Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fully Present

What does that mean? It means something to me, but the question is what does it mean to you. What is your depth of comprehension when those two words are used in conjunction with each other.

FULLY - completely, entirely, wholly

PRESENT - right here, right now, aware

The simplicity of these two words is incredible, yet the implications are enormous. Can you do this? Can you be here, right now?

If you can, you'll suddenly discover something... beyond the wondrous feeling of being free of your past, of your neuroses, your analysis, your second guessing, and essentially your mind. You'll discover that there is nothing left... nothing left to think about, nothing to worry about, nothing to do... except be. Just exist.

Does the wind ask the trees to dance in its presence? Do the blades of grass ask not to be eaten? Do flowers require coaching to bloom? Do seeds require anything beyond what is contained within their tiny selves to become the mighty oak? All of the wisdom that created that seed, is present, always in that seed... and so the seed becomes. It grows, it flourishes, and it bends to the will of the sun, it bends to the will of the wind, yet never breaks. It simply decides how it needs to grow, and grows. So you too, decide how you want to grow, but always be aware that you are the seed. You have all the wisdom of life within you, and the same wisdom that created the seed, the grass, the wind, the world, created you. You are so much greater than what you think you are.

By virtue of you thinking at all, you've limited your experience. A great many masters have said "you must be out of your mind to discover yourself", and a truer statement has never been uttered. Be what you were intended to be... human. Be what you have always been... unbridled potential, inexplicable energy, unfathomable wisdom, unleashed passion, and an unknowing GOD.

You've forgotten something... you're caught up in the drama. You're caught up in the play... you're an actor who lives the role, and has become the character, losing all remembrances of the self. You forget that you've always lived, you'll always live, and that life is an eternal experience that you cannot be denied. You are an experience, you are an aspect, you are a life lived... just do so fully.

I had a talk last night with a really good friend of mine, and we discussed the barriers we put up for ourselves, and the ways in which we shelter ourselves from ourselves. We put up road blocks, to dissuade us from experiencing the now, fully. Why do we do this? Because for some, we dare not break the illusion. We dare not disturb the mystery, we dare not experience life in its fullest, out of fear. Fear of mistakes, fear of death, which of course, translates into a fear of life.

When the fallacies of the mind melt away, when the mind ceases to be present (a state accessible via the meditation techniques I've already provided in previous posts), there exists only emotion. Which emotion you ask? Well there are only two. Fear, and Love. The two essential polarities of energy in life. In all situations, we make either a fear based decisions (as a result of a fear based belief system) or a love based decision (which fully embraces life, realizing that we have been, and always will be love). All emotions are a derivative of these two. Think about it... jealousy... is that fear based, or love based? If you're confused, here's how you can tell which polarity you're swinging to...

Love - sets free, embraces, caresses, forgives, and surrenders.

Fear - confines, rejects, hurts, never forgets, and defends.

If you feel confined in your decision, it is fear based. If you feel rejuvenated, and set free by your decision, it's love based. If it is the best interests for all people involved, it is love based. If it is in the best interests of the self, and restricts you, it's fear.

Which side of the fence are you on?

A technique that I provided my friend... to experience the essence of who she is, and to experience the love in which the universe has for her, and the love she has for herself... I've given the following exercise:

Look into a mirror, look deeply into your own eyes. Never look away, regardless of how uncomfortable you might feel. Keep looking, look deeper, and surrender to the exercise. Look deep into your own eyes, and notice your feelings... notice that you will soon be embraced by a magnificent love that will permeate throughout your entire body.

If you can do this for longer than 10 seconds, you'll begin to feel this. If you can do this for 5 minutes, you will experience a warmth that you've sought after all of your life.

In combination with this exercise, the following word must be pronounced:


But stretch it out, as if it was a mantra of sorts, elongate the OOOOOOO sound. Take a breath, and repeat.


You may do the exercise with or without saying WHO, but I recommend trying both... especially for those who are not sure who they really are.

For my friend however, I suggest you try this initially for.... 55 seconds.