Saturday, August 04, 2007

Accepting your Limitations

There comes a time where we all must accept our limitations. August is proving to be a very stressful month. At work, I'm in the midst of rolling out a major ITIL implementation of Change and Release management. I find that ironic, in context with my process experience, my desire to understand change, and my yearning to enable organizational development (business, cultural, or conceptual).

August is also the month where I will be heavily involved in Kung Fu workshops, where I will be advancing much further than I have in the past, by way of an intense 40 hour training week. Once this is complete, I will be well on my way to Mastery. This will then allow me to open up a studio, or take on many more students than I have currently. This training is not only physical, it trains you how to be a functioning and honest individual. Especially with yourself. Through accepting your limitations, you can understand how you can advance more quickly to another level, instead of imaging you are more than what you actually are.

In addition to this, I am also in the midst of personal / relationship complexities that allow me to delve deeper into the understanding of our cultural splits and dilemmas. This has expanded my heart, and my empathy for the individuals who suffer, not only with poor living conditions, but with misplaced trust, and limited understanding and struggle for advancement. This has been the most worth while study of my life, and only strengthens my resolve to assist those around me. Perhaps my series of books will make their way into the hands of these individuals to expand their perspectives, and alleviate their stresses. But first... I must lead by example.

The Journey Continues.