documentaries that I've seen in my time which describe the affects of cardiovascular transplants scenarios which actually depict the nature of this intelligence and how it can be literally implanted into the body of another.

Are desires themselves stored within the heart? Within these documentaries, certain likes and loves of the transplant donor are picked up by the recipient. Likes such as hot chili peppers, and riding motorcycles, and even roller coasters are awoken within the recipients of the heart. How can these desires and likes be given to the donor recipient if the heart does not retain some form of knowledge, memory, or intelligence?

Cellular memory has been discussed before in context with this phenomenon, meaning perhaps the desires are retained, or somehow chemically encoded within the organs themselves, yet what of intelligence? New information is coming to light which discusses actual intelligence at the cellular level, meaning the cells have the ability to reason and make certain decisions based on the scenarios at hand in order to accomplish their objectives. So what about the heart?

The heart is the main organ which actually sustains life, stores your deepest desires and tendencies, and with each beat says something about the way you live. Now what happens when the heart is in discord with the brain? When these two primary organs aren't in harmony, we may experience various forms of discomfort, from chest pains, to head aches, to palpitations... they may even appear in the form emotional distress such as depression.

When the mind wants something, and the heart knows better, you are in complete discord, and this is not healthy. I know this first hand through my own experiences with misalignment of my mind and heart. The heart says wait, the mind says hurry. The heart says rest, the mind says continue on. The heart says love, and enjoy yourself, and the mind wants accomplishments. The heart says wait, all in due time, the mind says not soon enough.

Only now with my heart in pain, do I finally listen and let things happen as they will. Do what I can, enjoy the process, and stop pushing myself towards some end point which may never occur. Listen to your heart, and not your mind... there is a reason it is in the centre of the body.