Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The one is three, the three are one

Balance. The ultimate state of being. But what do we seek to balance? Many of you who read these postings are most likely familiar with the concept of Mind, Body, and Spirit. But how many realize that all we have ever done is seek to improve one of the three, at any point in our lives?

Here are some examples. You may have an incredible body, that is in "perfect" shape, you may exercise 6 days a week, for 6 or 7 hours out of the day, or perhaps you go to the gym more than once a day. Perhaps this focus on mastering your body has been your all consuming purpose in life. For many that I've met in my life, that statement is true. Now what can be said of the minds of some of these people? Do they allow for proper time to refine their perspective on life, or perhaps to gain knowledge in other areas? What of their spiritual growth? Inevitably, without a balance within the mental, or the spiritual aspects of your being, an individual such as this may become conceited, high maintenance, or materialistic.

Likewise, an individual that spends their entire time researching, and studying metaphysics, or spirituality, may equally become unbalanced in their physical bodies. Perhaps neglecting proper nutrition, and exercise. They spend all of their time in the conceptual world of ideas, where none of them actually manifest (through the body), because they are too busy in the realm of fuzzy ideas. Without a balance in this area, an individual may become pias, or "holier than thou", without understanding the various perspectives of other life, and the value that can be obtained through empathy.

And finally, an individual who focuses strictly on knowledge, is incredibly lost. As there is an infinite field of knowledge that exists, but without the understanding of "principle concepts", no transference of ideas can be had from one subject matter to the next. So life becomes an effort in soaking up as much knowledge as possible... without realizing the difference between knowledge and understanding. These individuals may become unbalanced in their bodies, and their spirits, as their egos will most likely overcompensate. These professional students in life, often have difficulty applying knowledge, which is the method of wisdom. These individuals are often arrogant, as they feel that their various degrees in whatever subject matter gives them the ability or the right to look down on others. Again not realizing, or understanding the lack of balance in their lives.

What does this have to do with you? Take this scenario with the above three characters.

They all look into a mirror, and character 1 has the following to say:

"I have a great body, I look fantastic, but I feel self conscious about my education. Once this body goes, I will have nothing to fall back on."

Looking in the mirror, character 2 has the following to say:

"I have a deep understanding of all of reality, yet I cannot seem to pay the bills, and I cannot seem to lose the weight."

Looking in the mirror, character 3 has the following to say:

"I have several degrees, and I'm incredibly educated, yet my body seems to fail me at times, and I still seem unfulfilled (spirit)."

Now Imagine these three characters meet with each other, and all know each other. It wouldn't take long to understand that each may become envious of the other. Think of the additional processing power that could be freed up by your brain if you didn't have to think about correcting these core systems of your life. Think of how everything you'd do would be simply enhanced by the additional processing power of your mind, which no longer has to process (consciously, or unconsciously) your failings, or your unbalanced state.

You will naturally, whether you realize it or not, you will NATURALLY seek to balance these aspects of your core system. If your conscious mind does not play a role in this, then the balance will come in the form of life events... sometimes catastrophic. But thankfully, the smaller hints come first. As long as you're paying attention.

How does this affect you? Well speaking with my younger brother, on the balance of life, and the purpose of existence, I recommended that at his age, he should seek to ingrain the habits in his life and that young age, that would benefit him when he is older. When you're older, it is more difficult to break existing "bad" habits, so instead create habits when you're young that enable a balanced life style.


Physical: Sports, i.e. soccer, martial arts, basketball
Mental: Reading, courses, researching, writing
Spiritual: Music (guitar, piano, etc.), writing, yoga, meditation

Doing these things everyday, will balance you. Or you can find similar activities that enable your growth in all areas... commit these things to memory, develop daily (rituals) habits, and physically do these things. This will bring you into harmony, enhancing your entire life, allowing more growth in any industry or field of work, and bringing you closer to understanding yourself.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Spiral Complexity

"The psychology of the mature human being is an unfolding, emergent, oscillating, spiraling process marked by progressive subordination of older, lower-order behaviour systems to newer, higher-order systems as man's existential problems changes." -- Dr. Clare W. Graves

What does this mean? These terms, evolution, complexity, problems, infinity, behaviours, ego... personality. Do they have meaning? And if so, what does it mean to you? As that is the only reality that exists. That which you are perceiving, right now. As I write this, reality exists in time and space, yet it too exists with you, the reader... here and now. How is it we are able to cross that boundary of time and space in such a way? Are there boundaries?

The native aboriginal people's of Australia, would say that the reality that seperates us from the departed, is as thin as a maple leaf. And now, modern quantum physicists say that they weren't very far off, in fact there is no separation.

But who cares right? Does this help me... here... and help me now? Is it practical you ask? Does this aid me in getting to my next goal... solving my next problem? Does it aid my life, in fact my process in anyway?

In reality... your reality, it does aid your life in anyway and everyday that you make it possible. An understanding of life is all that you've ever wanted. Because all you've ever wanted was to understand the world around you, since you were a toddler, running around and checking out all that the world has to offer, getting your bearings and taking in and building your reality from within. Building your definitions of pain and pleasure, from your first fall on the ground, to your first kiss, you're definitions of pain and pleasure have formed and evolved over time. And your motivation, now aims at these definitions of pleasure (and pain for some of you) as your life pattern unfolds, as you've designed it.

Limitations. What are they? Are they real, or are they false evidence appearing real... or FEAR. (cwg) What are these things that restrict us? These self imposed prison bars... these self defeating perspectives and world views... these pride filled restrictions on yourself and those around you. Why do they bog us down so? And why do we let them? What is it in our own insecurities causes such a lapse in judgment as to restrict the very goal of our existence and that is to experience ourselves.

Well I prose that our limitations are the root causes to all difficulties in life. The solution to all problems is very simple. Remove our limitations.

Spiral Complexity refers to the evolutionary spiral that is a road map of problems and potential problems, that need solving in order to advance and remove the limitations of your mind. Evolution is quite simple. You must engage a higher level of mind in order to solve the problems of your current state of mind. Why else would older people always seem more wise etc, because they've had more problems to solve! The more problems you attract, solve, and move through, the quicker you evolve. Now the type of problems can vary drastically, to the very simple in nature, to the extremely complex, ranging on a spectrum of positive (pleasure) or negative (pain) outcomes.

Subjective you say? Of course it is. All life is, as you are the subject. Try as you must to remove yourself to stay objective, it's a logically falacy, for how can you remove yourself from yourself, when you are the observer, and in fact the situation in its entirety. From the actors, to the environment, to the delemma, to the choices... and the consequences. You are the perspective of life, from a limited point of view.

How limited are you in your view? Consider this. You are one of roughly 7 billion people, that exist today, times all the animals, and all the insects, times all the birds, and all the plants and all the sea life, and all the cells of your body, and the cells in stones, or the dust of the stars... all conscious. All energy. All alive, with a unique point of view. Of course, to make this easier, just multiply this by infinity, and you'll roughly approach how many other perspectives and realities exist.

Science defines reality is that which is perceived by our 6 (actually many other senses exist when using the non-physical body.). What does this mean? It means that reality would not exist for you, if you had no way to ingest and digest the information being fed to you at all times. Our perspective is further limited, as other animals and creatures can actually see, and hear far beyond our normal human capacity, and I'm sure can sense far more as well. So what of their realities? Their realities are as they make them, and is but another demension, a different point of view on life itself. You are of this honoured breed, for if you've existed, you've always existed, and you always will. Because NOW is all there is, and now has no begining, nor end. That is what is meant by infinite. It just is. And you have always been sustained within this moment, as all life has, and as all life will. Yet... where on the evolutionary spiral are you? What is your threshold of complexity? How much awareness have you gained?

The answer will shock you.

Exactly as much as you needed to to bring you to this moment, the eternal moment. And that is all you need, and all you'll ever need. You are exactly as you are meant to be, and you always have been, and you always will. You will evolve one way or the other... consciously, or unconsciously... one is more pleasurable, the other more painful. You can do it with control of your emotions and behaviours, and without... experiencing the consequences of both, and it is all ok. For you are standing in a great hall... alone... without a judge... with simply the tools at your disposal to create without limitation. Love, pleasure, happiness, intellect, a magnificent human computer (brain), and we now exist at the bring of civilization... witnessing a rebirth of humanity through open and free sharing of information (internet), the likes of which mankind has never seen in history. It is time to take responsibility for our actions, and realize that if there is only one of us... there is no one to blame... and no one to judge. Only actions and consequences, what goes out, always comes back... be kind, be loving, for this is the only thing that sustains reality. Any reality, or it withers and dies.

Notice your climb on this human spiral of complexity, your latter up the scales of evolution... leaving lower level behaviours behind you, and experiencing life as it was meant to be. Fun, loving, peaceful, respectful... and free of limitation. Notice your definitions of pleasure and pain.. for your only motivation is pleasure, and it is never that you are not motivated, it is simply that you're motivated to do something else than you might seemingly need to at the time. You're still doing something, so you don't lack motivation. You lack direction and the knowledge to apply it properly by changing your definitions. Definitions are the building blocks of your perspective, belief system, and inevitably your reality, so learn how to change them. Here's an example... how would it change your life if you saw every... "problem"... as an opportunity for growth, abundance, or awareness?