Thursday, November 20, 2008

Announcing - A Partnership with "Ignite Your Essence"

I'm proud to announce a partnership between The Inner Process, and Ignite Your Essence! as announced in this months "Ignite Your Essence" News Letter.

This strategic, and synergistic partnership will bring a broader reader base to both of our channels, allowing for even more inspirational and motivational works to come forth. This partnership with Justin Popovic, Life Success Coach, is born out of providence, as most successful ventures are. With the success and talent achieved through the diligent and hard work put forth by both of us, we will be able to reach a much wider audience, and help bring many more lives into focus.

A focused life allows for many positive experiences, meaningful exchanges, and increased capacity for miraculous events. As more lives reach the pinnacle of their potential, the global affect will be tremendously fortuitous for all the lives touched by those individuals. And as these experiences grow, the more lives will be touched... the more people will question the structure of their own lives, and the world we've created, preparing our global reality for change. These events are no small feat, as we move forward in these incredible times of change, the right thoughts, the right motivations, and the right partnerships are crucial to ensure the peace of mind within ourselves, and then of course... the world.

"Ignite Your Essence!" has done some monumental work in this regard, and it is with great pleasure that I welcome them, and their reader base, and hope that you'll find my motivational and inspirational commentary touches you and ignites YOUR Inner Process and Essence.

I also encourage you whole heatedly to purchase a copy of the First Installment of my series
"The 7th Journey - Book I" now in a Collectors Edition - Hard Cover, and Paper Back.

Also - stay tuned for the launch of an exclusive site dedicated to The 7th Journey works, and concepts... more details to come.

Thanks for reading!

Robert J. R. Graham

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bashar - An Interview with Alan Steinfeld

Bashar - another interesting phenomenon in what we could call, the evolving consciousness movement. Similar in concept as the channel Esther Hicks, who communicates with the entities known as Abraham, as mentioned in previous posts. Bashar is a particularly interesting case study, and again this is for those who choose to explore such possibilities (there are those who do not), this is one that merits some particular attention.

I will not get into the vast details of what, or who Bashar is, as the video will speak to this briefly, as I only will attempt to introduce the concept of channeling to my reader base. This is because, in actuality, this "channeling" phenomenon, is a running theme throughout my Series, The 7th Journey. If you accept the premise as true, Bashar is an entity that is from a distant, futuristic reality, in a universe which vibrates at a higher frequency than our current dense matter world. It is from here, that he communicates with us, and brings us extremely interesting and detailed accounts of what may, and probably will happen as our world goes through the upcoming transition of consciousness. From this distant and futuristic reality, Bashar brings us concepts which are foundational to how these distant worlds evolved far beyond the conflict oriented reality we seem to find ourselves in. He offers interesting perspectives on the makeup of reality, and how our behaviours, perspective, and actions are foundational to creating our experience. Perhaps not new information to some of my readers, however - keep in mind that 100 years ago, this would have been considered heresy as the perspective at the time was very grounded in fundamental faith based belief systems. A hundred years before that, and we were offering fresh harvest surplus to our Gods as offerings. So... yes... we've come a long way. So with that in mind, imagine where we would be 300 years in the future?

Well Bashar seems to offer some clarity as to what that particular reality might look like, if we decide to evolve in that direction. I have researched, and seen many documentaries and lectures with Bashar, and I can only say that it is very... intriguing. Watching his behaviours, the speed and clarity of the information, and the foresight definitely would not lend to a pre-rehearsed set of rhetoric. I am very skeptical when it comes to the teachings of modern times, yet when the speaker only mentions progression, returns power to the people, and does not impose on free will... then I give them the benefit of the doubt. I am open to all information, but I am careful about which concepts I adopt.

This particular video is a very brief introduction to who or what Bashar is, and for those who are interested, I implore you to research further for yourself. I may also reference more of his work in the coming months, so stay tuned!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Reflections with Dan Millman

Dan Millman is the well known author of the Peaceful Warrior series, and someone whom I greatly admire. After spending years reading several other authors in the realm of evolution, mystisicm, metaphysics, psychology, etc, I rarely came across one that was able to encapsulate the power and profound responsibility that a weilder of knowledge must hold. Yet Dan Millman brought this all together by promoting the concept of a Peaceful Warrior, one that is fully aware, fully conscious, fully present and able to perform feats of impressive skill, by simply being completely engaged in the activity.

A martial artist like myself, and a very accomplished gymnast and coach, Dan has inspired millions through his many works, all starting with his original series based on the interactions between him and his unconventional teacher... Socrates. These stories are eye opening, and were inspirational for me throughout my life and writing career. The below message from Dan speaks about taking responsibility for who you are, and for being at peace without being victimized. A message for all of us, thank you Dan.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

The 7th Journey - Book II Update

I'm getting ready to head down south for a month, for a vacation from work, but a chance to work on the series. I expect to get a great deal of progress accomplished on Book II. The story is coming together quite nicely, and a clear vision exists for the story. The next chapter of the story will be extremely interesting, bringing the series deeper into the exploration of its' characters, and their motives. I'm very excited to get to writing this block of the story, as now that a foundation has been established, I'm able to freely write and explore various new concepts that I'm sure you the reader will really enjoy. This chapter of the series will explore cutting edge ideas and new realms of thought and our purpose and what's possible for our species. As I've said, this is the really fun part, and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it, and I'm sure you will too.

Book I continues to progress. I've taken the Synopsis back to the drawing board, as I am now going to write it with a new format and perspective which reflects more of the structure of Book I itself. I want this synopsis to be the best it possibly can be, so ultimately it cannot be rushed, and will be done as soon as it can be. The Query letter is already complete, so now this final piece is all that remains, and is truly the final barrier between me and the front window display at Chapters / Indigo. Keep positive, and watch for The 7th Journey in stores near you!

Thanks for reading!