Tuesday, January 24, 2006

2 Chapters Left !

Last night I hit a milestone, and that was the 100,000 word mark. A number that I've been working up to, as at times I never thought I would get there. But in 1.5 years, I've now reached 100,000 words, with only two chapters left to be written. I suspect that the total number of words for the entire work will average around 110,000 words... excluding the epilogue and preface.

Last night I lengthened chapter 19, and filled in some gaps... and reworked some of the dialogue, or added more. Chapter 19 is about 11 pages right now, where chapter 18 is 18 pages. I'm going to even that out most likely by adding more pages to chapter 19, as I deem necessary. But essentially, the entire project is finished up until chapter 19. All that remains is chapter 20, which will be a recap or view of the aftermath... and 21 will be the final chapter in book 1. The work is so rewarding... and to finish a book in my 20's... to me is a big accomplishment. I'm proud of the work, and the effort that I've put into it for the past two years... and I'm extremely happy with respect to the feedback, and just how the whole process has taken place. I'm almost there... but after book 1 is complete... I'll be taking a bit of a break. I'll probably start going out a bit more for a couple months, and meeting some new people, and generally taking a break to experience life. I'll be dedicating more time to exercise and kung fu... and I'll be settling in to my new condo as well... so there will be undoubtedly much to do. During my break, I will be distributing the first draft to several people, to collect their feedback for my second draft. I want to leave the work for some time... and just flush out all the ideas and connections I've already made... and try to read the work as objectively as I can. Not always easy, which is why I'm asking for help. But in time, I will be ready to edit / enrich the work, and complete a second draft. At that point, I will be approaching pulishers... several in fact. 5 - 7 at least.

During the time off, is when I'll continue to make contacts in the Publishing industry, create my query letters, and properly bind and package my work for distribution. Those of you who are reviewing will recieve an electronic copy, pdf'd and secured. The work is almost done everyone! For those of you who've read this site, and encouraged me to continue on... I thank you. You've been an invaluable part of the process.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Progression Obsession

Although I've probably angered some at my ambition to finish off chapter 18, as I may have neglected important moving tasks in order to get out all the concepts that I needed to get out. I was literally pulled away from my keyboard to go down to my new Condo to check it out. But I was extremely glad that I did that... the place looks fantastic, and for those who are interested, pictures and a movie were taken of the new place as well. The paint looks fantastic, and some of the furniture is put together and in place, which is incredible. My father's done an outstanding job with the renovation, and has made the transition into this new place better than I could have hoped. It's not easy, picking up and leaving everything you've known for so long, but the call to something else, something greater, a new experience in life beckons. So it's with a heavy heart that I'll leave my home in Scarborough, but the future will be full of potential, experiences, and excitement, so it's time to move on.

Chapter 18 is massive. 18 pages so far... with probably 1 or two left to add just through miscellaneous editing and flow corrections. The chapter is 99% complete however. Chapter 19 is fairly big already, but will be even more so once completed... as I intend on adding more context, and content. Chapter 20 should be fairly short, as it's just covering the aftermath of a key event in the story, where 21 should bring book 1 to a close. I can't begin to explain how close I am to the completion of this work, and how that makes me feel as a result. I feel totally liberated, free, and creative... and a huge sense of satisfaction and accomplishment... as in my mind I've done something that not many can do... or have the time or ambition to do. Some people's life long ambition is to write one book. And here I am attempting a trilogy... actually there will be more books beyond the trilogy as I've decided... so what I've done is essentially changed careers... as writing and creating novels can be a full time job. Balancing an actual full time job, while writing a book on the side... has left me with few weekends and Friday nights for going out or experiencing what other things life has to offer. But I've made my decision, and in time, all things will come. Stay tuned... the end is near !!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Fading towards completion

Last night was an incredible writing session. I not only nearly completed all of chapter 18, bringing me up to 95,000 words... I received and jotted down the ideas for chapter 19's expansion, a new focus for chapter 20, and the details surrounding chapter 21 which brings it all together.

I wrote to the point of exhaustion, which is my usual pace... I write until my hands hurt, or my brain can't take anymore... I just continue on and push through as much as possible. Yesterday I wrote roughly 5000 words, which brought me up to 9 pages (8.5 x 11) for chapter 18, while at least another 5 are required to bring the chapter to a close. But the connections... between characters really makes sense. They are connected well, the perspective changes are fluid, and the events which take place are well fitted and timed with respect to the plot.

Again, all that remains is chapter 18's completion, 19's updating (almost already finished), which will leave me right at chapter 20. Once chapter 20 is complete, chapter 21 will be the final chapter, and will bring about the completion to part 3 of the story. The epilogue will follow directly after, perhaps with a different style than you may have seen before. The preface, and dedication pages... as well as several summary drafts remain, which will accompany my publication/query letter. Everything is coming together, as Part 1 of a story that has taken me less than 2 years to complete will come to an end... which will give me the opportunity to write book 2! Book 2 will be a continuation of one in some respects, expanding on the relationships, more action, more concepts, and even more detail. Book 3 will be better understood as I write book 2. Although I have a high level understanding of key events throughout all 3 books, and a plot which is laid out... the finer points are usually provided / received once the writing has begun.

An interesting/wonderous process... but there is no other way to describe being in the "writing zone" than a form of meditation, or a form of being in the now... where all that exists is the concept in your mind, and the process which is used to capture and bring that idea to paper. Thus bringing Thought, to Word, to Action. Often times leaving me in a state of awe... at how it's all come together, how well it's fitting, and how much I've learned. If I do nothing else except write books about topics I'm interested in... then I've completed my required learning for this life... as there's no better way to understand something that you're interested in, than to write it down, expose the details, make the necessary connections, and have a work that is there for review, contemplation, correction, etc.

It's an exciting time right now, as my life continues to proceed down this path... and I'm thankful for every step that I've taken to get me here. Another interesting thing to note, is when writing the villain, I've noticed that my life itself... takes a particular turn towards frustrating events, and things which make me angry. I don't know if it's life producing situations in order for me to get in touch with my character... or if it's me getting in touch with the character that is creating a frustrated perspective on life. Life imitating art, or vise versa? It is a distinctly different feeling then when I write the perspective of the protagonist, which is a high energy, free flowing, and easy experience. While writing the antagonist(s) makes me descend to a lower vibration, temporarily feigning a lower state of understanding / awareness, and generally negative. It is something that I've consciously noted... which helps me realize why perhaps things seem so "screwed up" at times... as I relate it back to what I'm creating and what I'm writing. Other times when things seem "perfect" in life... I'm writing the perspective of a positive character. As I become more aware of that affect, I try to work through it as best as possible, and keep an objective perspective. Which is difficult, if not impossible at times... seeing as the work, and the process itself is so subjective. Fun stuff! Almost done though!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Preparing for 18

I've been jotting down notes feverishly regarding the next stage of events. The connections are all coming together, as the story nears the end. Although there are roughly 3 chapters plus an epilogue remaining, as well as the preface, the story seems like it's coming to a close. All the loose ends are tying themselves up, the connections between characters is becoming very clear, and the symbolism is taking shape nicely.

I generally think of the rough framework of a chapter, then go ahead and begin writing it. The framework explains the concepts that I'd like to get across, as well as key dialogue that moves the plot forward. As well as how it all links back (and forward) to events that have happened (or will happen) within the context of the story. This process involves intense visualization, and an acceptance or rejection process of said visualization. If the visualization fits well within the framework of the story, then it's accepted. Otherwise it's rejected. I've rarely rejected anything that's come through so far... a better term would be molded to fit in with the story, as each concept that comes through has tremendous value in and of itself. More to come, as I'd like to use tonight, or tomorrow to begin actual work on Chapter 18. Stay tuned!

Back home

Last night I relaxed a bit after I got home, and then began work immediately on Chapter 17, which is now complete. The chapter will be an interesting read, and should provide the reader with an authentic experience of certain phenomena which I've embedded. My goal of course, is to offer the reader an experiential journey through the story, living the life of the character, while the story unveils itself.

I went through the chapter a couple more times to improve flow and balance within the dialogue, as well as the narrative. I'm about 90% pleased with how I've ended it, but probably feel that it could use a bit more polish, as this chapter specifically ties into future chapters quite nicely... making the reader (and the writer) want to continue on to see how it ends. As I visualize and create the story in my mind, and express it out onto the page, I realize that this is exactly what I was meant to be doing. Regardless of what happens with the work itself, I know that right here... and now... all that ever was, ever will be, and is... exists now, and so I tap into that infinite field to create... and I feel complete.

As I progress through the story, the end seems to get farther away, yet closer at the same time... it's an odd experience, but can only be attributed to a well rounded story, evolving in front of me. My urge to finish, and my urge to create do not limit or hinder the creation nor the length of the work itself... as the work knows what needs to exist to connect chapter to chapter. Amazing how it flows sometimes... how I receive a vibration within myself, which rises up through the base of my spine, and connects with my mind, sending wafts of energy throughout, connecting with that part of myself that longs to create, as opposed to the part of myself that is forced to produce during the day.

All things happen for a reason... someone's reason. I could be on a beach in the Yucatan, Mexico... writing the end to book one right now, but I choose to exist where I am, creating the environment, or the paradise that I dream of, simply to allow me to create more freely. Yet the irony is, creating freely doesn't depend necessarily on your environment, or the conditions in which you believe are required. Creation just happens out of a will, an intention to have something exist, which previously did not. To allow yourself to uniquely express who you really are. And as this is my first book, I know that future books will show my growth as a writer, but hard to imagine them being as fulfilling as this one. As now... I feel I've bound myself to a job, which will pay for my environment, and sustain the conditions which I've produced which I feel will enable better writing.

However much of my favourite chapters, or excerpts from the book were written at places like my cottage, or in the apartment where I live right now. So the outward environment does play apart, but only to the degree that you let it be.

I continue this journey, into the now, fully expecting the embrace of something much bigger than what I am currently... the embrace of an aspect of myself which is far grander, has farther reaching goals and aspirations, and can create in new and unlimited ways. What I'm really creating is a way back home... forging my own path back to a place where I've existed all along, in the stillness of forever, in the place where true creation happens, in the silence between the notes, in the distance of eternity, it waits for me. My true self... an archetype of something that will constantly evolve, constantly get better, constantly train harder, constantly know more... and as I strive to get to that place... it doesn't remain static... it grows along with me. I will get there, and this work is the path that I'll walk, the long and winding road... that leads back home.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pushing for April, move looming

My new date to approach, and or have my work published is April of 2006. That date is approaching, as I'm still working to complete the first draft. Last night wasn't as productive as I would've liked, however I did get some great point notes written, and revised some dialogue in chapter 17. The revision allowed me to freely work on completing the chapter, as I'm now pleased with the flow.

I had to interrupt my writing to go to homedepot and pick up some more stuff for my condo. I'm moving... tentatively in a couple weeks. But as each week passes, it always becomes another two weeks. Simply because I'm truly getting the space exactly how I'd like it, reflecting aspects of myself and my personality, my favourite colours, art, furniture, and essentially completing the vision I had for myself and my first place, before I even move in. I'm extremely blessed that I have such a wonderful family that's helped me every step of the way. There's no words to describe my gratitude.

Once complete, I plan to have a new and improved writing space, one that will energize me, keep me motivated, and inspire me to create. My office has a fantastic view of the gardens, and my living room will be equipped with a beautiful new Italian recliner for reading, relaxation / meditation, and general use, directly in front of my fountain and book cases. I can only thank the lovely girl at the Homeshow for assisting me in finding exactly what I wanted, before I even knew what I wanted! I love to read and visualize... and so I've created a space specifically for that, however the recliner won't arrive until May, so that's the only downside - but it's worth it.

I hope to get some more work done this week on the book, and bring chapter 17 to a close, however as I now am balancing time between the project and the move, that may not be realistic. My priority is to finish the book, however not necessarily at the expense of moving preparation. If the end of the book is completed in the new location, with the new atmosphere, I'm sure the book will only be that much better, as my creativity will be channeled even more so.

I'm approaching a space right now where I'm thinking to promote this site a bit more, either through word of mouth, or other means. Through the feedback I've received via the limited amount of people I've let view this site, I've found that they've been really receptive to it, and some are urging me to begin promoting it. I've registered the domain names for the trilogy itself, so when I publish, those sites will be ready for mass marketing, however this site is specifically a grass roots site, which acts as a channel for my thoughts, as well as a place where fans of the work can keep up to date on its progression. Comments are welcome, as I've now opened the comment system up to *NON* registered users. Enjoy!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Title confirmed, domains registered

Great progress so far, although I haven't had much time over the weekend to complete chapter 17, what I have done is register my domains, and copyrights. But more importantly, what that means is that a final name for the trilogy has been selected! Fantastic news! A couple steps closer to completion of the work. The story itself is awaiting my attention, as the majority, if not all of the research at this point is complete. All that remains is to finish Chapter 17, 18, revise 19, and complete 20 and 21. The epilogue will write itself, as will the rest of the chapters, but I'm confident that I can get through it in short order. My publishing date is approaching, as April looks to be the time frame which will yield the best results in terms of marketing and approaching publishers.

I approach this project as a requirement for my own sanity. Something within that needs to come out, a form of expression which will reach far beyond this mortal shell, and into the memory banks of forever. The expectations I have on this work are nothing more than to complete an aspect of myself, and to verbalize and express that which has been my life's study for so many years. Applying all of that knowledge and wisdom within the context of a story that I've been living parts of my entire life... what better way to create? To live it first, to experience it first, then to express it for the rest of the world to know, pointing a light towards an all too familiar path... one which we'll all walk one day. One that leads back home... back to ourselves.

Friday, January 13, 2006

UPDATED: Thoughts on...

Meditation. Is it some new age solution to stress? Some far out mystical method of prayer? Perhaps it's a cult ritual? Do I have to dress up in a robe and chant... what does it really mean?

Often when I research a topic, I gloss over several sources to find it's inner meaning. It's underlying principles in order to achieve a level of holistic comprehension. This comprehension I seek allows me to make an informed decision about what I'm doing, how I'm doing it, and what value, if any there in the process. I do this because I want to find my own way... I don't want to go to Joe blows school of meditation, then preach how good Joe Blow is and how everyone and their brother should sign up or they're missing out. No. I don't like that... simply because it's close minded and limited. I prefer to think in terms of the unlimited, the obtainable, the reachable by all. The lowest common denominator, the core, the root, the basics. I want to understand the foundations and principles surrounding what I'm researching, so I can discover what interests me, and what will work. If I spend all my time at Joe blows school, then I won't even know what I'm missing.

I don't turn down ideas, I don't shut off my mind when I hear about other perspectives, and I try to accept all ideas and relate them to my already proven and understood concepts within my own belief system. I take these new ideas and find their roots, their principles and attempt to link them back to my own understanding of what is. We all do this to some degree, but I make it a conscious process, and thus advance much quicker because of it.

So... on the topic of meditation... what is it really? Well in my opinion and from my own experience, it is a way to quiet the mind, subduing the ego, and allowing a different aspect of self to take over and provide insight. Sounds difficult? Not really. How long does it take? Short answer is... as long as you want.

Rules of engagement:

1) Keeping your eyes open: I typically keep my eyes open, but sometimes I'll close them if I'm meditating for longer periods of time. Keeping your eyes open tends to ward off sleep... which is a by product of the deep relaxation that comes from meditation.

2) Consciously relax every muscle in your body, by thinking of each one, starting from your toes. Then by relaxing each muscle group as you work your way up the body, including the muscles in your face, you're preparing your body one of the meditation methods mentioned below.

3) Breath deeply. Take a deep breath in and count to 7 in your mind, filling up your belly first, then your lungs and expanding your chest. Hold that breath for another 7 seconds. Then release that breath slowly, and in a controlled manor for the next 7 seconds. This prepares the mind and oxygenates the blood, allowing a state of euphoria to emerge. This is a meditation in and of itself. Now try to stand up really straight, as if a rope is connected to your spine, and comes out the top of your head. Imagine someone is holding you so erect, that you're like a puppet. Notice that it's much easier to stand this way, as opposed to using a variety of stabilizer muscles to hold together your bad posture. Notice how your body gently rests on the cushions between your bones, and how standing really takes no effort at all when you do it properly. Now in addition, try to take in the environment all around you with your eyes. Use your peripheral vision, and try to focus on the outer most reaches of your sight, on both the left and right side of your view. Really focus on extending your perception with your peripheral vision, not focusing on anything in particular that would be directly in front of you. By doing this, you are effectively meditating, as well as connecting with the master within, the natural part of who you are. From this place of power, and authenticity, your next action will be serene, peaceful, and meaningful, regardless of what your next action or thought happens to be.

The Methodology:

1) Stare method: I can stare and fixate my eyes on anything, especially while they are open, as if I'm looking right through it. As I do this, I breath, and suddenly my awareness spreads throughout my body. I'm now noticing my clothing, or the pressure on my legs when I sit, or a subtle itch... what have you. Pay these things no attention, and just stare. For as long as you can handle it... I typically stare for 10 - 60 seconds at a time. This is like giving your brain a mini break. Don't worry if your ego (or your inner voice) pops in with a question or a thought... just acknowledge that you're thought came, and let it pass... do this for 60 seconds, or whenever your brain needs a rest. This is the easiest form of meditation, and the one I use most frequently. Very helpful in meetings, and actually allows you to tap into a deeper level of insight.

2) Visualization method: Similar to day dreaming, where the only difference is your intention here is to create a scene from memory with focused concentration, as opposed to the random memory retrieval processes of mind. Let's try it. Imagine a time in your life where you were extremely happy. A childhood Christmas, the moment you fell in love for the first time. Now recall the textures around you, recall the smells, the tastes, the sounds of that place. Relive that moment, own that moment, and see it like as clearly as a movie in your minds eye. Select any moment you wish, and play that movie back if you like, watching the scene over and over again. Or changing it in some way shape or form, molding it with your imagination. If you can create random scenery, and enrich them with as much detail as you would with one of your precious moments of memory, then you have mastered visualization. Making the concept of day dreaming a moot point.

3) The GAP method: Say this with your minds voice. I AM. Now elongate the time between you say the word I... and the word AM. Example. I AM. Now again, elongate the time between the words... I AM. Try to work your way up to 3 - 5 seconds between the word... I... and AM. Do this now. This time spent in the "void" or the "GAP" between thoughts is meditation. The longer you stay there, the more you're meditating... and the longer you stay there the more you're body will become in tune with it, and you'll reap all of the benefits of meditation.

4) 3D MAGIC EYE: One of my favourite and inconspicuous, yet intriguing methods of mediation. 3D Magic eye pictures have computer generated random dot stereography embedded within the image. This causes one to view a 3D picture when viewing the image, while using a converged method of vision, inversely you can also view the image by diverging your eyes, thus making the 3D object seem like it's inside out. This is not only a form of visual exercise, which aids vision, and strengthens sight, it is also proven (through EEG scans, or brain wave scans), that the brain goes into a meditative state while viewing 3D magic art. This is the same state that pro athletes, or Zen Archers are in when they're reaching peak performance levels, otherwise known as being in "the zone", or being in the now (fully). So whatever form of meditation you use, you are effectively "zoning out." http://www.magiceye.com/ or try http://www.vision3d.com/ for more info.

What ARE the benefits... why do we even bother with it?

1) If you subscribe to metaphysical theory. It is in this void of thought, in this realm of peace, in this GAP within you that you will tap into all of the esoteric aspects, or quantum aspects of human processing. It is there that you will receive flashes of insight, messages from beyond, or whatever you desire. This is also a place to create, and to simply be.

2) Neurologically, the brain vibrates at certain frequencies depending on your state of awareness. An example would be the frequency vibrating when you're sleeping, or when you're awake (Details of this are in my book.). When you're within the Delta state of awareness, or deep sleep, that is when you're body's autonomic system starts up and rebuilds muscles, performs diagnostics, and replenishes itself. Going into a meditative state, forces your brain into a different state of awareness and consciousness, thus engaging the subconscious and it's autonomic response mechanisms.

3) Relaxation. As stated above, the relaxation aspect of mind will reduce the chemical imbalances of stress, which reduces aging, sickness, and strengthens your immune system.

4) Expands your awareness/consciousness. Meditation is a key approach to expanding your awareness and consciousness. It is within the "void" or the "GAP" that you will perceive deeper states of reality, and will thus reap the benefits of that understanding.

5) Much much more. Meditation is the experiential side of spirituality. Meditation provides you with an experience of "God", or the universe, or the Collective Consciousness, or whatever your would like to call that aspect of reality which is eternal, loving, and forever changing... in other words... life. It allows you to expand your awareness, and understand the beauty in the silence. It allows you to get in touch with that part of yourself that knows the way, and can guide you through the more difficult times in your life. It can help you observe yourself more fully, your thought patterns, your cravings, your desires, and allows you to form a perspective regarding your perspective on life. Understand that you are your own best friend, your own best guru, master, hero, savior, teacher, and source of truth. Armed with that understanding, meditation will allow you to fine tune your connection, and tap into the unlimited energy of life which resides within you, especially through specific visualization exercises.

Very close now

No further work has been done on the project last night, other than my own meandering thoughts about the story. However, I got some excellent feedback regarding the authenticity and realism of parts of the story, which is terrific. This means that my research has paid off!

Last night I went to train Kung Fu, as I do regularly, and that always helps to keep the mind alert, aware, while integrating the body. Mind, Body, Spirit is the tri-union of our existence, which of course can be broken down even further for discussion, but as a high level concept, those are the three selves to which I refer. Once these parts of self are in unison, then great change and potential can be acted upon in every moment of now. The power to create, to manifest, to express and experience, to live and fulfill, to embrace and enjoy who you really are. Regardless of cultural limitations, regardless of your peer groups perspective, regardless of any external source of "authority"... true mastery, and true fulfillment is only experienced when you've expressed who you are, and what you want to do with yourself... in this mysterious, precious, and fantastic existence.

This page is a dedication to my progress, my journey towards mastery. My journey towards self expression, and a road map which points back to myself. I read this regularly, I post regularly, and I use it as a forum to express. Often times it's difficult to have high level conceptual conversations in the arena of everyday life. Not everyone wants to sit and talk about the forces which bind us, surround us, and perpetuate our very existence, and the harnessing of that force for the betterment of yourself and all mankind. These are heavy topics for most people, which is why I've chosen to write books, journals, and have selected my friends very carefully.

After reading this page from top to bottom, as I would expect, the reader would get the impression that I have my head in the clouds, and I'm somewhat disconnected from the meanderings of everyday existence. Not true. I've been told that I have a fantastic sense of humour, I love to laugh, I love to poke fun at the absurdities of everyday reality, and I can focus myself in anyway that I choose. Be it creating a Process at work, playing video games with my younger brother, playing toys with my nieces and nephews, and generally engaging in life. People tend to think that this type of existence requires you to meditate in a hut for the rest of your life, or chant AUM in a temple while wearing a set of drapes. They tend to think that this type of understanding and awareness will somehow subtract from their lives... and that it's too weird for them. Again not true! I have only found that this knowledge and wisdom allows me to enhance my everyday experience, on every level, allowing me to enjoy the fun more fully, with more awareness, and to also let the more difficult aspects of the illusion that is our existence; pass through me... like a weather pattern, which inevitably will allow the light of the sun to pour through. This is the road to mastery. Mastery of life, of truth, of being who you are. Whatever that happens to be. The best part about being you, is that you choose what you want to experience, and so do I.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


I've been going through the left brained exercise of creating a timeline of events. This is how to somewhat analyse or guide the right brained process of creation, where one can list out the multiple creative elements, and place a pattern or chronology of events around it. This process is a good review of the topics of each chapter, and also go a long way in helping create links and answer outstanding questions which may arise as apart of the revelation method.

What I typically do is go chapter by chapter, making page references, and associating events, such as the mention of time, dates, activities, or events that happen throughout the timeline. This process goes a long way towards closing any gaps, and also evaluating the logistics and authenticity of the myraid of events which take place. Typically I'll make note of symbols which I'd like to emphasize, as well as story elements which I would like to go back to. This will speed up the enriching and editing processes quite substantially once the first draft is complete.

Interesting to note is I'm not just over 88,000 words, and I'm only have way through chapter 17. The completion of chapter 17 will bring me to around 90,000 words; while the entire first draft is expected to be around 100,000 in total. The enriching / editing period may, and probably will impact that number. The book itself, when published will probably be around 400 pages, of heart pounding intrigue and excitement.

This process is my gift to myself, and to you as well; I sincerely believe that there is something here for everyone, and could potentially make an exciting transition to the silver screen. Reader feedback will be the determining factor on that one. So I hope you enjoy it! I know I have.

Moving along

Success! I had a great creative session last night, in which the anomalies that I've been dealing with as apart of the story have worked out quite nicely, and in a fantastically interesting way. I'm very pleased with the ideas which came to me last night as I was planning the events for chapter 17 and 18.

19 has already been written... and is about 90% of the way complete. More integration has to take place between 18, and 20... which will bring together the climax of the story. Chapter 19 was screaming to get out one day, and I've been anticipating the writing of it since the book began. It started with this vision, and I've been patiently waiting... from chapter 1 all the way to 16... and then I just couldn't wait any longer. It was just too fun!

When chapter 17 and 18 are completed, then I'll be able to integrate all of the new plot details into chapter 19, making that chapter well worth the wait for everyone! Chapter 20 MAY be a continuation somewhat of 19, where 21 will close off the plot. But as the revelation method continues, I won't know until I get there.

It's amazing, this story has been over 11 years in the making, but it's only taken me about 1.5 years to write. The first 11 years were really about preparing my mind, and my spirit to write something of this magnitude... but now it's as if I couldn't live without it. That's why I'm so glad it's a trilogy, because I'll be doing what I like to do for quite some time. And I'm already forumalting ideas for a possible book 4. Stay tuned!

Friday, January 06, 2006

It's coming

There is a vibe, a feeling, an urge that comes over me whenever I think of this project. The work I've put into it, the life that has unfolded before me which has given me fuel and material was well worth the strife. There's an energy, pulling me away from what I'm doing now, and towards this... towards something better... something bigger than my day to day existance... and it's this book. This book is bringing me back to myself. The writing, the creating, the planning, the research, the knowledge, the learning, the wisdom, the adventure, the pain, the anguish, the love... all of it... all of it! It calls to me, it brings me forth to write, to express, to be. Enjoy.

Close to the end

Book 1 is nearing completion of the first draft. I have roughly 3 chapters left to write, some of which will require extensive research, which is why my nights have been filled with note taking, and planning. This particular chapter might go in a different direction than the rest of the book, as It may even seem like a recap of sections of the story, to keep the reader aligned with the sub plot. I'm experimenting with it right now through my notes and brainstorming, but I haven't put pen to paper yet. This chapter will be a bridge that leads into the climax, and somewhat recaps parts of the story from a different characters perspective.

I'm approaching completion of the first draft, after which will come the editing and enriching cycle. I have selected certain people out of my peer group to review and give me their perspectives on what's been created so far, and as such their input will help mold certain aspects of the work throughout the editing process. The enriching process will consist of me going through all notes, and all research material, double checking and revising character depth, adding more descriptions where I feel it's necessary, or even cutting some parts out.

The enriching process is something that can be a bit tricky, because I don't necessarily want to change much of the original work, as it may interfere with the style, flow, etc. I will enrich only where it's very needed, and not arbitrarily. Right now, I'm at around 87,000 words for book 1, and that is without the last 3 chapters... which potentially can add another 10 - 13 thousand words, including the Epilogue.

The chapters will go up to about 21, with 22 being the Epilogue, but will be broken up even further with segments. I plan on embedding some other interesting content in the book as well. I hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The illusion of Static

Throughout our lives, we have become accustomed to choosing our own realities. Meaning, what we believe, what we agree with, what we think is right, wrong, good, bad... and what is real and what isn't. We take for granted that our abilities to choose actually create our own experience... our choices about how we feel when we see a particular movie, or how we feel when we see a particular person, lover, friend, enemy, etc, are actually feelings derived from choices we've made about those things in our past. And those choices, then become ingrained in our mind, on a physical level, meaning our neurons form and branch out in our brains, in a specific configuration, based on our choice. Now for efficiencies sake, the brain retains that configuration, and the next time we are in the same situation we end up feeling, or acting the same way as we've done in the past. After awhile, it is only routine that you dislike cars when you drive them, or you dislike a particular type of food, or you love a type of person, activity, place, or thing.

So powerful is our minds ability to associate past experiences to the present, that we take so much for granted about our world. So many truths that we believe are real and authentic to us, to our history as a people, or what have you are actually based on untruths, or are interpretations of something that may or may not have happened. This is a paradigmn, this is a way of living, in which we feel something which is correct in our reality and experience, is actually something else. And like a foundation for a house, we use our past to build upon for our present and future. Each life experience is like a brick, and we forever add more bricks on top to build our current perspective on life. Our perception of truth and "reality" is very subjective, personalized, and unique, as no one has exactly the same experience as anyone else in the world. It is physically impossible, because the date would be different, time, people, positions of objects, colours... etc. So much change would have occured between the first persons experience, and the second persons experience that they are now two totally unique experiences and as such are interpreted differently by each individual.

How is this relevant in our lives? Well, ask yourself how much of your understanding on any particular subject is really authentically true, and holds its truth in every time, place, or situation. For example, think of two terms... "Static" and "Kenetic". These terms are used to describe something which is without motion, and not moving, and something that is in motion, and is moving respectively. But is anything really static? Look at a clock on the wall that doesn't move, look at your dressor, look at your carpet, look at anything that you percieve as not moving... something that is physical such as a rock. Does this rock move? Well it doesn't spawn legs and walk over to you, and it doesn't roll on its own without being pushed... otherwise it just stays... right where it is. But look closer... look deeper... look within. That rock is moving tremendously fast! It's molecules at a sub atomic level are vibrating at a fantastic rate... so is every other molecule in our known universe. All of them vibrate... all of them are moving. So then the question arises... what level of truth are you percieving? The truth that skims the surface? Or the deeper truth of all of life, and the reality that the term "Static" is in fact an illusion we've created for ourselves, in order to describe an object which does not "move" as percievable by our 5 senses.