Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lesson 6 of A Course In Miracles

As mentioned in previous posts, I am also working on an ACIM project with another colleague. I often post materials on that site, as pertinent to our experience of the lessons. I thought I would share this post here as well. Enjoy.



"I am upset because I see something that is not there."

This is the current objective of lesson 6, which further builds on the concepts of lesson 5, which help us to understand or to relieve ourselves of our emotional disturbances. The disturbances of the mind which all too often cause an uncomfortable emotional state, and affect the way in which we experience this illusion. It's important to realize this, because "the machine can run away with itself" as I like to refer to it, meaning the mind / body machine... when left unchecked can delve into extreme areas of negativity that can be debilitating.

I am applying the concept of this lesson to the same experience as mentioned in lesson 5. The friend whom I'm upset with due to reasons that are not quite clear to me. Before I discuss the magnitude of this lesson, I will take a step back and mention an experience I had over the weekend.

As mentioned in the popular sci-fi movie "The Matrix" the Neo character is given a choice. To continue to experience the illusion as it is, without the answers he seeks, or to experience the illusion as an illusion, therefore shifting his perspective from within the matrix, to his physical body which is outside of the matrix. This rebirth of consciousness is quite profound, and unless experienced can go unnoticed. Well my matrix moment occurred over the weekend, in the form that I perceive as a gift from the universe. I will not go into depth as to what my experience was, suffice it to say that my perspective dramatically shifted from the body/mind consciousness level - to a much higher level allowing me to see this reality as the illusion it truly is.

My choice was different than Neo however - as my decision was to accept this level of understanding, to accept the connection and the experience for that it was, but for the love of those who are still within this reality, I choose to stay and connect with them in the same manor as before. However now with the heightened awareness that this world, and all the trials and tribulations of it is just a dream, an illusion (however real it seems). This choice has massive implications, and I'm now fully educated as to the choices that I make, and the cause and affect relationships that they will incur, knowing that this world is an illusion - and my choices affect the entire game, so to speak.

I can no longer claim ignorance to this knowing, and now the only work that remains is to correct the fragile, often disturbed, pre-programmed, and misguided ego attachments that remain. The path is clear, the work is ahead, and here I am, working through it.

Of course, the test of this knowing comes shortly after in the form of an emotionally disturbed friend, and his obviously inappropriate actions. Now how do I define myself in relation to this experience? Do I resent him for his human frailties, or do I take a different perspective on it...? I choose to continue to see this reality as an illusion, as my gift has shown me the way.

Therefore - with this knowing through this gift, and this experience of my friend to test my knowing... how do I appease the mind/body (little me) consciousness? For one, realize that this is an illusion, that my thoughts are meaningless in the illusion, the physicality of the illusion is also meaningless, and so are the actions of others. "I am upset because of something that isn't there." Amen.

Thanks for reading.