Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Update

This site has definitely turned into a grass roots site, where only those interested in the progression of the book come and check wonder what will come next. Which is why I started this site, and why I continue it. I haven't had much time to write down my contemplations, as many events have unfolded that require my attention. But not to worry, the books are always in my thoughts, and really and truly is the only real work that needs to be done, as far as I'm concerned. I've definitely felt as if there has been a force pulling me towards completion of the book. The force could be my own determination, will power, or something more.

As I look back at how far I've come over the last couple years, I see that this was all meant to be. I was meant to have the friends that have helped encourage me, edit, review, offer suggestions, and I'm thankful for that. As Christmas approaches, I look back at my target dates, and wonder how long it will really take to pull all of this together. The current process to bring this through to completion has been moving steadily along. I've been reviewing and changing small things in the material to ensure consistency, and continuity, as well as generally proof reading to enhance quality. The next stage of events will include the following:

- Finish my personal review
- Collect my editors reviews and final edits
- Collect my peer reviews
- Integrate changes
- Compare and contrast to the original unedited version
- Prepare strawman proposal
- Finalize proposal
- Prepare a short list of Publishers to pursue
- Mass proposal printing
- Sending it out / Meeting with prospective Publishers

As I'm working on the above, there I am diligently collecting my thoughts for Book 2. I have many of the events within the timeline plotted out. Many of the main ideas and concepts that I'm bringing forth have been contemplated and learned, and will eventually be integrated. Rough ideas for Book 3 have also come through, as I am coming to understand the entire breadth of knowledge that will be contained within the stories belief system.

I will be going on vacation in February for two weeks... back to where I finished Book 1. Mexico. I plan on not only having the proposal completed by then, but to have started Book 2, and laid down a few chapters as well. I need to finish Book 1 and get a better feel for the ending, as that will be a crucial step as to how I'd like to begin Book 2. All in all, it's moving quite well, and I'm happy with the progression. It's almost as if the book is evolving at the pace that I am. The faster I evolve, the faster the book evolves... so the only person I have to light a fire under is myself. So consider this messages not only an update, but a revitalizing fire that will bring the project closer to completion over the Christmas break. Thanks for all of your support.

Rob Graham