Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Follow Your Bliss

I sit here, moments before the viewing of my beloved Zia Vicki (my Aunt) must take place. A myriad of emotions are stirring within me, as memories pass through my mind, caressing my heart and causing momentary outbursts of tears. I wrote previously that tears have yet to overtake me regarding her passing, but now the time has come. The tears are for many things, the blessed friends and family that have come together in support of me and the loss of our beautiful Aunt. The life I have lived, and the trials and tribulations that all of us have taken on this time around. The tears come for the love and support that I feel from the universe, the source of all things which helps move worlds... also moves mountains within me.

They come in waves, the tears, the rage pours out on the pages as I write how I feel. The strength within me musters and brews as I stand for those who are weaker, those who need support. I once told a friend that the only way to possess strength is to give it away... and that is what I must do, for all of us. But I have no more to offer those around me than I have to offer myself, which is the power to stand tall, on a firm footing of concepts that guide me through life. An understanding of what life is about, and what times like this are truly for.

Her passing on Thanksgiving day was a symbol, and a message to those she left behind. Spend the remaining years as a family, and bring yourselves closer together for what comes may be tiring and exhausting, and we will only have each other to lean on. Every year, we will remember her now, as she passed on a day of giving thanks for what we have, and who we have to share it with... and that is what we will do.

She is home now, with the rest of her family, friends, and the source of it all. She is at peace now, and I only ask that she help those who are still behind... be with us, guide us towards a better version of ourselves. Let us find our happiness, our bliss, our peace - an accomplishment few find while here on earth. Be with us in each moment, and remind us where our happiness lies, and what me must choose to experience it, as we move forth through this journey of contrast and misconception.

Joseph Campbell - the great mythologist, author, and teacher told us to "Follow your bliss" which is possibly the greatest advice ever spoken to mankind in an effort to free us from ourselves and our minds. The greatest experience of life and love is the experience of Bliss and ultra happiness. It is here, that we will know our true selves, the true feeling of our natural state of being... it is here that we'll fully realize the fabric of our essence, and the material of the creator. So I pray that through all the "hussle and bussle" of everyday life, that we can keep this one thought in mind... in every moment, find your bliss. If you are not doing it, choose it, choose your bliss to ensure that every moment is spent being and doing that which you really are - love, happiness and peace.

Thank you Zia Vicki for giving us a shining example of family, and may you be at peace, and not cling to the world, but only come to help guide us through our turmoils and daily tasks with the love and helpfulness you've shown us in life. Go... be with him now. We will be fine, and one day... we too will be home with you. We love you.


Monday, October 06, 2008

On Death and Dying

Death. In a modern world, we overlook it, we mask it, deny it, gloss over it... with a sound byte attitude of "oh that's unfortunate" as we move onto the next part of our day. Until it strikes us close to home, until a loved one falls ill, and of course then it becomes tragic. The world around us loses on average 40,000 people a day from starvation, with thousands more dying from war, or accidents. We lose friends, loved ones, women, men, children and parents. The people around us are taken for granted, and only when they're gone, or on their way to the other side, do we begin to regret the lack of time we've spent with them, or perhaps cherish the fond memories.

My family is now undergoing such a transition, as our Aunt has fallen ill with terminal cancer. She lies there in her bed, barely functional... moving her body just a few degrees to her side is a struggle. Frail, and a shell of her once strong and independent former self. She lies there with a machine pumping air into her now collapsed lungs, as those around her stare awkwardly... silently with saddened eyes. "She did this to herself" or "We knew she was sick... we just didn't know how bad it was" are the comments that are exchanged. It's here that we sit and wait for something to happen... perhaps a doctor... or nurse will arrive with some positive news, something to lift her spirit, and ours. But they do not come, as it's terminal, and the treatment she's receiving now is purely for show, and comfort, as the hospital does what it can to make the transition easier.

Why is it now, only now, in these times of pain and loss that we see our brothers and sisters for who they really are? The jealousy is gone, the egos are lessened, and the thoughts are only of remorse, sadness and regret for the one who lies before us. We do little to see our brothers for who they are unless and until their very existence is threatened. It is in these times that life itself is pondered... where does she go from here? What do we do now when there's no Zia Vicki (Aunt Vicki) to talk to? The woman, despite her faults has always been there when we needed her. Whether we needed her or not, she'd drop everything to help. She'd offer advice, provide you with support, and connect you with the right people at the right time. She is loved, and will be missed in her current form.

I often ponder this, especially now as I see my mother gripping and massaging her sister's hands with a loving caress, providing what little comfort she can... just to be able to touch her. I often ponder how will I be in this situation, as I see others around me crying, and I've yet to shed a tear. My beliefs in the universe and what life itself is about are contrary to the illusion that I see before me. Others see a dying woman, and I see a transition about to occur. Some regret that they haven't spent time with her, and I recall the beauty and love that we shared. Some ponder their own mortality in the face of age and disease, and I see the cycle of life unfold, as we approach the end of our dream.

When we awake from our sleep, and our dreams come to an end... do we mourn them? As real as they are as we experience them, do we mourn the loss of those we see in our sleep state, or do we merely reflect on the experience, and move on. My belief is that this life too... is a dream. And when we awake from this dream, to our true reality as fully functional beings with full lives on the other side, we regret nothing. We ponder our experience, and move on. Perhaps we decide to come back, and perhaps we don't. Perhaps we come back to help those who still do not remember that they are in fact dreaming, so we can be apart of their remembrance, and strengthen our own. So too will my Zia Vicki awaken from her dream as she transitions to the other side, and waiting there will be her husband who has prepared a home for them both, with their beloved animals, other friends and loved ones awaiting her return. Her life here has been difficult, and her clinging to her own past has produced much guilt, and so she has brought upon the cancer which now ravages her form. This too, the dreamer can heal, but only if the belief is strong enough to support the change. I hope she has that strength, but realistically she seems more ready to move on from this tired form, and awaken to the truth that lies beyond this world.

She is loved... very deeply loved by us all, and we will miss her form as Vicki, but I rejoice in the knowing that she will now reassemble and once again recall who she really is, and finally be that... after a life time of experiencing what she is not. Will she regret? I believe she will not, for what regret can exist in a world of pure love? She chose this experience for a reason, and that reason is known to her higher self alone, so what right do we have to judge her or speculate either way?

This is why I do not shed a tear right now, because the truth is freeing. The truth is there for those who choose to see it... she is eternal, as are we all. This brief interlude as personalities here on earth are but a drop of water into an ocean of experience, and we will be as detached from our own passing, as we are with the 50,000 others who move on per day. But of course, we never truly mourn for the person, but for ourselves, and the loss we experience in their absence... so this is why we truly cry... not for them, but for us.

So when the time comes for me to move on, I pray that my transition is quick, and celebrated. That my favourite music is playing, and those who have witnessed my life are there to rejoice in how we've made such beautiful music together. And for those whom I am honoured to befriend, always know that you are loved, and I will always be with you through all the days of your life, until you too have come home.

In honour of you, Zia Vicki. May your home always bloom with Orchids, and your heart fill with the peace of God. We love you now, and always will.

Your honoured nephew,


Saturday, October 04, 2008

Abraham Hicks - Appreciation vs. Gratitude

Very few channels have been able to bring true peace to my heart throughout my extensive research over many years. Concepts and methodologies, psychological strategies and philosophical rhetoric will only get you so far. Sure, it will help you understand your process that much more, which of course is of great value. But what is this all about anyway?

To me... Enlightenment is Salvation. Salvation is Peace. Peace is a quiet mind. A mind that no longer questions your actions, doubts your abilities, imposes guilt upon your decisions, and takes you away from the blessed moment of now. To me, one who is able to actualize that concept, and realize what we are really here to do in context with peace, is someone worth listening to.

Abraham Hicks - as channeled by Esther Hicks... is a phenomenon all unto itself. Whether you believe in such things as meditation, life beyond this physical form, or the ability to contact beings outside of this realm, is entirely up to you. This is the mechanism of "the channel", and the foundational belief that allows such entities to come in contact with the vessel. It is with this in mind, Esther is able to "step aside" and let the consciousness known as Abraham come forth, and provide us with illuminating concepts, and peaceful words, that speak directly to the soul. An ability only possible to those who're connected to something much greater, purer, than our everyday ego.

Abraham has brought us many concepts, such as "The Law of Attraction" and has been featured in many documentaries, such as the wildly popular "Secret." And whether or not you believe HOW the information is coming through, all that anyone would ask of you is to CONSIDER the content, and let the truth speak for itself. If it is true for you, then listen and consider adoption. If it doesn't ring true for you, then it is time to seek another avenue in your search for personal development. Either way, she's touched millions with her peaceful words, and kind spirit. Here is a sample of that work, as she clarifies the power of Gratitude vs. Appreciation.


Friday, October 03, 2008

Strength Through Gratitude

The concept of strength when applied to life, can be thought of as will, or power. The ability to perform, or create. The determination, the support or the process which unfolds when you are desiring a particular outcome. The secret, the power, the knowledge, the access to something more than what you are, or simply the strength to accomplish your goals sometimes alludes us. Sometimes we struggle in the face of adversity, sometimes we become sick... exhausted. Tired... lazy, but not from lack of trying, just from the perception that life is an uphill battle, and the ends justify the means, sacrificing the now. Sometimes we wonder why others excel in life while we flounder, or perhaps question ourselves or abilities, or pose questions to GOD with fists shaking towards the heavens screaming why!! Why indeed.

Psychological healers refer to the concept of locus of control. Internal or external locus refers to whether your world view/belief system dictates that external factors determine your life experience vs. internal factors. Depending on which side of the fence you're on, you'll have an incredibly powerful, or powerless experience. I'll let you decide which is which. That being said, there are several factors which determine our personalities, and our belief systems, many of us picking up baggage from years of abuse, either externally or self inflicted. Relationships broken, people hurt, abused, drugs taken, people murdered, destruction and chaos... with the fragile human psyche and its sanity hanging in the balance. Yes with years of baggage, we tend to become jaded... and wonder who exactly is in control. When your boss is hounding you for something, and your next pay cheque in question, you may very well reconsider the choice you made above. This is because of the human EGO.

The ego has often been referred to as the DEVIL as more modern day interpretations of the bible have suggested. And as the scriptures have written, the greatest trick the DEVIL ever pulled on us was to make us think he doesn't exist. If you question this, just ask yourself... "Am I egotistical?" If the answer is no, then it's your ego talking. And this - the greatest trick of all creation, the confusion between who we really are, and the ego. The ego is our true prison, our true bondage, and our daily crucifixion. There is no last judgment, there is only now. And if we judge ourselves, or our brother in the now, we experience judgment, and we experience the crucifixion of ourselves in the eyes of our soul.

We are all guilty of the crucifixion of the son of god, because we are all sons and daughters of god, and so it is that we crucify ourselves with our judgments, and condemn our brother as we condemn ourselves. We experience guilt as a result, and as a result we punish ourselves. Drugs, violence, rape, torture, brutality, war, chaos and destruction are what we create in a world where the EGO rules. Yes the 21st century is the century of the DEVIL, if you'd like to replace DEVIL with EGO. This is the monster lurking in the closet from which we hide under the covers, and it fools us into believing in things that aren't real. This is the hell, the continuous torment that awaits us when at the mercy of the EGO. The cycle of experience/judgment/guilt will continue, as that is the function of the ego as it fights for its survival. It will wage war on you as you attempt to awaken, cause you to be distracted from absolute truths, or fear the unknown, fear your expansion, and to fear your source.

So here we are, talking about the ego, when it is the ego reading and listening to this. By now you've either declared war on me, and my writings or think that something here might make sense. Because the ego makes it so, we fear change in our beliefs, but if you're brave enough to continue, you might be surprised at what you find. As always, I disclaim my work by saying that these are simply my opinions. I am no master of the ego, as the only true master of that has been the Christ. I simply do what I can to help point the way, hoping we all walk in one direction as we reach our goal of understanding. What this is, just is, and I take no credit, or responsibility. I speak, I write, and I hope it touches others as it touches me to write it. Where we go from here, I'll leave to you.

Psychology will tell you that the ego is damaged, and that it can be repaired. They'll say that the mind is damaged, and can be healed, but do they tell you the soul is eternal and waits for awakening? The ego cannot be "fixed", because by its very nature, it is insane. It believes in what isn't real, which by definition, is insanity. It forces you to repeat the same patterns over and over, telling you "don't worry... you'll get different results THIS TIME." Again, another definition of insanity. In truth, we are all insane, as we have forgotten what is real, and live in a world of forgetfulness and untruths. So do you want to spend time fixing something that isn't broken? The ego isn't broken, it's this way by design, our design. We've filled it with beliefs that cause disruption in our lives, we've trained ourselves to feel guilty, depressed, melancholy, or unfulfilled.

Do you want to attempt to fix yourself, or transcend your perceived self? This is what is meant by transcendence. Not that we're going to turn transparent and float into the clouds... no. We transcend the perceived... little self, and replace it with the grander, true self. The answer depends on what you'd rather experience. A quick transition into awakening, or a longer drawn out process of asking, receiving and giving, or conversely - taking from others, and being robbed of yourself. The difference between the two is a choice, and the experience of both is available to you always, and in all ways.

At this point, I'll assume that you've continued reading, and you've decided to work on transcendence of self. This can be a very... very difficult process, and can take a life time to do. Some grab glimpses of this enlightenment, like Buddha, or Lao Tzu, and attempt to point the way for others towards similar experiences, and realizations of oneness. But this experience of enlightenment, or the Tao, or holy spirit, or what have you, can be fleeting, and can be the defining moment of your life time - but as the ego moves in to assert its dominance over you, the moment passes... the gateway closes... and the wondrous, mysterious feeling and experience of enlightenment becomes the stuff of legends. Well I tell you that this can be achieved all ways, and constantly - this state of being can be a way of life, instead of a passing moment from which religions and dogmas are created. Be the master NOW, as the great teachers encourage.

But how do I start? The easiest... and quickest way to start this process, and acquire the strength which legends are made of is simple. Gratitude.

When we assume a spirit of gratitude, this is the opening of a gateway... this is the real secret of success. You might be thinking... Thank God! Get to the point! Well... the point is... thank god. That is the Root Cause, the opening of the gate, the pathway to accessing power, and removing struggle. The strength of those who persevere and set examples for those around them, the rich, the wealthy, the "successful" have one thing in common. They are thankful for what they have. This thanking is an acknowledgment, and a subconscious queue to both yourself and the universe, that you are in fact admitting / believing that a source more powerful than yourself, is responsible for what happened, this very moment. Thanking this source acknowledge on many levels the fact that you are aware... aware that the source is in everything, and is everything, for how else or why else would you thank god? Thanking this source can heal, can feed your family, can heal yourself... and your brother. Thanking opens the door to something more, a belief that will eventually crack open the foundations of your beliefs, and allow for something more to be built. The awareness of the eternal, and your relationship to it.

But in the meantime, if you simply want to experience what it's like to have, do, and be what you want... as we many of us do here in the physical world... the answer is an easy one. Thank god for all the little things, for the big things, and the the very moments you spend here in this world. Having this constant, mental principle will remove much struggle, for how could the source of all love and all things impede creation and its multi-dimensional experiences? It doesn't... thank god.

Thank you for reading.